- Sorcerers in America government put on a false show, posing as angels to entrap good people and angels. Now (April 2013), the police
officers, and FBI agents, are only being hired to train sorcerers to own and control angels, and beat on the prophets with main Bible in
“The Sorcery War” and beat on angels and assault on good people in public with rapes and murders, and more, including teeth loss
and bald heads, saying they signed papers with the head of the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security to experiment on public, and this has
been since the year 2011-12. Their businesses also say the same: Taco Bell, World Studio’s, Starbucks, NBC/Universal, McDonald’s,
Microsoft, Walmart, Fox News, CNN, Burger King and more, say they signed papers with the FBI/Barak Obama/CIA/Police to attack the
public with sorcery. Walmart does promote VUDU entertainment (promoting voodoo), and Microsoft does promote Windows Wizard
(promoting wizard-witchcraft-sorcery). World Studio’s promotes: “The Boogey Man”, and “Sin Cara” from World Wrestling
Entertainment. These are businesses that also helped kill actors/musician stars and public.

- New sorcery death threats: actress/singer Ann Margaret, Justin from the Mick Foley book ‘Countdown to Lock Down’, Dolph Lundgren,
Saul Rubinek and other characters from the movie ‘Jerry and Tom’ directed by Saul Rubinek who put a death sign for ‘Skull and
Bones’ sorcery in the movie. Many movies speak against the ‘Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society’ sorcery and the evil in the American
government. Micheal Douglas and Sheryl Crow, James R. Hoffa, John Malkovich (stomach-digest sorcery murder sickness) Dr. Jerry
Buss, Ron Jeremy, Micheal Jordan (NBA), and Hulk Hogan, and in threat of sorcery heart attacks/strokes, sorcery sickness (cancer / etc.),
sorcery hacking for vehicle crashing murder, because they do not side with ‘Skull and Bones’ Yale Secret Society Sorcery , FBI/CIA and
Barak Obama and Microsoft’s Bill Gates Sorcery, and American Government Sorcery. Saoirse Ronan is in threat of sorcery murder and
impregnation from American Government Sorcery because she gave up Universal/NBC as a company she would work do to Bill Gates’s/’
Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society’ sorcery. Saoirse Ronan’s new movie ‘The Host’ also had their profits attacked, to show people did
not support Stephanie Meyer, because at least 30 million people supported her movies “Twilight and Breaking Dawn”, plus she also
fights ‘Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society’ sorcery and American Government Sorcery. It was reported by public that ‘The Host’ could
have made 65 million dollars by April 23rd 2013.

- “World Studio’s” owner Vince MacMahon owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, sides with sorcery in “The Sorcery War” attacking
public and attacking Jehova Witnesses with “Skull and Bones” Yale Secret Society’s George Bush, Bill Clinton, Microsoft’s Bill Gates,
Barak Obama and more. … American Government Computer Human Sorcery Team (ETHC: Earthquake Tornado Hurricane Computer
Sorcery Hacking Team under the American president and FBI/CIA/Homeland Security), and ‘Skull and Bones Yale Secret Society’ want
to hack into the movie computers to give Dwayne Johnson’s movie “Pain and Gain” high profits to make it look like people are siding
with their sorcery. They want to do the same with ‘Universal’s’ ‘Fast and the Furious’ and raise the rating for National Broadcasting
Corporation (NBC) shows to make it look like people side with Bill Gates’s sorcery. 2012-13 “Silver Linings Playbook” was a movie with
rigged ratings/profits, to make it look like people are siding with the NFL, when angel’s and good people in American public gave up
the 2012-13 sport season, because of American Government Sorcery murdering and injuring sport players, and  because of ‘Skull and
Bones’ Yale Secret Society and Sorcerer ownership in sports: NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB and college. There has been a championship every
year since the year 1990, from a home state of ‘Skull and Bones’ Yale secret society, because of sorcery.

- Kate Bosworth, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Olsen Twins, Katherine Heigl, Lady GAGA, Jennifer Love Hewitt, many actresses and
singers, porn stars, sport stars are in threat to being sorcery impregnated by ‘Skull and Bones’/American Government Computer Sorcery
under George Bush Jr. and Sr., Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Bill Gates, the head of the FBI Robert Mueller, and head of CIA, and other
sorcerers in the American government congress and senate, because they do not side with the American government sorcery. American
Government Sorcery  have the sorcery to rig blood test to make it look like the kids, is the couples, when a computer man sorcerer/
American government sorcerer, impregnated the girl/woman (actress/porn star/ sport star, etc.). The Sorcerer impregnates the
girl/woman by walking in ‘The Sorcery World’ into the reality where the girl/woman is, and rapes her, then goes back into his
world/reality. A sorcerer could be where his bedroom is, and then uses his mind and sorcery to open up a door where the girl is to
impregnate her. These sorcery doors are apart of religious-earth’s reality.

- George Bush Jr. raising a false prophet: having his daughter Barbara Pierce Jr. marry a Panamanian, for a false
Queen of The South. Barbra Pierce Jr. protests with the 1% rally, when most good American’s protest with the 99%
signs, she is saying that she is for evil through their networking sorcery ways, and has said this in ‘The Sorcery
War’ not too mention, bringing torment to angels in February 2012. They are working with the computer sorcerers in
the FBI, and CIA, who are afraid to give angel’s power in the government. Though they talked about being the
toughest, but lost that title to ‘The Prophet’ in ‘The Sorcery War’ permanent. The Queen of the South, is said to
being born named Lori Anne Toms (or the Queen of Sheba) husband to Boon Sunthonchart, in ‘The Sorcery War’, who
lived in South Carolina from year 2003-2011. It was in 2003-2004 when  Lori and  Boon received the Bible scripture
through their son for ‘Scripture To End Sorcery’ and ‘Satan’s Salvation‘, it was in 2004 when George Bush Jr. would
send a tsunami to Phuket Thailand, Thailand where Boon is from, because they were given the Bible scripture of ‘The
Sorcery War’, and George Bush Jr. wanted to own it, so did the tsunami in Thailand. Both Boon and their son, are said
to being the refugee and fugitive written about in Ezekiel chapter 27 New International Version Bible and God’s Word
Bible .

