The Sorcerer's are raping at least one hundred million times a day...                                                                

Q: What is sorcery?
A: One answer in easy terms, is someone connecting to someones spirit, where possession:kidnap , and rape, and murder is taking place. This is done
through a third spirit connected the people together for this evil, of kidnap, rape, and murder. People have even connected sorcery to technology: tv, cars,
computers, etc.

Freedom From the Word
              written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

A man had just worked another day  in his normal pains of labor. Eating out, had delayed him an hour and a half, but he still got home just in time to watch his
favorite show...thirty minutes into his show it was interrupted by this news bulletin...
...The world is in war, sorcery is attacking the good. Minds of the world have entered the spiritual evil, which could be called the beast, leading people astray into
ways of false ways of living (a), connecting minds to minds, living in ways that many will call networking. In religious terms, the networking way is inside of what
ministers could call the beast. The beast is a spirit in the world, that the devil has birthed into the world, connecting minds and body working with demons
connecting to the minds and bodies of other people. This is for the purposes of rape and the kidnap of people through the connections the demons have made,
these connections with demons and man, is sorcery. Sorcery is where people use demons, and powers of evil, to attack man this will happen inside of the beast.  
The demons will connect the people inside of its network, connecting the thoughts and bodies with demons. Sorcerers will  breaking into the imaginations of
people and connect  to their thoughts in forms of possession and kidnap by these connections of sorcery. These demons connect inside of the spirit evil with other
demons in the world. The sorcerer will use the spirit of evil, and become one with the spirit of evil, to step from their world, into the world where we might be sitting,
by what could be considered the other demon around, or the demon in its entire as the beast of the world that is trying to connect all minds in the world together.
An example of an attack will be the sorcerer will be in their house, and connect to the shadow/demon sitting inside of your house, and become one with that
shadow or demon for the purpose of rapes, which are happening on serial levels for all sorcerers.
These types of connections are happening world-wide, with people connecting the  minds of people, and many good people are lead to believe that this is the
right way, people will call this world, a network of minds, with people working in the world connecting to minds, and working in the evil of the practices that can
happen when two people are connected, such as possession and rape. People will share thoughts together, because they are lead to believe that this is the right
way, but God will teach people that these ways are false. The Bible will teach of the world being lead astray from this sorcery in Revelations 18:23. These ways of
minds connecting in the form of network, steal freedom, peace and love, it is the invading of spirits that goes against what is good. There is no freedom  with
people being allowed to enter the minds of other people, it is a way of hypocrisy, because no one want their mind invaded, and it is against the word of God in all
religions. This way suppresses the mind, and can stop the truth of reality where the spirit has the power to do anything. A suppression coming  from people being
lead to believe that the sorcery and the beast are the correct way to use spirit and mind. Religion will teach that God wants miracles in reality, not in the ways of
sorcery. This sorcery has created serial rapist of people. The sorcerer will be the worse sinners of the world today and many will rape several times a day with their
powers. The sorcerer will have many kidnappings of minds through these connections, and also children will be attacked, because the normal law is in form giving
passing to the sorcerer, instead of attacking the sorcery. (more on sorcery and laws after “Scripture to end sorcery”).
Ideas to stop this sorcery?
Some states will work with lie detectors for crimes, working with lie detectors and witnesses, will be the next good move against this sorcery, to bring laws against
this sorcery that is working in three strikes a day. We must remember the past of the Salem witch trial, when the law would burn these types of people. God will also
be a way out to escape this sorcery. God will teach that living in the word which will give people a guard from these demons, and the power of the sorcerer.         
This world isn't all the secret from society, in the medicine world of mental care, there are many cases where demons and sorcerers attack, bringing in truth of this
sorcery. People must also know that this sorcery is against the words that is written in Satan's scripture. Satan does not want people to practice in sorcery or
connecting to other peoples minds, and with the new beginning of the world not too far away, Satan has also taught in his scripture of a world ridden of evil, and
all are to go to Jesus and his father, the Lord of Heaven. All are to live in the word of God. (More after “Scripture to end sorcery”)

(a: Revelations 18:23)

