There is amnesty from sorcery deaths, such, as having a notary letter, dated, or a letter or report dated telling of the threats of
government officials, congress computer sorcerers, even presidents sorcery gang, threatening to kill you by getting you sick, or
crashing your car etc. Its important to use "Congress/Government Computer Sorcerers" in your title, for the reasons on if they
should kill you, you would have the letter dated before your death, so that they can question congress: polygraph testing is
mandatory in cases of murder. Also, when the sorcery world, hears, of these reports, it can help prevent murder, because you
have a dated letter explaining of this murder, before hand, which could help prevent being murdered, but the question is, how to
stop the murderer.

an Answer is, to protest... rich people can already sue the government, and many people will be willing to sign a petition saying
that the government is using sorcery against us. Imagine if the acting world, or the businesses came together to protest against
this evil attacking, much evil would end, because it would be brought to light into the world, allowing other to come forward and
speak truth.

HEALING THE SORCERER: It is important to make the sorcerer feel bad for what they have done. Many people will feel bad for becoming a
rapist. It was not their child hood years thoughts to become a sorcerer. We must control the energy of the sorcery and the person of the sorcerer using
energy. We can send from our minds the feelings of sadness to the sorcerer, along with controlling the energy flush the evil out of the sorcerer. It is
from our mind to the sorcery world,
what we want to bring into the sorcerers mind body and spirit. There are many ways to heal the sorcerer. It is important to know that even Satan,
preaches against sorcery, and too, books of witch craft will speak against practicing sorcery against people.

“Jesus did kill demons and heal in the story of "Legion', along
with Moses kill kings guard who were evil, and used powers of spirit to kill an army of evil. King David of the Bible waged wars against false worship
In a world of only good, evil worships are against the laws to be in
lands, because God is the creator of earth and heaven, and hell… the angels will never lose the war, that is attacking demons and angels, but
preaching of Satan’s Salvation.” (Revelations 19)

- Heal Worlds
- Making sorcerers feel saddened.
- Worlds to flush the evil out of the sorcerer.
- Using mind manipulation to bring feelings and thought, to bring a sorcerer to salvation.
- Trying to make a sorcerer pure, or angel away from the sorcery world, it was something or someone that is giving the sorcerer these thoughts and
feelings, evil does feed thoughts, and people do play false Gods over man (Matthew 15:11 / Mark 15).
- HEAL ENTRAPMENT, healing the sorcerer, and putting the sorcerer in a world, and WATCHING the sorcerers we are healing. Call up heals, and
etc. Doing instant attacks. It is important to have your angel-world, (world where angel is), in line and in form similar to a computer, where you are in
control of the world and sorcery. It is important to heal, while out in the mall, and parks, at work, and even while watching TV. Angels must
have all power in the world, and will have all power of victory over evil.
(Revelations 19). It is important for people to look over the people and field they walk on, along with flying or walking in other fields of the world to
stop the sorcery and, bring healing to all energy of sorcery. Know that the sorcerer will give you a fake being to talk to while attacking and raping a
- Overpowering the sorcerer in all their moves.

We must think of whatever the mind can create, to heal all the attacks the sorcerer will do, even disease.

THE SORCERER AND SATAN (ROMANS 16:20 / LUKE 10:19)… “The Devil is Forgiven” (2Cor 2:10)

MORE HEALING WAYS (continued from The Sorcery War)

- using eyes to create energy with the energy of molecule in the world, to flush through the body, that can even cure real cancer and aids. And
also, the sorcery cancer, that man will create to attack people. Puling the evil energy off is another way to cure the sorcery cancers. Their are
many ways to cure sorcery cancers.

- Copy Cat Government Sorcery moves is also anther attack for offense, and help bring teaching, to their attacks, to stop their attacks.

- We also must see the truth, that we can be a real comic book character and used special-gift-powers... to heal and save and end evil.


It has been reported that sorcery is a cause of heart attacks and cancer... We must not rule out
the truth of sorcery, that can attack the world, we must remember, sorcery, is written in The
American Bible, along with being taught in religions such as Buddha, Jewish, and Muslim: there is
the truth, that something created earth, and there is good and evil in the world, and evil does
practice in ways of sorcery. When going to the book store, people can find books on sorcery,
witchcraft, along with Satanic studies.

How sorcery gives people cancer and heart attacks, and even aids:
- we must look at a tanning-light as an example, that shines on someone and gives them a tan. Well
sorcery is a form of using energy, but controlled by the mind, that can be directed at what the
mind is trying to direct the energy, unless that energy is blocked.

