a   l   t   e  r   n  a  t  i  v  e


Today in the world, marijuana, has become an abundant usage for many. Marijuana smoking, is in the population of double digit millions for America, not too mention
the world, where this new massive attack is taking place. World-wide, there are people doing multiple years in prison and multiple days in jail, for getting caught selling
or buying LEGAL marijuana, which is not a crime to carry, but is similar to marijuana, and also used the same, but you are not in crime, or should be a criminal for using,
because it is not against the laws to use. Though police officers, along with the smoker does not know they are smoking or selling fake marijuana... because their
distributor is telling, them that it is real. The number on this new attack in the drug world, are: that there is at least one fake marijuana dealer in every drug
neighborhood, and this does not only happen in America, but people are being arrested world-wide for having fake marijuana, and when the cops pick it up, they think
that it is real, and so does the victim, being arrested...
Reports have done an estimate showing, that all marijuana, users have smoked fake marijuana at least once, to multiple times, and that there are people in prison, for
carrying fake marijuana. Fake Marijuana, has even been known to come in high shipments across the Mexican Border, though believed to be real. Some peoples lives
are altered to a state of permanent damage, because of felonies, of having high amounts of fake  marijuana... though this marijuana is not a crime to have, or ill-legal,
but legal marijuana that you can smoke in public.
One question is that we must have, is that, what we can do, for people who are incarcerated for legal marijuana, and how to stop this from happening in the future...
One answer, is a mandatory testing for marijuana that has been seized by officers of law.


The Future of War, is being seen, with the use of Predator Drones attacking in Afghanistan, this is only a prelude, of the future, for what few evil leader in America, are bringing
to the future of world-take over, along with population under false control... The idea, is to have Obama, be president till the year 2016, then elect Bill Gates, for what becomes
to birth of world war, but from what could be the technology, of one man sitting behind a computer, with remote control, military machinery attacking the world. Another
example of this war, is robots, programmed, to a computer, in line to attack, what is on that line, to the end of that line, with the hopes of destroying all in that line. Computer
Men Sorcerers, also have this idea in mind, to have this war, when at the same time, American population is under computer controlled, along with even sorcery controlled.
The Bible does teach that false prophets will rise, and it is easy, to see that false prophets can rise, from showing false good to the world.
It is the same as an evil man donating billions of dollars to look good, then saying I am good, I donate money, when only evil is in their mind...

When looking at the Future of War, we can see that these Predator Drones, in a more advanced version can be made at paces, of how fast factories make cars, for an
example, of how much weaponry, their could be in the future, for one country, to have world domination.

There is also the future, of war, where America uses science and sorcery to kill, even creating a false Armageddon, where evil, is killing much of mankind and good people...
and also the future of nuclear war, where the rich of America, along with other countries, hide out in their mansions nuclear war safe room, and destroy as much as mankind
as they can, using the excuse that most of mankind is evil anyway, but also, the profit of the rich will come, who will own the businesses, that supply the future such as new
toilets, construction companies, food companies, along with rebuilding, with what was destroyed. But his war also has another evil sitting next to nuclear war, the lust and
feelings bringing the people to want war...

200 years of Taxes for American History...

