-  “Crimea Voted To Being Russia”

America and Europe impose sanctions against Russia, which could start war.

If the people of Crimea want to be apart of Russia, and Russia votes to add Crimea into
Russia and that’s what they voted for, then that’s what they voted for, that’s why they vote.
America and Europe does not have the right to intervene , because that is what the Crimia
voted for.
America and Europe is in crimes of starting war. One report is that war between
American and Russia is because of Vladamir Putin is being for Christianiy, when Hillary
Clinton, and Barak Obama are anti-Christian: didn’t they both side with homosexuality,
Clinton and Obama is siding with homosexuals in the military, and same sex marriages.
Vladamir Putin is against homosexuality, and is only defending the people.

-  “NBA, Disney and Academy Awards Sin To Support

NBA’s Brooklyn Nets hire center, Jason Collins, the first homosexual athlete in the NBA.
Disney drops funding for a Boyscouts of America do to  anti-homosexual adult volunteers
law.  Academy awards use lesbian Ellen Degeneress to host  Academy awards, NBA, Disney
and Academy Awards, sin against all religions.
It was said that the sorcerers in America raised the ratings for the Academy Awards to make it
look like people are supporting the sorcerers in the sorcery war. Why are businesses
supporting homosexuals? It is reported, that sorcerers are filling up the major businesses in
America, and world.

-   “Sweatshops”

McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut sweatshops in Thailand… They
are paying for property 40-60percent cheaper than in America, and are charging the same
prices for their food as America, but are only paying their employees 10-20 dollars a day.

April 23rd-May22nd 2014