- We must also look at an invisible demon or being, though some can see this demon, because in the
world of spirit and demon, some can heal demons and sickness (Mark 16). But what if that demon was
to attack, the inside of a body, and beat on a continuous spot, to where the white-blood cells
would need to be put in high action to heal, where that demon is assaulting, but the demon keeps
attacking that spot or many spots, to where the body can not create enough white-blood cells for

- Another example, is a worm, what if a kind of demon is a worm designed to eat at the human
body... well like the energy of evil, can beat, energy, from the mind, can help create, to eat the
worm attacking the body. Remember the video game "Pac Man" eating the little white dots. well this
can be the same, with the mind created a "Pac Man" character to eat at the worm attacking the body.

Healing Examples...

When looking at healing, we must look into the world of religion for answers to questions.

Question one could ask religion: Could someone create energy to destroy diseases?

Answer religion will answer: Yes.

What if someone used a light to shine, into the body, and eat away the worm attacking the body. Or.
What if someone used their mind to create an energy to eat away at what was attacking the body. One
full example of truth is. What if some-one, create a light by their mind the size of a body to
where the light would shine through the body, and destroy, all disease and demon in the body. This
is an example, of bringing the imagination into the world, using sight, creating energy... and
energy can be used to destroy evil and disease

When dealing with these disease:
We also must look to what is feeding, or beating on the inside of that body, because humans can
connect to people and feed them this evil of man made cancers or heart attacks, by doors opening to
where man is connected to spirit for example in his bedroom, and connecting to another man in their
bedroom by the same spirit.

Addiction is also a tool that can be sorcery. We must look at the term "cold turkey" and see that
people have stopped drinking, and smoking right when they tell their mind to stop smoking or
drinking, likewise with drugs, it can be the same by just telling your mind “no” and also, your
wants, no… though sorcery does have an affect on addiction, by bringing people feelings of wants
and thoughts to want to do drugs, smoke, or drink … … Eating will also be in the same area, where
sorcery can bring in thoughts or feelings of wanting to dine and eat. In the Bible, sorcery does
teach, that evil will feed people thoughts, and try to lead people astray (Matthew 15:11 /
Revelations 18:23)… also in religion, the Bible, will teach that we can heal people thought the
power o the Holy Spirit, Buddha, Muslim and Jewish will teach the same, that we have the power to
heal blind, all disease including cancers and aids, that we also have the power to heal the deaf
and bring cure any and all ailment, including the paralyzed.
When looking to the world, we must see, the truth, that evil is in the world, and that people do
evil, and also the truth when questions of religions truth, we can see that something high-power
created earth, and human, so we also must see that there is also a spirit of evil, because people
are doing evil, and in the spirit of evil, like written about in every religion of good, there is
sorcery, and sorcery can cause much sicknesses…

Other healings: Using site, to eat away at the energy attacking the person with cancers or
sicknesses. There is much that the mind can create, mind mist, or even mini-locust type scenes from
the imagination to eat away at the negative eating the body.

DOWN SYNDROME can also be cured, by avoiding the sorcery way of life. Sorcery does bring people.
into a world of connecting minds to minds which can help break a person down into living in that
world, but when broken down, one can build back up… Some people are suppose to be in perfect health
and conditioning for their life but many people with down syndrome, are not in “their perfect”
condition for their health, whether overweight, or letting their body go. Also a body must be
complete and have a balancing for completeness, God’s words will teach to look and to find, which
is also a verse that can help people escape the sorcery way of living. The sorcery world, will
bring people into ‘its’ cartoon world, to help beat a person down, to steal the away from their
cartoon world, imagination, and to steal the person away from reality and keep the person under the
sorcery spirit. That is why, its important to bring the person eyes in down syndrome, into a pure
reality, where their mind is away from the sorcery way. Also, letting the person know, that they do
not have any down syndrome, because down syndrome is often a stereo type...

written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.