It is against the law for Obama to be president and have ‘Skull and Bones‘:
a secret society out of Yale University in the government. Laws to
impeach Barak Obama and ‘Skull and Bones’ …

LAW: ‘Skull and Bones’: Secret Society out of Yale University are known to work in ways of witchcraft rituals in their society at Yale,
and work in ways against Christianity: using names such as Baal and Beezlebub, Long Devil, Magog as nicknames in their fraternity,
which are names that represent evil in the Bible. This can promote evil from the government, and bring war to America, or terrorism
to America, because we have evil being promoted from the government. ’Skull and Bones’ in the government can bring harm to
American‘s, and create evil in America. **They do have false paperwork signed by the head of FBI, CIA and Homeland Security to be in
the government  and rig elections for a false save the world show. ‘Skull and Bones’ hired the head of the FBI, CIA and Homeland
Security from Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. to Obama’s time, so its against the law for the head of the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security to
be in the government.

LAW: Do to having four ‘Skull and Bones’ members Austan Goolsbee and William Daly of ‘Skull and Bones’ JP Morgan/CHASE
Bank/Morgan Stanley and John Kerry’ sister and John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton: first and second term, its against the law for Barak
Obama to be president, do to promoting evil from the government.

LAW: Barak Obama, George Bush Sr. and Jr., John Kerry and Bill and Hillary Clinton are all known to start war with countries killing
sorcerers or religious countries. Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea: Iran will have laws against sorcery all are ‘Skull and
Bones’ or associated with ‘Skull and Bones’. They will blame, nuclear weapons as the reason for starting war, but all countries have
the right to defend themselves.

LAW: Do to Bill Clinton’s adultery, going against ’in God we trust’ it would be against the law to have Bill or Hillary Clinton in the

LAW: Inside trading: John Kerry and George Bush Jr. with ‘Skull and Bones’s’ business: JP Morgan, Allied Barton and FED EX. Barak
Obama with Bill Gates’s Microsoft. Bill Gates donated a lot to Barak Obama’s campaign. Clinton and Bush Jr. (‘Skull and Bones‘) both
supported Microsoft. Its against the law to have ‘Skull and Bones’ businesses in the government, do to promoting evil from the
government, and inside trading.

LAW: James Angleton: ‘Skull and Bones’ member experimented on people protesting war and was forced to resign as a head of CIA.

LAW: Do to George Bush’s allegation of nuclear arms in Iraq coming false, it would be against the law to have any Bush in the
government, he is in crimes of starting war, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan. Crimes of starting many wars from ‘Skull and Bones’ members.

LAW: The first Korean war director was a ‘Skull and Bones’ member. John Kerry, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Jr., and
Barak Obama ‘Skull and Bones’ all speak of war with North Korea, Iraq, Iran, and Libya. Crimes of groups starting war.

LAW: Barbara Pierce Bush (George Bush Sr. wife) had an uncle Franklin Pierce that was president of the United States of America, who
said he sided with the Confederates during his presidency. The Confederacy of the Southern states were against the United States of
America. Do to Franklin Peirce siding against the United States and for Confederacy it would be against the law to have any Bush or
Pierce in the government. He only served four years as president because the public didn’t like him.

LAW: William Taft (‘Skull and Bones member‘) was president of the United States of America before the Great Depression, it was said
he lead the country into the Great Depression. He only served four years because the public didn’t like him. Crimes of depressions and
recessions under ‘Skull and Bones’ government.



-- ROSEANNE BARR president with CINDY SHEEHAN vice president
-- JILL STEIN president with CHERRI HONKALA vice president
-- Ron Paul, also may be running for president.

All candidates above, speak against sorcery in the government, and speak to ending wars,
and speak for a government giving to the people.

***** The PEACE and FREEDOM PARTY and the GREEN PARTY ( may be the only parties
worth voting for this election, along with non-partisan. Most in the public, voted God, not wanting
democrats or republicans being in the government... but do to computer man sorcery rigging, God may
not walk in the United States government till the computer man sorcery ends.

One American government party that is filled with evil... After the murder of the Christian David
Nolan creator of the Libertarian Party. Most of the majority state delegates, will be sorcerers. It is
reported that for many years now witches/sorcerers have been working their way in to the Libertarian
Party, then finally, just when David Nolan is about to make a new move to save the world, he is
murdered, with sorcerers hired as heads of the Libertarian Party. The Republican and Democrat party
will have the same thing going on. This action could also be going on in America's major businesses.

With ROSEANNE BARR having about 20,000,000 million viewers for her show, along with the
actors that support Roseanne, and even ABC being owned by DISNEY... ROSEANNE could easily be
president,  not too mention the 18 year old kids today birthed from people who used watch her show.
She probably will be president, especially after calling Mitt Romney PRO-RAPE, what's left of the
Republicans will probably vote for her, along with what's left of the democrats, since both Romney and
Obama, attacked the population of the world in 'The Sorcery War'... but do to false papers being made
by 'Skull and Bones' members working with John Kerry's sports team mate in their younger years:
Robert Mueller who was hired head of the FBI, voting rigging will take place to have a sorcerer
president...  ...Remember
USA TODAY (newspaper), the weekened of August 24-26th, said. "Public
Sours on Obama Romney"...

SORCERY Hurricanes and SORCERY Earthquakes...
- Hurricane Sandy, along with many storms and earthquakes are assaulting the world, with
old threats of sinking the American west coast by earthquakes: assaults and threats are
from 'Skull and Bones' members (Yale University's Secret Society), and American sorcery
terror from computer men sorcerers connected to the American FBI, and American CIA... the
law with these report, should bring arrest with public being notified, by the law of media,
from all media, but sorcerers own much media... Giant Pacifc Coast of West America is said
to be an attack by the 'Skull and Bones" & the 'FBI/CIA Computer Men Sorcerer'.