Scripture to help end sorcery...
1.1Thessalonians 4:11: Do not invade minds. Mind your own business and keep the privacy of people. Do not listen to thoughts.
2. Isaiah 19:9-10: Do not have networks of sorcery.
3. Ezekiel 13:17-23: Do not use calls or looks, or other entrapping sorcery connecions
4. 1Corinthians 8:1-13: Practicing in the world of sorcery is sin.
5. Mark 10:7-8: We are only suppose to be one with our wives and husbands
6.  Amos 3:3: You do not have to be connected to someone through sorcery powers.
7. John 17:21-22: God wants all one with the HOLY SPIRIT.
8. Isaiah 47:9: Sorcery can end the lives and salvation of your family.
9. Proverb 24:14-16: Raiding into spirits leads to disaster.
10. Leviticus 19:31: Do not rely on the spiritist/sorcerer/mind networker.
11. Job 42:7: Pray to God over man.
12. Hosea 7:7: Make your calls (prayers) to God.
13. Revelations 18:23: The world of sorcery can lead many astray.
14. Ecclesiastes 7:21: Do not listen to negative/evil. You are sinning to listen to thoughts (1Corinthians chapter 8)
15. John 21:22: It is God's business where a soul must go. Not ours.
16. Matthew 21:12-13: Do not practice in healing through sorcery, it allows God's children to be broken into.
17. Jeremiah 31:34: All must go to God, over the ways of healing and teaching through sorcery/networking.
18. Titus 3:5: All have the power through spirit to rejuvinate themselves.
19. Galatians 5:15: Do not devour from the spirit and minds of people, or God could devour you.
20. 2Timothy 2:16: Do connect in the minds for Godless chatter.
21. James 2:4-6: Do not judge the thoughts of people. It is a sin to be in the minds of people.
22. 1John 2:16: Do not practice in the world of lust. No sorcery lustful connections. You are only suppose to be one with your wife or husband after leaving your
parents (Mark 10:7-8)
23. Zephania 1:12: Do not look to connect to minds and spirits of people.
24. Isaiah 47:11-15: Do not heal through the sorcery-networking way, this could lead the healer to calamity... only God's word is the way.25. Isaiah 8:19: Call to
God over the networker.
26. Hebrew 13:6/Romans 16:20/Luke 10:19 The people living in the word of God have freedom and the power over Satan and his sorcery (Galatians 5:1)
27. 2Corinthians 2:10/Ezekiel 18:21-22/Hosea 2:23: Sorcerers and all evil is forgiven, with God loving the unloved one, and the unloved ones people.
28. Matthew 15:11 God allows people to think what they want and not be impure.

More on the beast

The Beast...

There is not an exact to where the birth of the beast has come from. Some could say it is from demons and molecules coming together to connect to everything in
this earth, from people and animals to the world of earth as plants and even what is the production of machine. We can look at the beast, as molecules being
released into the world forming a computer world of spirit, a spirit that is away from the good, but a false spirit because it goes against what is good. It forms a form
of hypocrisy when people are living in this way of connecting to mind.
The beast is also to what can be in comparison to a computer program, with thoughts and actions are stored in that world, stored in a form of brain from vision to
voice. We can see how man could create an idea from this through the technology of the world to what the program could. Connecting minds and beings growing
with adding everything new brought into the world, through what has been programed into the computer, even being able to add waves, because the computer has
been taught to understand and count, the computer has been taught to do every word in the dictionary as verd and noun, that is one great way to describe this
demon in the world.
A main goal is to bring people out of living in this beast. Religions teaches that the word of God can rescue people and give people the power over all evil
including Satan (Hosea 2:23), but also laws can be made to where people are living in this form of sorcery. God teaches that if he were to come today, all people
living in this way would be taken from the world, including their family member (Isaiah 47:9-15/Nahum 3:3-4)...
For this beast attacking, it is best to bring governing laws of this world into living in the world. We can not suppress the truth, but bring this truth into light, to further
bring strength into the world for the good. Keeping this a secret, in terms of religion will only weaken the spirit. The only thing about reporting these crimes, is that
today, the government claims sickness over spirit. People will be told they are schizophrenic, instead of shown a light of spirit or placed into dark from evil
attacking. Test do not need to be run on the victim, if there are no actions of wrong doing from the victim, like the world of many laws today will do. If people report
incidents of spirit, in many times, they will be diagnosed sick, when even the government, will print “In God We Trust”, as the foundation of our lands. So why are
people diagnosed sick from the medicine world when they encounter spirit?
In the world of spirit, and when facing demons, God will be the cure for all (John 12:40). But in the world of bring truth of spirit and demons, sorcery in the world,
the time was in Salem Massachussets during the first trials of witches, that our fathers of history taught us what to do with witches, sorcerers... God teaches salvation,
but in truth, laws must come and stand for their people.

Q: What is the plan of the sorcerer?
A:Today the sorcerer is not even following sorcery, but in majority following man from men with power to men in government trying to control people. SATAN
Preaches against sorcery, we must know that Satan will not even want his peoples minds invaded, and also would not want to bring a war to his people. It is
pointless to SATAN. With the times being under the stars of salvation, meaning in "The Sorcery War" we are in the day of salvation, when even "The Devil is
Forgiven" is preached within the minds people of all continents, and even Satan is not stupid enough to damn himself, but also the sorcerer is trying to kill, so all
must know how to defend themselves.