Today I am reporting the of “Sorcery Terrorism”, which can also be seen at Standing Light
Alternative News at. Sorcery Terror, from reports that I
have gained along with interviews, is people working in witchcraft. Sorcery Terrorist groups in the
world today, have been reported to being named: “The Goofy Upluck”… “Congress Computer Men
Sorcerers”… “The President’s Men”… “The Skull and Crossbones Secret  Society” which are all assumed
to being the same gang, just using different names (when looking up Skull and Crossbones Society
members of Yale University, we learn that people used and gave each-other Satanic names to go by:
George Bush himself called himself GOG and MAGOG which is out of the Satanic Bible). Hillary and
Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barak Obama, Sen. John Kerry, Sarah Palin, along with a small handful
more and a small handful of wealthy outside of the government. William Gates will be another member
(founder of CAE: CASCADE MILITARY) has also been said to being working ways, of using Satellites to
connect to men, women and children for thought control. Cascade Military was another report,
reported to me, of working in many evil ways of military, from using weapons to make people
disappear on mass levels for false Armageddon murders, meaning to make a large amount of population
disappear at one time, then saying, God did it. Also Cascade military was reported as working on
ways of connecting humans to computers for reasons of human control, so that humans could be
controlled by computers.
-        Crimes of these people will be rape using sorcery, murder, kidnap. Many people today are
said to being under their sorcery, because they have not the knowledge of how to defeat these
practices of witchcraft.
And also, the “Congress Computer Men Sorcerers” … hold a threat over people do to them being able
to hack into computers, cars, etc. Which the names listed above have both used against people: Some
companies that might be able to be witness to these attacks, will be Bank of America Owners, along
Wachovia Bank Owners along with many businesses. People who have been reported to being murdered by
these people are: Actors Cory Haim, Brittany Murphy, Tony Curtis, Yankee Owner George Steinbrenner,
Wrestling Star Lance Cade, including the suicide murder of Wrestling Star Chris Benoit, Capt. Phil
Harris, Senator Robert Byrd, because they did not side with this sorcery gang, and some have said,
it was because they were going to talk about what this sorcery gang is doing. Questioning family
and friends connected to these people and letting them know, that “we believe it could be
government sorcery murdering them, because of them not siding with them” could help bring answers,
because this gang will have a scare factor over people, do to how many people they have been
reported to killing, scaring many. Names listed above have been reported having a say to do, for
the murder of the names listed above, and more.

-        Right now, in the world, it is reported, of a hidden war, where this gang is training to
kill people who do not side with them, and one reason is because of reports coming in for their
actions, and they are in fear of being arrested, along with what could come with this truth being
brought out into the open. Which is another reason why they have murdered, for the reason of
scaring people into not acting against them. There is the hidden war of religion, though something
created earth, and there is evil in the world…

This is involving the murder of David Nolan and many more...

Number One:
This is a dated notary, stating the threats made to me. The threats were made to me a few days
prior to the date on the notary. I also have a notary similar to this made in August 2010.
It will be self explained about the threats made to me. I have actually had a few threat to me
saying that they were government, and working for congress or president, not happy for what I was
Number Two:
This is a copy a letter sent by me to me, still sealed in the United States Post Office Envelop (is
was sent to me in this envelop, because it was ripped in half at the post office on, so they resent
this half to me, but it is dated August 9th, about two weeks after another threat had come to me
and my family.
Number Three:
These are pictures directly off the yahoo website, that are dated from the YAHOO website, of the
reports I had been writing to the govt. about what had been going on in the world. You can see on
one of the pictures, it speaks of the ‘different types of sorcery attacks’: Cancer, Heart attacks,
and this is months prior to David Nolans Death.
Number Four:
Receipt of letter sent to David Nolan prior to his death. This is a letter sent to David Nolan,
asking his to run as Vice President next to my 2012 campaign nominee for president.
Number Five:
This is a list of names who might be able to help as witness to this sorcery, and murders of
people, along with the computer sorcery hacking attacking the world.
Vince and Linda McMahan: Owner of World Wresting Entertainment, along with Senate Runner in 2010.
The death of Lance Cade and Micheal Verde, along with more wrestling stars, have been reported, was
because they were fighting this government sorcery gang.
Congressman John Dennis: He told America in a commercial, that Nancy Pelosi was a witch.
Congressman Ron Paul: He might have similar information on the death David Nolan, when asking him
about the sorcery in the government.
“When dealing with sorcery and witchcraft, we must remember, that this type of practice was taught
in American History during the Salem Witchtrials, and is taught and can be baught in book stores
with the Satanic Bible, along with most books on witchcraft. The Bible will speak many verses about
the sorcery, and even rape through sorcery which is attacking the world. Ezekiel 13:17-23,
Leviticus 16:31, Revelations 18:23, Revelations 16:14, are just a few Bible verses out of many in
the Bible. We must also remember that America is 75 percent Christian by most polls, including
Wikipedia stats showing that most people believe in God, and all religions under God will teach of
witches, sorcerers, and people who work with demons.”
This is a petition against Government Sorcery, in which people are willing to testify that the
government is practicing sorcery on people.