Moves to heal the evil/sorcerer...
1. Giants
2. Heal Worlds/ Heal Domes / Instants
3. Working with lists of angels.
4. Reality Walking
5. Days of the Lord
6. Networking ways to win and saving in public and at home...
(more click "sorcery heals and cures" above)

"Sorcerers in American Government, Attacking American Governors and Senators"
"Sorcerers in American Government wanting to start war with Iran
and "Skull and Bones" (Yale University's Secret Society), and Computer Men/Women Sorcery.

--  Sorcerers in American government speaks of war with Iran, and Iran attacking Israel. But Iran does  have the right to defend themselves from "Skull and
Bones" and (CIA) Computer Men Sorcery attacking the world, to where even the American government does not know about the sorcery attacking the world
from American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and American Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is attacking sorcery around the world, without the
American Congress/Senate knowing it. Iran, New Zealand's Christchurch Earthquakes, Japan's March 2011 earthquake/tsunami, even England's Princess
Diana's car crash will be from the 'Skull and Bones' and 'Computer Men':(CIA)'s sorcery: know that it is 'Skull and Bones' from George Bush to Bill Clinton and
Barak Obama, who hired the head of the (FBI) and (CIA). Most FBI/CIA/police in America will be hired as sorcerers to form a sorcery dictator and monopoly
over America. Even in American hospitals, more doctors are sorcerers than angels, and it is the same with lawyers and news-media, or any government jobs.
Evil/sorcerers in America said, "lets fo get the most powerful jobs" and are doing it, for the past 20th century, to where today, mainly sorcerers have the
powerful jobs in America, without the good American governors and senators knowing it. It is important for world leaders to work with the good in the American
government, to rid out the few evil in the government, letting the government know the law/ that America does not have the right to start war, and American
laws/ammendments allow people to defend themselves/self defence, and the right to bare arms, like Iran and North Korea have the right to defend themselves
and build weapons of mass destruction, but America does not have the right to break the law, and trespass/spy into other countries. American officials/military
can be arrested for trespassing into other countries. (more on IRAN and AMERICA, below in "Iran vs. America" the next World War)

***it is reported that they do not only use sorcery/witchcraft in the Bible, and all religions, but also weapons of technology to do their storms and earthquakes,
and hacking into computers and cars (similar to a univeral remote).

--  Protest around the Middle East, is because 'Skull and Bones/Computer Men' sorcery is attacking the Middle East, then blaming the American government,
with the American government not knowing 'Skull and Bones'/Computer Men is attacking the Middle East to start war.

--  Mitt Romney speaks of war with Iran, and who was with John Kerry as Senator running mate when Mitt was governor of Massachussets: "Skull and Bones"
John Kerry", a member of a gang known to go against Christianity. Is Mitt Romney a false Mormon? Mormon's are based of Jesus Christ, so why would Romney
have a homosexual in his administration, when Christianity is against homosexual. He speaks of war with Iran, when Iran is country living in 'Religious
Government', who is against sorcery and executing sorcerers, while 'Skull and Bones', uses names of evil from the Bible, such as Baal and Beezlebub, it is no
wonder why they speak against Christian country, Iran and North Korea, remember in the first Korean war, was a 'Skull and Bones': head director of the first
Korean war.
Clinton, Kerry, Bush, Obama, all speak of war with countries, where leaders kill evil rebellion, but Bush, Clinton,  Obama, try to tell the media, they are killing
good people. On the news in Syria, what started the war with Syria and public, was when protesters were throwing boulders and rocks at police trying to kill
them, rocks if hit in the head could kill them, so Syria was forced to defend themselves from sorcerers protesting. Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, can bring
charges of sorcery against the sorcerers in the American government, working with the good American governors and senators, and congress, and arrest, Bush,
Clinton and Obama, and members of America's computer men sorcery team... with the public poll going against the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran and Syria,
and Libya, we can assume not many voters will vote for Obama, or Mitt Romney. During the last 24 years of 'Skull and Bones' presidency's, Americans only have
hire gas prices and prices on food, and wars as American history.

*** Public speaks in 'The Sorcery War', that Mitt Romney has been one to attack the world.

---  CIA and FBI, also work in ways of bombing Embassy's for starting war with the excuse of trying to lure other terrorist out into the open, or even using the CIA
made AL Quieda, to take the blame, with the excuse to gaining terrorist to join the CIA's Al Quieda, but the real reason, is to start war with countries against
sorcery, because 'Skull and Bones' is for sorcery, and evil worshipping. 'Skull and Bones' George Bush, Hillary Clinton,  Barak Obama, does hire General's in the
military that are sorcerers, without American Congress knowing this. This hiring only sorcerers in the FBI, CIA, Homeland security hasd been going on since
'Skull and Bones' George Bush Sr. was vice president to Ronald Regean, and times before creation:birth 'Sorcery Dictatorship' over public. What sorcerers do in
public is, saying, "I'm in the government, you are forced to sleep with me, because we're the power" (to women/girls), extortion:"donate to our campaign and we
won't attack you with our sorcery" sorcery that has the power to hack into cars, computers, banks etc. (technology sorcery), without the good American
Governors and Senators knowing it. Now, they are waging an army to start war, calling their sorcerers 'networkers', 'Goofy Upluck', 'Angel Callers', 'Computer
Men' to give Christians and good people in America and world, heart attacks, cancers, sicknesses and more.        

---  'Skull and Bones" have started wars in Libya and Afghanistan, Iraq, with leaders who was killing sorcerers, and the same is with Syria. Obama has three
members of 'Skull and Bones' in his administration, Mitt Romney will also sit with 'Skull and Bones', both want war when the public is against Wars in Iran and
Afghanistan, Syria, and more. Public is not voting for Romney or Obama, but do to sorcerer rigging of elections: America will be under a sorcerer president, but
the evil of sorcerer presidents is going to war with Christian/Religious leaders. These wars are not wars, between America and Afghanistan, Syrian, Iran, but
wars with 'Skull and Bones' vs. Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan... Even Israel, will have sorcery influence, to start wars with Palestine, with 'Skull and Bones'
help, attacking Palestine and Israel with sorcery, then blaming the American government.

