Q: What is sorcery?
A: One answer in easy terms, mind powers that attack people: someone connecting to someones spirit,
where possession: kidnap , and rape, and murder is taking place, where attacks created from the mind take
place. This is done through sorcery connecting the people together for this evil, of kidnap, rape, and murder.
People have even connected sorcery to technology: tv, cars, computers, etc. using the power of their mind.

      … Sorcery is the spirit of evil working with people to create the spirit of sorcery, which will connect the
mind, body and spirit together, with the spirit, mind and body in another person, and this sorcery spirit of
connecting humans and even animals can take place from your neighbors house to where you are, or even  
in countries miles apart from each other: foreigners from one country to another country can connect their
minds, body and spirit to someone from the power of sorcery. This world is similar to entering a television,
with two people (or more), bringing their mind, body and spirit into that television that has connected the
people, where the actions of imagination take place in reality, and the actions of evil can take place, such as
rape, sorcery-possessions, assaults, murders. The world of sorcery is as simple as two people connecting
their minds, then entering a room or world created by imagination, where the actions from the mind can take
place. It is the same as two people meeting in a dream, but these two people are meeting in during the times
of being awake from connecting their minds together.

Freedom From the Word
                                                                          written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

A man had just worked another day in his normal labor. Eating out had delayed him an hour and a half, but he still got
home just in time to watch his favorite show...twenty-three minutes into his show it was interrupted by this emergency
breaking news bulletin...

… “The world is in war, sorcery is attacking the good in the world. The sorcery is a spirit in the world, that evil has birthed
into the world connecting minds and bodies working with sorcery connecting to the minds and bodies of other people. This
is for the purposes of rape and the kidnap, possession and murder of people through the connections the sorcerer has
made. Sorcerers will break into the imaginations of people and connect to their thoughts in forms of possession and
kidnap by these connections of sorcery. An example of an attack will be the sorcerer will be in their house, and connect to
you sitting inside of your house, and become one with the sorcery for the purpose of rapes, murders, assaults and more.
The sorcerer will be the worse sinners of the world today and many will have several rapes with their powers, and some
will have murders. The sorcerer will have many kidnappings of minds through these connections, and also children will be
attacked because the normal law is in form giving passing to the sorcerer, instead of attacking the sorcery. The sorcerers
are bringing threats to public and governments"...

Ideas to stop this sorcery?

     "World Forgiveness Day": Where any sorcery attacks after a certain date the law to end sorcery has passed, a
person/sorcerer can be detained by the law, where any sorcery attacks before that date the law to end sorcery is passed,
a person is free to go and can not be detained by the law.
     Some states in America will work with lie detectors for crimes, working with lie detectors and witnesses can help end
sorcery. Working in ways of Saudi Arabia’s and United Arab Emirate's laws to stop sorcery will be the next good move to
end this sorcery. God will also be a way out to escape this sorcery. God will teach that living in the word will teach that
people can live free from sorcery. People must come together to protest this sorcery and bring laws to end sorcery.
People must come together with peace and healing to end the sorcery.
     This world isn't all the secret from society, in the medicine world of mental care, there are many cases where demons
and sorcerers attack, bringing in truth of this sorcery.

Scripture to help end sorcery...