                  “American Sorcery”

American sorcery, stems from even before the Salem Witchtrials, and even before the Vikings became the Vikings, but has birthed into new technology from the
days of shadow and reality along with mind and reality, now reality and sorcery attack together with sorcery attacking cars, and computers, sorcery today can
connect to radio’s along with most all technology. Government in America will have a major influence in sorcery.
It has been reported that even Congress members are using sorcery to play as lords above people, and even using sorcery to control computers and the technology
of society, to have a control over society. Government sorcery could be some of the worse sorcerers, to come across, because they are using their powers of dictator
to put fear in people, to where little girls are raped by a sick congress member, or governors are using sorcery to attack to bring trips of power against people, and
bring people beneath them, and steal their freedom away by attacking computers, and not letting people use their television, in their freedom, to play a God over
people. Angels in “The Sorcery War” will also have these powers and do the same attacks to the sorcerer. In truth, the Angel will always a piece of their spirit in
power over the sorcerer (Romans 16:20 / Luke 10:19).
Sorcery is also apart of American drug dealing which also stems out to other countries of the world, where people will connect in minds and have conversation for
drug deals, which can not be in detection of phone listening, though, can be detected in what is recorded in the sorcery world, which has all the same tools as
The sorcery will work in most areas of America; in most every store, there will be at least one sorcerer, and in area’s like Miami, where sorcery is heavy, the sorcerer
will be in almost equal numbers as good people or angels. Miami will be known in the world as a major sorcery zone, with businesses from major fast food chains
and resturants working with sorcerers raping. This action of rise in sorcery, has lead to a downfall in Miami’s Economy, from business, to Hotels, and even property
sales. But also it is these businesses, that are allowing sorcerers to rape from their businesses; if knowledge is known of these sorcerers working in their businesses,
that is accomplice to rape.

Different Sorcery Attacks: Cancer, Heart Attacks.

- Sorcery from government to street, is bringing people “heart attacks”, and this is done by the sorcerer coming into your area, usually done by invisible (where they
are invisible) to you. Many have felt heart burns and chest pains, the normal Angel Spirit can usually beat the attacks of evil. There are worlds the sorcerer will put
a person in, to have the people entrapped in a form of heart attack. They will create tools to attack your heart, and even stand next to you invisible and be the
energy around you, and use the energy of the sorcery spirit that is in many today, and use it against the Angel or person. The angel was make weak to go into the
sorcery world and see truth, and preach the scripture that is even teaching of the salvation of Satan. Healing idea: it is important to flush the sorcerers tools and
being out of the person under attack. Pulling the energy, along with all ways to take the energy of evil out of a person.
Vacuums are ideas, lasers created from minds are other ideas. When thinking of a way to heal, we must think of what can the mind create.

- Cancer: Cancer can even be an invention of sorcery, where people create a living matter, from the energy of sorcery and evil, sucking and forming the energy
inside and out, and from the sight of your mind, and sucking on the being of the angel. It is where the sorcery creates an energy stronger than the angel, often
because the angel is inside of the sorcery world, or sinning. Then the sorcerer will use that energy to beat on the inside of your body, while sucking energy out of
the person. Healing idea: Is to take the evil energy away,pulling and sucking, using sight and feel, to make the evil energy disappear.

- Sleep Deaths: is where the sorcerer, beats on your body, by blinding you from the beating the sorcerer is giving you, using sight, thought or feel, distracting
another sense, from the senses they are attacking a person with. They will beat on the body, sucking the life out of the body, then attack your heart, to make it seem
like a person has just stopped living, it may seem like natural causes, but in reality it is sorcery. Healing idea: It is important to make sure people are not under
attack, checking the invisible energy by the person to make sure that the energy does not have a person inside of it. ALSO KNOW that the sorcerer, will hide by a
person, as big as buildings, beneath you, as small as small as thumb tacks and smaller. The sorcerer will place a person inside of worlds to attack them, likewise
angels and people can do to sorcerers.

- Homosexuality: is brought to people, where sorcerers brings people the thoughts and feelings to like the same sex. Healing idea, bringing thoughts and feelings
from your mind, to bring a person out of homosexuality.Remember, the natural law of earth, is man and women are suppose be lovers. God’s laws will be the same.
Homosexuality is a crime, when dealing with the laws of human, earth and spirit.

- Taking Over Minds: the sorcerer is training and trained to take over the minds of people, and walk with the flowing way of the persons normal life.

- Cutting: the sorcerer can enter your world, and cut your behind when you sit on the toilet to dispose of your food, to make it seem like a normal thing, but in reality
it is a sorcerer attacking.

- Sport Star Pain: The sorcerer will attack sport stars, and give them attacks to bring injuries to them, and this happens often, while the sport star is playing in their
games. The sorcerer has timed movements to be exact to attack and bring injuries to stars while playing the game for professionals, to the stars on the playground.