---  McDonald's, Walmart, 7-11, Burger King, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Subway (sandwiches),  Starbucks, Microsoft, Universal (Movies), CNN
(Central News Network), will be businesses that American Sorcerers are using to take  over the world. They are also businesses that only hire sorcerers in
America. Countries in earth with these American businesses, have more and more  sorcerers birthing, because of these businesses owners spirits in the country
creating sorcerers.,... Their news speaks of war, instead of ending war. The Iran and North Korea was is strictly a "Skull and Bones" war, starting stuff wtih
Christian countries, then hiding behind the governors and senators, saying they are the American government.

---  144,000, false angel threat... Computer Men Sorcerers threaten to hire 144,000 people, to say they are the 144,000 kings written in the Bible: Book of
Revelation... expect at least 50,000 computer sorcerers, today. They are hiring everyone, from even evil from the trailer park and poor, signed on as
government under 'The Skull and Bones' FBI/FIA, but able to disappear if needed, to where good governors and senators do not even know how to find them:
Internal Affair Polygraph, with judges holding a person infinite till answers are given, ... They are sorcerers who want to use their government fame, for women,
and live what they have said: "the life": women and partying: fame... In America, the sorcerers do try to use their government work, as fame, dictating the
people. Kings and Queens, and presidents of the world, and leaders of the world, can work with the good governors and senators to bring arrest against the
sorcerers from the American government attacking the world.

---  Sorcerers in America government put on a false show, posing as angels to entrap good people and angels, and kidnapping prophets and actors to do so.

---  American Sorcerers in the American government pose as government in other countries.  

---  One out of every ten American's will be a sorcerer, sorcerer-rapist, angel murderer.

--- Sorcerers in America have filled the government, from garbage men, bus drivers,  to general's and presidents, FBI, teachers, Police and medics... in public
they works as doctors and lawyers, dentist, the most powerful jobs, to have a dictator over America.

'Skull and Bones': Computer Men Sorcery, Murdered by Sorcerers
in the American Government...

Many actors and musicians, and sport stars have died from the 'Skull and Bones' Computer Men Sorcerers, and Sorcerers elected into
the American Government. Andre the Giant (largest athlete, wrestler: many wrestlers have been murdered for fighting their sorcery),
Manut Bol (tallest basketball player), Hank Gathers (best college basketball player), The Lone Ranger (actor who played Lone Ranger),
Dr. Suesse (author), Dan Wheldon (race car drive), Jay, Moirarty (surf legend), Florence Griffith Joyner (Olympian), Charlie Brown
"Peanuts" creator, The First soft core pornstar of 'Emanuelle', are examples of people murdered by sorcery cancers, sorcery sicknesses,
sorcery heart attacks, and sorcery strokes and sorcery hacking into vehicles for car crashes. These are also people who fought the sorcery
terror group, attacking, murdering and raping all over the world.
Other actors and musicians, sport stars are in threat to being killed by the sorcery terrorism in the American. People like Madonna,
Iron Mike Tyson, Ron Jerimy (pornstar), Hulk Hogan (actor/legendary icon for wrestling), Lance Armstrong (professional Cyclist), Hugh
Hefner (Playboy creator), Micheal Jordan (former Chicago Bulls), Dolly Parton (country music), "Machine Gun Preacher"Matt Groening
('Simpsons' Show creator) and more, including Guiness Records Holders, because they have a special title in their name (they are
examples of the type of people being murdered), Mel Gibson, Martin Scorseesee, Robert DeNiro and Gerard Butler and people they are
related or connected to (for their Christian works) are more examples of people they murder. They murder people who oppose their
sorcery, or sorcery in general. 'Skull and Bones' targeting Iran, when Iran's leadership kills sorcerers who murder and rape: John Kerry,
Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Jr, Barak Obama, and Mitt Romney, all speak against Iran, when they all have
connections to Yale University's Secret Society: Skull and Bones.
New York Yankee baseball players have been known to being killed because they represent the Yankees, the North in the Civil War:
Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimagio and more Yankee have all been murdered by this gang, and sorcerers in the American government:
remember Barabra Bush, wife to 'Skull and Bones' George Bush Sr., was a cousin to Franklin Pierce, a president who sided with
Confederacy, The South in the Civil War. What is the Bush family doing in the government, when they have ties to confederacy and
the known evil worshipping gang: Skull and Bones...

There are people today under attack by their sorcery Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Crowe, Kenny Rogers, David Letterman (Strokes/heart
attacks) ... it is even said that Cycling's Lance Armstrong's allegations and team-mates telling people Lance did drugs is because of
sorcery threats, because 'Skull and Bones' are known murderers in the world, threatening to kill Lance Armstrong.
There are a lot of young and old actors/actresses fighting the sorcery of 'Skull and Bones' and Computer Men Sorcerers in the United
States Government... Katie Holmes (many of the Dawson Creek actors along with the wife of murdered Heath Ledger), Johnny Depp,
Kevin Costner, Slyvester Stallone (it was reported that his son and sister was murdered by this sorcery), Robert Duvall and  wrestlers,
sport stars, musicians and more... They will also have their profits, hacked into, to make it look like no one supports them.

Shaquille Oneal, among many other pro players have had serious injuries from the 'Skull and Bones'/ Computer Men sorcery gang.
Many good people have given up supporting pro-sport for the 2012-13 season. It would be a sin, to support pro-sports, when teams are
owned by 'Skull and Bones' sorcery.