1.1Thessalonians 4:11: Do not invade minds. Mind your own business and keep the privacy of people. Do not use telepathic sorcery listen to
2. Isaiah 19:9-10: Do not have networks of sorcery.
3. Ezekiel 13:17-23: Do not use sorcery calls or sorcery looks, or other entrapping sorcery connections.
4. 1Corinthians 8:1-13: Practicing in the world of sorcery is sin.
5. Mark 10:7-8: We are suppose to be one not with other people’s sorcery.
6. John 17:21-22: God wants all one with the HOLY SPIRIT, not sorcery.
7. Amos 3:3: You do not have to be connected to someone through sorcery powers.
8. Isaiah 47:9: Sorcery can end the lives and salvation of your family.
9. Proverb 24:14-16: Raiding into spirits and minds leads to disaster.
10. Leviticus 19:31: Do not rely on the mind-networkers/sorcerers.
11. Job 42:7: Pray to God over man or sorcery.
12. Hosea 7:7: Make your calls (prayers) to God, not sorcery or man.
13. Revelations 18:23: The world of sorcery can lead many astray.
14. Ecclesiastes 7:21: Do not listen to negative/evil.
15. John 21:22: It is God's business where a soul must go. All must go to God.
16. Matthew 21:12-13: Do not practice in healing through sorcery, it allows God's children to be broken into.
17. Jeremiah 31:34: All must go to God, over the ways of healing and teaching through sorcery.
18. Titus 3:5: All have the power through spirit to rejuvenate themselves.
19. Galatians 5:15: Do not devour from the spirit and minds of people, or God could devour you.
20. 2Timothy 2:16: Do connect in the minds for Godless chatter.
21. James 2:4-6: Do not judge the thoughts of people. It is a sin to be in the minds of people.
22. 1John 2:16: Do not practice in sorcery lustful connections. No sorcery dating.
23. Zephania 1:12: Do not look to connect to minds and spirits of people.
24. Isaiah 47:11-15: Do not heal through the sorcery way, this could lead the healer to calamity... only God's word is the way.
25. Mark chapter 16/Matthew 19:26: We have the power to heal and cast out sorcery and demons, and do miracles in reality.
26. Isaiah 8:19: Call to God over the networker-sorcerer.
27. 1Corinthians chapter 8: You are sinning to listen to thoughts.
28. Matthew 15:11 God allows people to think what they want and not be impure.
29. Hebrew 13:6/Romans 16:20/Luke 10:19/Galatians 5:1: The people living in the word of God have freedom and the power over Satan and
30. 2Corinthians 2:10/Ezekiel 18:21-22/Hosea 2:23: Sorcerers and all evil is forgiven, with God loving the unloved one, and the unloved ones

      A main goal is to bring people out of living in this sorcery. Religions teaches that the word of God can rescue people and give people the
power over all evil including Satan (Romans 16:20). The Bible teaches that if God were to come today, all people living in this sorcery way
would be taken from the world, including their family members living in the sorcery way(Isaiah47:9-15/Nahum3:3-4)...
      For this sorcery attacking, it is best to bring governing laws into living in the world. We cannot suppress the truth, but bring this truth into
light, to further bring strength into the world for the good.      
      In the world of spirit, and when facing demons and sorcery, God will be the cure for all (John 12:40). In the world of bringing truth of spirit,
the time was in Salem Massachusetts during America’s first trials of witches, that our history taught us what to do with witches, sorcerers:
bring laws to stop witches and sorcerers...

                  Sorcerer Terrorism                                                              
                                                                                              By Paiboon Sunthonchart jr.

      Sorcerer Terrorism is attacking the world in major attacks world-wide… Sorcery and sorcerer’s are kidnappers, rapist,
murderers and more. Sorcerers work in ways of terror for control within computers and televisions, to cars, etc., and even
murder through their powers of sorcery, from the power of their mind. The sorcerer-terrorist is working in all lands.
Sorcery gangs and sorcery terrorist groups have started practicing in sorcery amongst good people in public. A sorcery-
network gang will have people all connected together within their minds, under a leader, these sorcery networks will work
in ways so that people can attack with other people connected to that gang.
     Sorcery has been attacking the world in high numbers for many years now, but sorcery is not kept from truth of the
world. Sorcery and sorcerers have been written about in the Bible along with many other religious books of witchcraft and
Satanic books, and hospital records, and more.
These gangs are not in complete silence from reality: In Gambia the Witch
Hunt of 2009, 1000’s were arrested for practicing as sorcerers. The people who will have sorcery-networks, gangs, will
rape, but also be looking to control people through the power of sorcery, similar to someone playing God over people and
trying to control their thoughts or where they are going to go and what are they going to do. The sorcerers will pose as
government authority to play authority over men and women, even when they do not work for the government, but saying
they are government trying to form a network over public.
     The sorcerers will make a person go bald, the sorcerers will age someone, the sorcerers will give someone cancer
and sicknesses, and more. The sorcerers is bringing threats and attacks to public, entertainment stars, sports stars,
businesses, government officials and governments. The sorcerers have killed public, they have killed entertainment and
sport stars, and the sorcerers have killed government officials. The sorcerer is bringing threats of earthquakes,
hurricanes, tsunami's and more to the world. The sorcerers are even bringing threats of war, bringing their guns to the
streets for civil war to governments if the governments do not do what the sorcerers want them to do. In America about 15-
20% of the American population said no to religion, that could be about 60 million people who could go to war in America,
that could be a scary thing.
There are a lot of Satanist in the world. The world has Satanic websites, Satanic chat-room's,
Satanic music, Satanic churches, Satanic clubs and groups. There are millions of Satanic rock and rap albums sold in the
world today, there are millions of books for Satanism and sorcery sold in the world today: civil-war could be a scary thing.
      We need everyone to write governors, senators, news, mayors, police, prime ministers, congress, presidents,
leaders, emperors to bring laws to end Satanism and sorcery. We need everyone to bring a movement to end sorcery
from protesting to healing the sorcerers.
      Government officials are doing a good job showing that they do not side with sorcery with their promotions of religion
from the government with their beliefs being religious, the majority of government officials around the world claim a
religion. Major businesses are doing their part to end evil world-wide with their promotions of Christmas, a Christian