- Computer and Car Attacks: the sorcerer will attack computers, cars, everything. The Bible teaches that the thief comes to kill and destroy. Healing idea: owning
(having full control) all in the reality you are in.

Freedom  and  Salvation

1. The world is forgiven. (2Corinthians 2:10 / John 20:22-23)... Even Satan is loved...
2. The world can prevent the future disaster of hell and wrath. (Jermiah 26:3 / Isaiah 44:22 / Isaiah 45:22 / 2Peter 3:9 / Romans 10:13).
3. All evil can turn to God and be healed! (John 12:40 / Acts 15:11)
4. All sins and sorceries are forigven and forgotten!
(2Corinthians 2:10 / Ezekiel 18:21-22 / John 20:22-23)
5. To park-take in the sorcery world is sin.
(Ezekiel 13:17-23 / Isaiah 5:8-9 / / 1Corinthians 8:1-13)
6. Keep the peace and privacy of people.
(1Thessalonians 4:11 / John 21:22)
7. Make your prayers to God over man. (Job 42:7 / Hosea 7:7)
8. God gives us freedom of thought, to think what we want and not be impure. (Matthew 15:11 / James 2:4-6)
9. Do not take from evil. (Matthew chapter 4 / Pslam 37:38)
10. There should be no wars between religions, because God created different cultures and religions to fit them that are good and beautiful
under God (Genesis 11:1-9), and all are good under God (1Timothy 4:4) .
11. Do not use evil to entrap people. (Ezekiel 13:17-23)
12. God gives freedom from all evil from living in his word. (John 8:36 / John 3:16 / Galatians 5:1)
13. All have the power over evil, all have the power over Satan.  (Romans 16:20 / Luke 10:19 / Hebrew 13:6 / Mark 16:15-18)
14. God loves the unloved one, and the unloved ones people: all evil can be saved. (Hosea 2:23 - Romans 10:13 / Luke 6:32 / Luke 16:1-31)
15. Make your calls to God over man. (Job 42:7 / Isaiah 8:19)... God’s is the way to salvation (Isaiah 47:11-15)
16. Do not listen to the negative or evil of the world, or be lead astray into listening to false. (Eccelesiastes 7:21 / Revelations 18:23)
17. A persons life is between them and God. Keep peace in the world. (Matthew 5:9 / John 21:22)
18. With the imagination and spirit, we have the power where anything is possible. (Mark 9:23 / Matthew 19:26 / Mark 16:15-18)
19. We are only to be one with our wives, husbands and God: not evil. (Mark 10:7-8 / John 17:21-22)
20. God wants everyone to be one with God (Romans 14:11 / John 17:21-22).
21. All are saved through God! (Romans 10:13)
22. All spirits sinning and doing wicked can be reborn of the spirit, all can be reborn angels (1John 5:18 / Luke 20:35-36)
23. We are not to rely on spiritist, but be one with god. (Leviticus 19:31 / Isaiah 47:11-15 / Titus 3:5)
24. Do not frolic in the world of lustful dating. (1John 2:16 / Nahum 3:3-4 / 1Corinthians 7:16)
25. Do not practice in the world of evil spiritual magic or in sin and wickedness. (Jeremiah 42:11 / Jeremiah 37:14 / Isaiah 5:8-9)
26. God ends dicatorship and racism with his creation of beautiful differences, cultures, and languages in the world, showing the world that
God wants many, and for all to be loved, and live in equality, all are created good. (Genesis 11:1-9 / Titus 3:15/ Ezra 7:26 / 1Timothy 4:4) ...
God teahces to love your enemy and turn the other cheek, and to pray for their salvation. (Matthew 5:43-44)
27. God allows us to have enjoyment (1Timothy 6:17), but appreciate and give life back to the world. (Isaiah 5:8-9)
28. God allows people to drink beer and party (2Kings 4:38-44/ 1Timothy 5:23), but this does not mean we drink and party our life away, but
enjoy freedom on our free-time(Luke 7:34-35).
29. God allows good restricted entertainment, and even nudity, because we look and appreciate away from evil and lust. (Judges 6-8 / Songs
of Soloman 7:1-13)
30. Evil practices can bring down your wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and children, your family tree. (Nahum 3:3-4 / Isaiah 47:9 / Hosea
13:16 / Proverb 24:14-16 / Isaiah 48:22)... Change from evil, and be saved. Appreciate life and live in peace and love. Give to the world... Amen.
- Armies are building for the worse evil
- MAGAZINE NEWSMAX reports: 78% of Americans Are Christian
- Major Sorcery Gangs have been reported to the US Senate.  
- United Nations has had hold of Scripture with ideas to End the Sorcery War for
awhile now.  
- Angel’s are allowed to defend themselves at all cost.
- Sorcery growth for evil, is to the level of taking over airplanes, and has the
power to take over nuclear bombs,
and Angel’s must know how to stop this