Sam Wopak, Dan Wheldon are just a few sport players murdered, along with a highschool basketball... and a college football play
paralyzed from the sorcery in the American government, attacking him on the field in 2011-12, timing it right to paralyze him, while
playing: a reason why many good people and angels are not supporting pro sports for the 2012-13 seasons.

from the American Sorcery Team in the Government

Sorcery is used from the 'Skull and Bones' gang along with the American Computer Sorcery team, to walk in between reality, where girls are kidnapped, and
brought in between worlds to the world where the sorcerer is. It is the same as a sorcerer looking at your house when you are in your house, from his house, then
an opening opens, and he pulls you into his house from your house. Gemme McCluskie will be an example of these sorcery attacks in England. This was a chapter
in the hidden Sorcery War, between England and American sorcerers. It is even said, that the new Queen of England Kate Middleton, was impregnated to having
twins by the sorcerers in the American government. If Internal Affairs was to polygraph, and ministers study, Robert Mueller, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, and
George Bush, and Barak Obama, and other members, truth would come out for many crimes, and the judge can hold them without bail for as long as the case
should be in action.
Johnny Depp will be another example: because he doesn't side with sorcery they are threatening to drag him out of his Island House in his sleep, to feeed him to
the sharks around his island. This is done simply like written above... Sorcery was used in the latest surfer attack, when the sorcery team in the American
government guided the shark to the surfer to attack him. There would be a hand full of missing girls do to this sorcery team in the government kidnapping them,
then taking their place to hide the girl, for a rape victim, because those are the only type of people they hire in their government sorcery team. Bush, Clinton,
Obama, Bill Gates, and more may also take part in these rapes from what public reports, but since the police have been hired on as sorcerers since the 'Skull and
Bones' have been in the government, the majority of police, FBI, CIA, are sorcerers, doing nothing  to stop this evil.

besides reports from people, are every year since 1988,
there has been a sports team championship from professional to college,
from the birth state of a 'Skull and Bones' member or their wifes birth-state...

MORE PROOF: COMIC BOOK PRICING AND SPORT CARDS PRICING: The old days, things used to go up with time, but since
the power of "Skull and Bones' presidency attacking sorcery, threatening pricing makers in COMIC BOOKS and SPORT CARDS, pricing
not going up with time, along with IMAGE COMICS, dropping to nothing in pricing. This is to help stop the collecting of sport cards and
comics for one reason...  mean dictatorship for another reason, with many more reasons. Not wanting people to make money off sport
cards and comics is another reason, with many more reasons.


STONEWALL JACKSON and ROBERT E. LEE have memorial parks celebrating their beings. Virginia and South Carolina will be states,
with parks celebrating Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, leaders of evil and slavery in the world. Leaders for the Southern Army,
against an army trying to free slave, and abolish slavery.

- Promotes evil, and helps keep evil going
- Promotes racism & prejudice
- Goes against 'Religion' and Christianity.
... remember the South, in the 1900's had blacks sitting in the back of the bus. Blacks sitting in the poorer places in restaurants, if
they were allowed into the restaurant, racist wars, creating Martin Luther King and Malcom X, and more.

The South, was not only against black people, but the slavery of all people who evil could enslave. The South: Confederates has a
truth of rich people using sorcery, and money to enslave people. The South is where a bunch of rich evil people came together, and
said lets own people, and a bunch Satanic and evil worshippers, coming together to live in the South.

UNIVERSAL STEALING He Man Ideas Microsoft stealing ideas...


We have seen the Hurricane Sandy Attack murdering many, along with the storms of spring 2011 murdering many from the sorcerers
in the American government, attacking without even the good governors and senators knowing... Bombs in every major American city,
from the American Sorcery Team, becomes the new threat, because most of the population of America, want the computer men sorcery
and Bush, Clinton, Obama and 'Skull and Bones' sorcery team in the American government dead, because they keep attacking the
population, raping and murdering for years.


It is against the law to have devil worshippers in the American government, or gangs that promote against Christianity, Bible, or any
religion of the good. It is against the law to have gangs in the USA government, that promote evil. It is against the law to have gangs
in the American government that promote war.
-- With there being no evidence weapons of mass destruction . Bush Jr. and Sr. are in crimes of starting war, and it is obvious because
Saddam Hussein was another man who killed sorcerers. With Barak Obama and Mitt Romney speaking of war with Iran, a country that
kills sorcerers, similar to Skull and Bones Clinton and Bush, and John Kerry. Mitt Romney and Barak Obama both have relations
with 'Skull and Bones' which are known to starting war. Crimes of starting war, and lying to public for the trtuh on why they are
starting war with known religious countries. (Barak Obama has members of 'Skull and Bones' in his administration Austan Goolsbee
and John Kerry's sister along with 'Skull and Bones' Morgan Stanley's/ JP Morgan's William Daly, Romney has endorses from George
Hilary Clinton could also be impeached for crimes of starting war, and her relations with 'Skull and Bones'. America did allow
adultery in the White House, which sets a bad example for America, by allowing Clinton to remain as president after his adultery.
-- We can not promote devil worshipping from our government, when other countries do not. America is the only country to promote
evil from their government, by having a gang in the government, that uses names of evil, from the Bible, like "Skull and Bones",
which use names Baal and Beezlebub, and Magog, and Long Devil, and more, a gang known to practice in witchcraft ways. This helps
promote evil for America and American's and creates evil for children, and can bring war from other countries, or acts o terrorism
against American's because we have a known Secret Society, that is known to being evil.
-- Barak Obama getting caught in prostitution scandal.
-- Head of CIA and FBI both are endorse by George Bush Jr., but the head of the FBI was also a friend on the same youth sports team as
'Skull and Bones' John Kerry.
-- "Skull and Bones" was also the first Korean war director, along with Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, George
Bush, all attacking NORTH KOREA's right to defend their country. AMERICA does not have the right to stop a country from building
bombs, but it is because they are CHRISTIAN countries, under attack by American Sorcery Leaders. Evidence-proof, of starting wars.
ISRAEL is another country attacking like America's sorcery terror, working with American Sorcery, because Israel has sorcery leaders,
and false Jewish: sorcerers posing as Jews in the government of Israel, using their power to rape women, and side with sorcery. In the
BIBLE, it says, "God is against the Rabbi's"... It was North Korea that said they were building weapons for the HOLY WAR, to protect the
world. America has mainly started war with countries, WITH LIES, because no weapons of mass destruction was found in IRAQ, but oil
and more, and in VIETNAM, beach front property was found with rice, rubber trees, drugs, and much more. Sorcerers in the American
government stealing, but mainly going to war with Christian leaders.