Since 1809 Democrats and Republicans have ran America, and only during that time, we had our 16th president under "The National Union" bring something to the United
States presidency, freedom for the American Black people with the Civil War, and also a new thought of a hope of Freedom that birthed from America's first President George
Washington, who brought the future into the thoughts of America, with what could be life and living, until the death of the assisination of Abraham Lincoln. Some off American
History under democrats and republicans will teach, that the first taxes were through Abraham Lincoln, which is false, taxes have been around American History from oour
ancestors of Europe, and after the death of George Washington. The Civil War taxes were only additions of taxes to taxes that were already here. Also, there is the evil of the
truth the Democrat and Republican wanting to make Abraham Lincoln, look bad in American history, for not being a democrat or true republican, but a person of Freedom,
creating "The National Union", which brought freedom to the American Black man, which would enter another War under Democrat and Republican government.
"Freedom In War" 100 years later, under a White House of Republican and Democrats, and that is the view we must look at when looking at the evil of Republican and
Democrats, that would lie to even America in world History truths within the world, for example, the name outlaw... In 1859, Henry McCarty was born, aka William H Bonney,
aka Billy The Kid.. he would be known as an outlaw, in much of todays world: a bad guy, which is what even some American History living will try to teach people, but living the
numbers of Proverb 21:21: killing 21 men in 21 years of living, we can learn that Billy The Kid was not a bad guy, but a murderer of evil-doers, killing thieves, rapist, and
corrupt men who also were murderers, to where only hero should be the title of outlaw when recognizing the name Billy The Kid, because it was in-law, where Billy The Kid
was fighting most of his evil, after the death of one of his friends, John Tunstel, who was killed by the ways of Sheriff Brady, and corrupt men, when Billy The Kid became a US
Marshall... killing evil people, but it was because his crusade would go after corrupt politicians and rich, when the government voted to end Billy The Kid, because of the evil
he was trying to end.
More false taught by the government...during the great depression men Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to four terms, but in truth, some reports, report that corruption
in the voting system, allowed this great depression to attack America for the purpose of American leaders looking tough and scary to other country moneys in the world, by
starving their own country people. Reports also say, that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was also even helping the Italian Mafia, rise into power, staging a false assisination
attempt, to make it look like, he had is own personal war with Italians, but covering up the truth, of Franklin Roosevelt evil... In a country where we can print money to give to
people for job creation, whether construction, or farms and equipment for living etc., or raising farms, for the helping of feeding the world. Instead only the rich were taken care
of, while the poor suffered, and the rich still gained... It was during the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when America went to war against a country, who chose war against
Socialism, which in many definitions, though one definition of socialism coming from the country choosing war with Socialist, is that Socialism equals witchcraft, sorcery way
of living and connecting to minds of many with the spirit of evil... Germany was a war enemy during both World Wars, though Germany, is a strong country against the ways of
Sorcery. Even their World War 2 hero, Adof Hitler shouted to some ears Zeke-Hail or Ezekiel, both shouting for the heroism of The Book of Ezekiel, the book written in the Holy
Bible, which has a lot of preachings against the ways of sorcery, which would also be called socialism when dealing with a "sorcerer-politician" trying to hide the truth, that he
is a sorcerer, but instead calling sorcery, socialism: a witch, using witchcraft, to connect to the minds and spirits of people. In truth, we do not know, if America won the war
against Germany, because not too long after the war, America had started buying Volkswagon cars from Germany, along with the future of BMW cars, likewise with the war
ending with America buying electronic parts from Japan, who was another country against the witch. Remember, the so-called victories of American History, does not leave
with America owning any country we want to war with, but us, being supplied by their countries, in many of wars cases. Though America will try to claim victory at times
against these countries, who are still holding strong for the heavens, as countries, that speak for heaven against sorcery and witchcraft, while many politicians in the
American Government has chosen, witchcraft, for the purpose of using government authority, for the evil, that can come by having an authority over people, includincg playing
God over people, like seen with the American President of 2010... Iraq's war, was also not a victory, but an act of murder, to go to war against another country against the
witch, along with future supply in oil. Similar in Afghanistan, murdering innocents in mountains, because of government fear, that they might have the power to  use Holy Spirit
to stop evil and corruption, which will steal power from government officials.
After the World Wars, "Freedom in War" would come with another American Civil War, with a government under Democrats and Republicans creating the racist war of the
South and it was because of the racist war of the South, on the birthing such great leaders as Martin Luther King, and Malcom X, but one question is, since America ended
slavery almost one hundred years earlier, what is the reason for this war in rebirth in the South. Where was the government under Republican and Democrats, ending
discrimination during the times before the birth of prejudice, instead they let many years go by of having White Churches, and Black Churches, and White Restaurants and
Black Restaurants, and white bathrooms and black bathrooms, white seating on the bus, and black seating on the bus go by, before finally the courage of black spoke with
Martin Luther King and Malcom X, against these ways that Republicans and Democrats created, for the greatness of what happen in American History. The race war, comes
with the beginning of a new war for America, the Vietnam War, for only one reason: evil stealing from Vietnam, under a Democrat Republican government, who sat with John
F. Kennedy before the Vietnam War sitting John Kennedy as sitting with the gangsters such as Bugsy Segal, and Charles Luciano, who was also as John F Kennedy, a man
who would become president after having threesomes-orgies in their Hotels in Havanna Cuba, partying as a pawn with the stars of Hollywood, looking up to the
Italian-American gangsters who built Havanna Cuba, a president siding with the great American Gangsters of American History: often evil brings people the feelings of
wanting to fit in, the feelings of lust and fear, and power (Matthew 15:11)... American History, almost makes people wonder, if John F. Kennedy, was shot by a bad guy or good
guy who knew the truth, and no wonder why they killed his assassin, so that he couldn't speak the truth of what was going on at the time. Just over 34 million American's
voted or John F. Kennedy, during the time when the population was over 179 million people, with at least 60 million adults, not voting, when they could've voted, but only
Democrats and Republican's were in lines for voting in America. War was the future in the minds of John F. Kennedy, which was put on hold, at the time after his death, with
peace for Russia and America, and Cuba, when Lee Harvery Oswald, shot John F Kennedy, but war would birth again, when corruption went to Vietnam, for their resources,
and beach-front property, which in American prices, would be one of the most expensive coasts to live on if America owned the coast of Vietnam,
Vietnam had many resources, for the want and stealing from a government under Democrats and Republicans... Heroin was another resource profiting over a billion dollars
during the time of the Vietnam war, being sold to America from Vietnam, and as Democrats and Republicans, gangsters, sitting with the Mafia in Cuba, we can see, that they
would want their profit in this trade of heroin also, with under the table payments and donations, along with money laundering in Businesses. Not everyone wins a lotto for
250,000 dollars, when it is the American dream as of the year 2010, to win a 250,000 dollar lotto, donations at the time of presidency, were more than $250,000, but gave
millions of dollars to government officials. In the year 2010, and before, it was gift money from drug dealers, in cash, bringing gift money from one president to the other
president for the purpose of having easy borders to cross, and easy lands in to sell drugs, hidden talk amongst socialism. Obama, was donated, 500 million dollars for
another American Presidency under evil.Remember it was the truth of American History calling King Draculea of Transylvania, Romania: Count Dracula, The Vampire, but the
truth of Romania's World History, teaches that King Draculea, of Transylvania, was a savior, for the Christian Army, going to war against the Ottomans, who work in ways as
Vampires, against Christians, but that is a teaching, to the majority, when the evil of Republicans and Democrats want to teach history for the world.

