OCT-NOV 2014

-          “IRAN AND SYRIA SIN”

Iran and Syria sin to side with America against the IS: Islamic State. America sides with
homosexuality, and attacks the world with sorcery, and starts wars against religion. It is against
religion and a sin to side with the United States of American. Government of earth, need to shut
down the United States government, and isolate the United States government. It is because of
other governments being sorcerers, why governments side with the United States government.
There are over 400 members in congress and senate, and only 20 are bad, but all are sinning
to side with them. The good in the United States are working as one person fighting all the evil
in the government, instead of working as  a group to fight the evil in the United States
government, the 400 good congressmen, senators, representatives and government must work
together to end the evil in the United States governments.
With 84 percent of the American population siding with religion, the United States government
must also side with religion instead of going against the population by siding with
homosexuality and sorcery, and allowing the Satanic church in their country.
Reports teach that IS: Islamic State is only going around and killing evil people: killing people
that rape and murder, killing sorcerers, killing liars and thieves, killing people that sided with evil
in the 'Holy War'.


***American public polls has voted for no wars in Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Africa,
North Korea, but the American government will not listen.

***Why is crime less in these countries such as Iran and North Korea that live in 'Religious
Government', than America. Is it because Iran is 'religious' for the reason why American
Government is starting war with Iran, when the American Government sides with sorcery,
homosexuality, transgenders, Satanic churches, websites, music and movies, and more...

*** We do not have the right to stop North Korea, and Iran from defending their countries with
nuclear bombs, when the American constitution allows people to defend themselves.

The world is on the brink of what could be a major war with Iran, North Korea and America,
because of sorcerers in the American government. What media can do to end the war...

The next move to end war with Iran, North Korea and America: News bringing truth into the world
about Iran and North Korea's goodness, and how they live in Religious Christian laws, along
with America living away from religious laws, by allowing homosexuality, and allowing
Satanism. America does have Satanic webpages, and groups, along with having millions of
Satanic music albums being sold in America: Satanism represents evil. Iran and North Korea
does not allow this in their countries.

News speaking that America does not have the right to start wars with North Korea and Iran for
defending their countries from sorcery government can help stop war. America has the right to
bare arms and defend themselves that is in the American constitution, and so does Iran and
North Korea., America does not have the right to start wars for Iran and North Korea defending
their country when the American constitution allows people to defend themselves...   It is
because of Iran being religious and Iraq being religious and Libya being religious, when
America is bringing laws that are anti-religious by allowing homosexuality, same sex marriages,
wars, books on witchcraft, transgenders and Satanism why wars were started, and also what to
gain: oil, land, nuclear power, and more, when America is bringing laws that are anti-religious
by allowing homosexuality, same sex marriages, wars, books on witchcraft, transgenders and
Satanism. Sorcerers in the American government are bringing laws to allow homosexuality,
same sex marriages, Satanism, and more, and starting wars, when the American public polls
voted no to wars, no to same sex marriages, no to Satanism.
With the government supporting homosexuality, same sex marriages, wars and allowing
Satanic churches, Satanic websites, Satanic music and movies, who is supporting the
government, when the American population is 84 percent religious?

-        Know that sorcery and sorcerers will try to stop people from
being born again and finding life with God. Sorcery and sorcerers
will feed people thoughts of "God does not want me" or "I wont live
the life I want to live" (Matthew 15:11), posing as God. The Bible does
say false prophets and angels will rise at the end times, along with:
sorcerers will lead the world astray (Revelations 18:23).

- "The people need to come together to
end evil every first of the month, and
work as a team to end evil..."

-        The American government sorcerers are offering
people money and life to join their sorcery army, and
they are doing this in other countries.

- The NFL: National Football League, and 'The Dallas Cowboys' sin
to side with homosexuality. The World Wrestling Entertainment sins
to side with homosexuality.

-        “Different Sorcery Attacks: Cancer,
Heart Attacks. Healing.” (re-edited)

Sorcerers and demons from government to public is bringing people “heart attacks”, and
this is done by the sorcerer and demon coming into your area, usually done by invisible
(where the sorcerer or demon is invisible) to you. There are worlds the sorcerer will put a
person in to have the people entrapped in a form of heart attack. The sorcerer will create
tools to attack your heart, and even stand next to you invisible and be the energy around you.
Many have felt heart burns and chest pains. The normal angel spirit or good person can
usually beat the attacks of evil.
Healing idea: It is important to flush the sorcery away and being out of the attack. Pulling the
energy, along with all ways you can think of to take the energy of evil out of a person.
Vacuums are ideas and lasers created from the imagination are other ideas. When thinking
of a way to heal, we must think of what can the mind create to save someone.