*****where is this in the news, instead news is only starting war, by calling Christian countries, terrorist, because the news is owned by

(this letter below was emailed to embassy's
and countries in relation to Pakistan, and Pakistan Government)
Dear Country and Government of Pakistan,

These attacks of bombs reported to being because of vengeance for Bin Laden, are not from Afghan-terror of Al- Quieda, because Al-Quieda is an American
Terror gang from CIA, for reason of spying on Afghanistan, but more important, creating war in Afghanistan, from what is within the mountains of Afghanistan:
one of the world's largest amounts of Lithium and Nuclear components.
It is even reported that the King of Saudi Arabia has also agreed to this gang of Al Quieda, and still agrees with this gang, after the raping kings wife and then
blaming other people, and after giving a sultan a heart attack from the sorcery gang, including George Bush and Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates and Barak Obama
(who has a member of Clinton's and Bush's fraternity within his staff Austan Goolsbee)... there is even American gangsters running around, saying that they are
The latest attacks are from American sorcery terror gang, which is rumored to be away from American Military, but are private, remember the fraternity gang,
including Bush, Clinton, Gates and Obama, work in billions of dollars, and also work with private military companies, such as Lockeed Martin and Cascade
Military under William Gates.

- This gang works just to start trouble, remember from prior news reports that members of Bush's and Clinton's fraternity went by evil names from the Bible such
as Baal and Beezlebub...

- In princess Diana's death, news blamed paparazzi, bu in The Sorcery War, where minds are connecting, America blamed Muslims to Russia, for their attack that
killed Diana, because Diana's spirit used to free people from Bush, Clinton, and Gates sorcery connection.

- they also work in ways of sorcery deaths, including cancers and heart attacks, and hacking into vehicles for car crashes. They have blamed many of their
attacks in America, on Russian government sorcery.

From the author of "Freedom From The Word" and "The Devil is Forgiven"...

this letter was sent to UN, news and American government offices, and more...

BIN LADEN is a Central Intelligence Agency: CIA Agent

Bin Laden's death and CIA's gang of American Terror starting war known as  Al-Quieda a scam to hide the truth of the gang of evil working in the American
George Bush and Bill Clinton, members of fraternity Skull and Bones out of Yale University, a gang known for evil worships and practices of evil worships
starting a major part of the American Sorcery Terror attacking the world, from cancers and sicknesses to the world, and computer sorcery hacking for electric
take-over, and vehicle crashes from planes to cars.
This generation of gang started in the government during the 1970's, with Bush and Clinton, but the 'S Since then they have added members such as William
Gates and Barak Obama, who has an actual member of their fraternity in his government staff. It is said in The Sorcery War, that they pose as government over
American Population, though not letting Republicans or Democrats along with Independent not knowing their actions in The Sorcery War, which are to play
dictator over humans, for
all forms of terror. To a human programming, where they connect sattlelites and computers, to the energy within humans, animals
and plants: all life. To giving cancer and aids, along with all ailments to people from the power of sorcery. Skull and Bones are known to go by nicknames of evil
in the Bible, likewise did Bill Clinton and George Bush, use nicknames of evil, a truth showing there worshipping evil and practice in evil. Most of public will have
felt their attacks while they attacked public to scare the public first, to stop the future of attacks from public, because they are were scared: these attacks lead
to deaths of many actors and stars who are still protesting Obama and Bush Crimes, with their May 2010 protest against Obama and Bush ("1875 US Actors and
Intellect Protest Obama Crimes" in May 2010), and also leading to many of public to death by sorcery sicknesses and heart attacks of American...
This gang was not only in the practice of sorcery, but working in government, setting up gangs working as military around the world. It was said, they used their
government authority to set up Al Quieda with the King of Saudi Arabia. Al Quieda was set up fo the reason of starting war and spying on other countries. Just
like the American is doing in Somalia posing as an American Al-Quieda, though is a CIA agent, in the Skull and Bones gang. It is said they  also target Religious
Countries, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Iran, which are strong spirited countries in Religion of the good. But also targeting Christians and Muslims, are
not the only reason for their wars, gain from countries, from nuclear components to lithium and oil. Terrorist getting elected into the American government ... ...
have started many wars for personal gain, even going against the public, like the population of America showed with polls against the wars from Bush and
Clinton, and Obama, but do to the rigging of elections, even the American population is under sorcery dictator. Ladens death, was to cover up the truth of not
only attacks from America against Christian Afghanistan, but also to cover up the twin towers plane attacks, which was caused by American sorcery, but blamed
on the American gang called AL Quieda, but also try to show, that Obama did something while president, when the public is saying no to both Donald Trump and
Obama in The Sorcery War, because people want to live free.


Movie profits are attacked in America's Christian movies... With 75% of America being Christian, that is what movies people want
to see: Christian. Movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Priest are movies that Christian people are supporting in
America, because they stand against evil, though because some of the people who make the movies are Christians or followers of
Religion that stand against sorcery, and the sorcery terror in the American government, these people who oppose the sorcery in
the government will have their movie profits hacked into stolen. Priest, Machine Gun Preacher and Abraham Lincoln Vampire
Hunter, John Carter of Mars are just a few movies who had their profits hacked into.

Fast and the Furious 5 and Bridesmaid, will be an example of hundred of millions of dollars lied to make it look like people
support NBC/Universal, to help their sorcery army grow, by saying: "look how many people supported our movies, look at our
profits, that is our army supporting and moving in reality for me, that is our gang moving in reality for me," though not many are
supporting Fast Five or Bridesmaids, but hacking, to make it look like people are supporting them. With one owner is Bill Gates,
reported to being a sorcerer, and other people working for NBC/Universal, will be Bush and Clinton's, while most public polls
speak against Bush and Clinton, because reports speak of them being a sorcerer. 2010-12 will have truth of not many people
supporting their evil, by the top twenty television not having any from NBC. Even the Super-Bowl, have people dropping their
commercial from NBC's Super Bowl 2011.
One plan for evil, is to slowly bring up NBC's shows ratings by hacking and also, have a bunch of new shows come in then, hack
into the ratings...