Now today as of 2010"The Sorcery War", American History, can claim, that they used sorcery to kill, one of the greatest martial art stars, one of the great comedians, one of the
greatest movie writers, one of the greatest basketball players, a princess... We can only ask, what will be next for "The Sorcery Murderer" under the government of Republican
and Democrat...  Will they kill a football player or baseball player, or maybe a beautiful person, or one of the worlds most knowledgeable people, or queen or king will be
murdered under the government of Republican and Democrat, who have done nothing for America, in two hundred years, but write an evil history to other countries of the
world, showing the other countries in the world, that America is evil as American Government under Republican Democrats, shout in "The Sorcery War", that we are the ones
raping the world... which is also taught from Barak Obama, another sorcerer, attacking the world, raising the future of America to be evil, though at times, portraying to be an
angel of light wanting to save the same people he had just attacked, but blamed Republicans, America's other evil in the government for. No democrat of republican has
stood up as a government official, against the true evil attacking America in full since, 2007... The American Witch, which has gone to murder greatness and good, alligning a
future, for evil's control, and evil's murder, telling the world that we are the government under Republican and Democrats and we are going to murder 80 percent of our own
control, to make sure, evil's secret of Democrat and Republicans is kept a secret.

Notes on American Democrat and Republican Government:
- Taxes have come to take from people, monopoly is risen over man, a sorcery government is in present and past, wars of past present and future, are what has been
brought to the government under Democrat and Republican, though at around voting time, gas prices will go down, then rise back up, along with the end of wars will speak to
buy votes, for a White House speaking more war for other countries, with nothing for America to gain, but another loss, and the death of good people, which when dealing
with evil, is the point of evil, to destroy the good...
- Over 97 million American adults who did not vote in the year 2008  were raped in the History of "The Sorcery War', along with 75 million people under the age of 18 were
raped in "The Sorcery War" with 59 million Republicans voting for presidency and 69 million Democrats, were raped, by a Democrat Republican American Government.

- Other notes for American History: One of the greatest presidents was assassinated by gun in Abraham Lincoln, one of The Great Rock Stars was assassinated by gun with
John Lennon. One of America's greatest black men was Assassinated by gun: Martin Luther King. One of America's great rap stars Tupac Shakur was also assasinated.The
rising martial arts legend of America's greatest martial arts legend was also show by gun: Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee. These were also people who opposed the
corruption of evil in reality, and the corruption of evil in the world of spirit... The Bible says, its a sin to support, such evil as Democrats or Republicans, and American laws,
say, that it is a crime.

"In American law, it is a crime to support Republicans and Democrats, after what has happened in history and today, in "The Sorcery War"... and it the laws of God, it is a sin, to
support Democrats and Republicans."