Different Sorcery Attacks: Cancer, Heart
Attacks and more. Healing.

Heart attacks: Sorcerers and demons in public are bringing people “heart attacks”, and this is done by the sorcerer and demon coming into
your area, usually done by invisible (where the sorcerer or demon is invisible to you). There are worlds the sorcerer will put a person in to
have the people entrapped in a form of heart attack. The sorcerer will create tools to attack your heart, and even stand next to you invisible and
be the energy around you. Many have felt heart burns and chest pains, these are often done by sorcerers or demons. The normal angel spirit
or good person can usually beat the attacks of evil. Healing idea: It is important to flush the sorcery away and being out of the attack. Pulling
the energy, along with all ways you can think of to take the energy of evil out of a person. Vacuums are ideas and lasers created from the
imagination are other ideas. When thinking of a way to heal, we must think of what can the mind create to save someone.

It is important to make sure people are not under attack, checking the invisible energy around the person to make sure that the energy does
not have sorcerers or demons inside of it. Also know that the sorcerer will hide by a person as big as buildings, bigger than towns and cities,
beneath a person and underground, or as small as thumb tacks and smaller, and the sorcerers will work with other sorcerers and demons.
The sorcerers or demons will place a person inside of worlds to attack them, likewise angels and people can the same to the sorcerers, and
angels can heal the sorcerers and demons. Healing idea: World’s around sorcerers and demons, healing the sorcerers and demons, and
world’s around towns, cities, and countries, healing the sorcerers and demons. A person can heal all the evil in a town by being a heal world
around the town.

Cancers and Sicknesses: Sorcerers and demons from public are bringing people cancers and sicknesses: A sorcerer or demon will create
an energy with their mind then the sorcerers or demons will use that energy to beat on the inside of a body, while sucking energy out of the
person. There are many ways the sorcerer or demon will bring cancers and sickness: how many ways can you think of is how many ways you
can bring sickness to a sorcerer and demon. Healing idea: Take the evil energy away, pulling, sucking, and pushing the evil sorcery away,
and using sight and feel to make the sickness energy disappear. How many ideas can you think of to heal sicknesses, is how many ways
you can heal sicknesses.

Homosexuality: Homosexuality is brought to people, where sorcerers and demons bring people the thoughts and feelings to senses, body
and mind to like the same  sex. Healing idea: Bringing thoughts and feelings from your mind to the homosexual's mind to bring a person out
of homosexuality, and taking the sorcery away. Remember, the natural law of earth, is man and women are suppose be lovers. God’s laws
will be the same. Having laws to heal the homosexual.

Taking Over Minds: The sorcerers and demons are training and some are trained to take over the minds of people, and walk with the flowing
way of the person’s normal life. Heal idea: Taking over the mind of the sorcerers and demons: connecting to the senses, body and mind of
the sorcerer and demon using imagination, with a world around the sorcerer or demon to heal the sorcerer or demon. How many ideas can
you think of to control and heal a sorcerer, is how many ways you can control and heal sorcerers.

Sport Star Pain: The sorcerers and demons from public will attack sport stars, and give them attacks to bring injuries to them, and this
happens often while the sport star is playing in their games. The sorcerers and demons has timed movements to be exact to attack and
bring injuries to stars while playing the game as professionals, to the stars on the playground, to make it look like it is an injury from playing
the game. Heal idea: Guarding the sports star playing sports. Giants around the games the sport stars are playing.