"CHASING MAVERICKS" is another movie, that is having their profits attacked, which is a movie actually about a family who was
fighting this sorcery gang in the government: 'Skulls and Bones'/ Computer Men Sorcery, in which people in Chasing Mavericks,
the true story, was murdered.

***** NEW LAWS AGAINST WORLD MILITARY (updated-add-ons November 4th 2012)

New United Nation Laws against military weapons, becomes the future. There is not only military that builds weapons, but also,
wealthy who have built companies for making war weapons, but the future is coming to where, we do not have weapons that are in
creation today: such as weapons to create earth quakes; weapons to create tornado's and tsunami's. Weapons to hack into computers
and take over cars and airplanes. Weapon to control humans, and laws against weapons to play God over people, and weapons to
destroy earth,
but all countries must be apart of UNITED NATIONS LAW. All countries must be living in the word of God. One
question is, why are not all countries living in the word of God. Why do countries have taxes, when God says: no taxes. Why do not
all countries have laws against sorcery, when all religions are against sorcery.
With all countries being from God, no president, king, or queen should oppose good, or a Christian/Religious leader, unless
they are evil. Arresting leaders who make ill-legal weapons. Checking up on world leaders every 3 months with polygraphs by United
Nation to see if world-leaders are working away from the laws of God or in crime.
Their are many ways to bring a control against these type of weapons , from security watching companies and people, internal affair
polygraph testing (which must be mandatory), and arrest with prison sentencing.
The future, with the times coming into religious government, will be an end to wars, because all countries are created by God, so
that is what all countries laws will be in, and the laws of God, are against war. Nuclear bombs, will be dismantled, because there
will not be a need for them. If someone evil is elected, United Nation Police will be there to arrest them.
This is another end to destroying weapons of mass destruction.

MUAMAR GADDAFI kills sorcerers then Obama goes to war against him...

In Saudi Arabia, and other countries, sorcery is a crime, leading to being murdered. Adof Hitler, gathered witches, who would not
change, and murdered them, in self defence toward many. Saddam Hussein would do the same in his country. The Strength of the
sorcerer is similar to a vampire that rapes and murders, but in many ways will have more strength than vampires of stories.
It would be a crime to allow evil to walk the lands, and sorcerers do often come together to wage wars in countries. King Draculea of
Transylvania, Romania, was another Christian Savior, fighting the Ottoman Sorcery Army in the 1400's, till his death would come.
The truth of the World Wars, is because of German and other countries, fighting leaders who work in the ways of sorcery. One reason
why America has chosen to start verbal assaults toward Iran and N. Korea, is because of they voted to being Christian countries, while
the American government, as a corrupt gang of sor erers wtihin the government, known as "The Skull and Bones" aka "The Brotherhood
of Death", which are a devil worshipping sorcery practicing gang out of Yale University, which have members from Bill Clinton and
John Kerry, to George Bush, who helped create Microsoft's Bill Gates, with these members of this sorcery gang, donating to Obama, to
keep the sorcery war going until Bill Gates Presidency in 2016.
When countries look at America, what is to be seen? The America population is under sorcery dictator, and evil worshippers in the
government. America would be seen as a country in three wars. America is a country under business monopoly. What used to be the
America dream, has ended since 1988, to where people want to leave the country, but have no time for vacation or money, to leave the
country. As for the American population, since 1988: drug use has risen, America has been in a handfull of wars, where American
troops have died, for only evil. Gasoline and computer are a monopoly. Gangster rap has risen, to where much of what Martin Luther
King stood for in black America has died. And America is under The Sorcery Age, where gangs in the government, has even made little
children rapist and sorcerers: murderers. From onlooking Christian countries, such as Iran, Libya, Saudia Arabia... and more, if other
countries started wars with America, they would be hero's against evil, from the veiwer view toward what is good in America today?
Today American land, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, though the population, is letting evil from the government
destroy what the good of the past America has made. The Bible will teach from the words of Jesus, that fear will be man's down fall in
the end times, well many of the population, is bowing down to corruption in the American government, evil worshippers in the
American government. Is not evil a crime: then why are evil worshippers in the American government today?
Gaddafi, from reports before the war, was in actions of killing witches and sorcerers waging a war against the good of Libya. In
religious eyes, with Gaddafi, killing witches in his population, he is only working in God's words of: do not give to the sorcerer, or the
sorcerer will trample over you. He is only a hero in the word of God, while America is working with evil to attack a good leader
standing for God. By government laws, after starting this war, the American president should be impeached: where is the good of the
government standing with the law against evil. Is congress working against the law, by allowing this war to continue. It is not wonder,
95 million adult American's did not vote for the president in 2008. Countries siding with the evil in American government, would be
in crime...

Latest Sorcery War News: Spring/Summer 2011

- Reports Dali Lama threatened by the Skull and Crossbones and Obama's Sorcery, to being murdered by sorcery sickness or hacking
into cars and airplanes to crash and kill him.

- Libyan War is because of Libyan leader standing against sorcery, while the American government, like Congresswomen Michelle
Bachmann has told the world, is gangster, but in truth, they are worse than gangster, but sorcerers, and only a small hand-full using
authority to play a false God over their own population. God teaches that in the end times, fear will be the down fall of man, and
today, this small sorcery gang of only 28 people in total, are scaring many into being under them.

- The next earthquake, is said to be in California, from the same creator of the March 2011 earthquake in Japan: reports speak of Bill
Gates attacking Japan, because of the downside in Microsoft, and Japan pointing out to William Gates, that he is a sorcerer. So secret
technology from Cascade Military owned by William Gates, former founder of Microsoft, was used to assault Japan, and cause the
earthquake. The reason for the earthquake threat in California, is because of actors in California can break people free from his
sorcery entrapment.