Cancers and Sicknesses: Sorcerers and demons from government to public are bringing
people cancers and sicknesses: A sorcerer or demon will create an energy with their mind
then the sorcerer or demon will use that energy to beat on the inside of a body, while
sucking energy out of the person. There are many ways the sorcerer or demon will bring
cancers and sickness, how many ways can you think of, is how many ways you can bring
sickness to a sorcerer and demon.
Healing idea: Take the evil energy away, pulling, sucking, and pushing the evil sorcery away,
and using sight and feel to make the evil energy disappear. How many ideas can you think of
to heal the sicknesses, is how many ways you can heal sicknesses.

Sleep Deaths: Sleep deaths is where the sorcerers or demons beats on your body, by
blinding a person from the beating the sorcerers or demons is giving you, distracting
another sense, from the senses they are attacking. They will beat on the body, sucking the
life out of the body, then attack a heart, to make it seem like a person has just stopped living.
It may seem like a death by natural causes, but in reality it is sorcery. Healing idea: It is
important to make sure people are not under attack, checking the invisible energy by the
person to make sure that the energy does not have sorcerers or demons inside of it. Also
know that the sorcerer will hide by a person as big as buildings, beneath a person and
underground, or as small as small as thumb tacks and smaller. The sorcerers or demons
will place a person inside of worlds to attack them, likewise angels and people can do to the
sorcerers. Healing idea: World’s around sorcerers and demons controlling the sorcerers
and demons, and world’s around towns, cities, and countries.

Homosexuality: Homosexuality is brought to people, where sorcerers and demons bring
people the thoughts and feelings to senses, body and mind to like the same sex.
Healing idea: Bringing thoughts and feelings from your mind to the homosexual to bring a
person out of homosexuality. Remember, the natural law of earth, is man and women are
suppose be lovers. God’s laws will be the same. Homosexuality is a crime when dealing with
the laws of human, earth and spirit: having laws to heal the homosexual. Taking Over Minds:
The sorcerers and demons are training and some are trained to take over the minds of
people, and walk with the flowing way of the person’s normal life. Heal idea: Taking over the
mind of the sorcerers and demons: connecting to the senses, body and mind of the sorcerer
and demon using imagination, with a world around the sorcerer or demon. How many ideas
can you think of to control and heal a sorcerer, is how many ways you can control and heal

Sport Star Pain: The sorcerers and demons from government to public will attack sport
stars, and give them attacks to bring injuries to them, and this happens often, while the sport
star is playing in their games. The sorcerers and demons has timed movements to be exact
to attack and bring injuries to stars while playing the game for professionals, to the stars on
the playground.
Heal idea: Guarding the sports star playing sports.

Computer and Car Attacks: The sorcerers and demons from government to public will attack
computers, cars, everything. Sorcerers will attack cars, boats, planes to crash car, boats or
planes for murder. Healing idea: Having full control all in the reality you are in. Weather and
earthquakes: The sorcerer and demons from government to public will try to control
weather and create earthquakes.
Heal idea: Putting a bigger world around sorcery’s/evil’s weather and earthquake for
controlling the weather and earthquake.

-     “Heal moves to heal the sorcerer and end
“The Sorcery War”…”

‘Giants’. Being a giant, above and around the sorcerers.
‘Heal Domes’ and ‘Heal World’s’. Heal world’s around towns, cities, and countries, sorcerers
and demons. ‘Reality Walking’. Walking your spirit in reality. You are walking as your spirit in
‘Spiritual Flushing’. Flushing energy through a body to cleanse the evil and sorcery out of a
‘Heal Instants’.
‘Having teams of angels and good people to work with’.
‘Talking and networking ways to win’. Do not be afraid, do not keep silent (Acts 18:6).
‘Guiding people to have control of the sorcerer’.
‘Engaging to end evil’.
‘Over powering the sorcery’.
‘Invincible’. Guiding people to being invincible above the sorcery.
People bringing ‘The Day Of The Lord’. People bringing days to end evil.