Computer and Car Attacks: The sorcerers and demons from public will attack and hack into computers, cars, etc. Sorcerers will attack and
hack into cars, boats, and planes to crash cars, boats or planes for murder. Healing idea: Having full control of all in the reality you are in
using powers of the mind.

Weather and earthquakes: The sorcerer and demons from public will try to control weather and create earthquakes. Heal idea: Putting a
bigger world around sorcery’s/evil’s weather and earthquake for controlling the weather and earthquake.

Mental Illness and mental disabilities: Sorcerers and demons in public will attack and bring people mental illnesses, mental disabilities and
deformities. Heal idea: Taking the sorcerers or demons away from the person they are attacking. Building a heal-world around the person the
sorcery is attacking, and healing the mind and deformities of the person using the powers of your mind. Building heal worlds around
hospitals and mental institutions and more, and healing the people with mental illnesses and deformities.

Suicide: The sorcerers and demons will bring people the thoughts and feelings of suicide to make a person kill themselves. Heal idea: take
the sorcery away, and bring the people under suicide attacks, the thoughts and feelings of happiness and living. Ending evil can bring
meaning to a lot of lives.

HEALING THE SORCERER: It is important to make the sorcerer feel bad for what they have done. Many people will feel bad for becoming a
rapist or evil. It was not  their childhood years thoughts to become an evil sorcerer. We must heal the energy of the sorcery and the person of
the sorcerer using energy created from our mind to heal the sorcerer and save them to where they are living in God's word, and all are living
life in full like God teaches (John 10:10). We can send from our minds the feelings of sadness to the sorcerers, along with the energy to flush
the evil out of the sorcerers, and the energy to give to the sorcerers to build them up away from evil. It is from our mind to the sorcery world,
what we want to bring into the sorcerers mind, body, and spirit. There are many ways to heal the sorcerer. It is important to know that even
Satan preaches against sorcery in his scripture. It steals freedom and peace of people. Satan also taught that at the end even Satan will bow
down to the lord of heaven for his salvation.

LUKE 10:19)… “The Devil is Forgiven” (2Corinithians  2:10 / Hosea 2:23)

“Heal moves to heal the sorcerer and end “The Sorcery War”…”

1. ‘Giants’. Being a giant, above and around the sorcerers.
2. ‘Heal Domes’ and ‘Heal World’s’. Heal world’s around towns, cities, and countries,
sorcerers and demons. Putting the sorcerer in a world, and healing the sorcerer, using mind manipulation to bring feelings and thoughts to
bring a sorcerer to salvation. Making the sorcerers feel sad for being evil, and making the sorcerers feel happy to being away from evil, to
where all are living  in full like God teaches (John 10:10).
3. ‘Spiritual Flushing’. Flushing energy through a body to cleanse the evil and sorcery
out of a body. World's around the sorcerer to flush the evil making someone be evil out of the body, and out of around the body.
4. ‘Heal Instants’. Instantly healing the sorcerer.
5. ‘Having teams of angels and good people to work with’ (Revelation 19:19).
6. ‘Talking and networking ways to win’. Do not be afraid, do not keep silent (Acts 18:6-9). You must know how to ask for help when fighting
7. ‘Reality Walking’. Walking your spirit in reality, where you are walking as your spirit in reality, but away from your body. You can fly in the
spiritual world, and in reality (Mark 9:23).
8. ‘Guiding people to heal the sorcerer’.
9. ‘The action of engaging to end evil’ (Revelation 19).
10. ‘Over powering the sorcery’.
11. ‘Invincible’. Guiding people to being invincible above the sorcery (Romans 16:20 / Hebrew13:6).
12. People bringing ‘The Day Of The Lord’. People must bring heal days, and days to end evil.
13. Jesus killed sorcerers/demons (Mark 5:1-20), and we can heal and cast out demons/sorcerers (Mark Chapter 16). It is important to heal
while out in the mall, and parks, at work, and even while watching TV, and more. Angels must have all power in the world, and will have all
power of victory over evil (Revelation chapter 19).

(share with your friends, family, neighbor, and stranger)