- This generation of sorcery is birthed from one of Yales Secret Societies, "The Skull and Crossbones" aka: The Brotherhood of Death... a
gang where nicknames were used such as "Long Devil" ... "Beezlebub" the name a demon in the Bible... this is a  gang that Bill Clinton
and George Bush both were members of, a gang known for witchcraft practice, and worships of evil... "It is not normal, to have
nicknames after evil, unless doing evil"... this was also a reported reported in "The Atlantic" magazine. This gang was not widespread
media for the Republicans and Democrats, many republicans and democrats do not know of their gang and worships of evil, which is
the need for the public of America, because of the affect America. This gang also helped build the Microsoft monopoly over America,
which is their gangs plan for the future.


- With 9/11 coming up, it has been reported, that Bin Laden, is a CIA agent, for the reason of starting war in Afghanistan, for the
many reasons to start war in Afghanistan. It is said, there are minerals in the mountains they bomb, and also minerals that could
make weapons for other countries. But also, it has been said, that the people in those mountains are spirited, people of HOLY, and it
scared governments, so that they attacked the people in the mountains. Even the Somalia American Al Quieda, is an American CIA
agent, with the hopes of using Al Quieda as an excuse to start war with Somalia, another Godly, Holy Country.

- The BP gulf spill, reports say that it was an explosion caused by America, as an attack against England, because for England voting
for God in"The Sorcery War', while American government leaders are siding with evil. Remember, it was American Government
Ridiculing BP on national television, for an accident, that happened, that killed people for BP... We must look to truth, that this type
of accident, can not give back the lives that BP had, but can pay America for damages, through insurance. Though rumor, comes to
this as the ridicule, was for reasons of covering, up the explosion made by America.

- American Government has reported to "The Sorcery War" that they are going to kill %80 of America. Remember, in "The Sorcery War",
it was an American Government Gang working with American Government Computer sorcerers, saying that "we are the ones who are
raping the world"... 'The Sorcery War', America has done actions to destroy to have their own population under attack, also, what is our
future going to  be with these sorcerer terrorist running free, when they are serial killers attacking the world?

- It has also been reported that America, is sending troops in multitude, over to countries, for the purpose of having human sorcery
connections, through the eyes of the American troops, without the American troops even knowing.

- Russia chooses to look into war with Afghanistan for their drugs, after learning from the Bible that drugs are not sin or crime.

- The Iraq war was over, after the first attacks, wiping out most all of the military vehicles and weoponary though war continued, even
after the capture of Sadaam Hussein, was to be also reported a man against evil and sorcery, it is not till the year 2010, when a war is
ending, that could've been stopped by the construction of rebuilding, after the pull out of war and troops. When looking at this, we
must look into the time-line for what the government is trying to make our future. It is the same when a computer company, has a
product well in technical using for the better, but instead, they hold that idea back to have people buy a product of lesser, for the
purpose of money, and releasing the more technical product in the future, for a second purchase, which could be billions of dollars
doing into someone's pocket. Computer software often cost around 100 dollars, but to make a copy of that software, it is less than fifty
The government does have a plan away from the people's wants, but for the wants of corruption... but in a truth of the Iraq war,
the main and majority of Iraq's military, was destroyed, after one battle of dropping bombs, destroying, the military and government,
almost at the same time... Saddam Hussein was only captured 10 months after the war...
It is near election time, for democrats, and now
the war is ending. Reports also say, that Democrats practice sorcery on the minds of Republicans, to make them think, that the
Americans want war, also for a purpose of stealing the votes of Republicans, because they are showing their votes for war... It was
Hillary Clinton and Obama, speaking of war with Iran and North Korea this past year... We must remember, only 128 million people
voted for Barak, when 100 million people do not even vote when they can vote, while another 75 million people are too young to vote.
Why are not the other hundred million people voting? When there are a hundred million people who do not vote, and only 69
million people voted for Barak who has become a false prophet in the world. Is it because 100 million people had nothing to vote for
but democrat and republican sorcery and war, and dictatorship. Isn't ironic the Afghanistan war will end, not too far from the next
voting in 2012, so Barak can say, he ended a war, after sending 30,000 troops to be sacrificed. There is no reason for troops to be sent
their, when you say you are going to end the war, it is only for the evil of "The Sorcery War" under an evil president... Only peace
needs to be promoted, but not to raise the false prophet Barak, for another 4 years of sorcery-dictatorship.

- In the Truth of Holy War, Jesus did raise rebellion against corrupt governments, along killing demons tormenting people, by the use
of spirit. Jesus also teach that at the end times, the destroyer is coming to murder and destroy, along with teaching that the worm
must be  snuffed out, or the wicked will never die... People do have the right to defend themselves away from using guns, but using

- Time Bombs, have been a key factor for middle east victories... But also war would end, with a time bomb over evil leaders, which
would also help end evil, with one move. In India, many of repeated bombings, were against places where sorcery is heavy. Bombings
throughout that part of the world, were bombs, against evil, destroying restaurants or coffee shops, owned by corruption and sorcery.
Many time bombs, were shipped into countries so that people could use them to end corruption.

- Is American Government using sorcery to kill innocent people by murder through crash planes... Today, in recent times, planes have
crashed in Libya, Venezuela, Russia for the Polish President, Dubai with the UPS plane crash, Islamabad in July, Columbia in
August, along with other hidden attacks, and now in September, Venezuela, which has spoken against American Sorcery, and are also
religious countries of Heaven, while the majority of America, is Christian, the majority government has decided even killing Ted
Stevens, former senator, who opposed the sorcery of the government. Most countries such as Iran, N Korea, Japan, Poland, Venezuela,
have opposed American Government, for one reason of freeing Americans... The latest attacks of sorcery are not only heart attack
murders from the president, but even workers in small areas of the world such as "Marion County" have even agreed to murder angels,
and this has been actions from the Firemen in that county, agreeing to work in ways, that could have already murdered many. The
future must not have these people practicing in terror, working in our government... it means internal affairs, must polygraph, like
written in the laws,  to lie detect any officers of the law or firemen, for working in this sorcery terror, because we can not have terrorist,
working in the government, that would kill American's.

-It has been reported, that American Sorcery, will attack the King of Thailand Bhumibal, to get him sick. These attackers also include,
not government American Officials, claiming to be in the gang... "The Angel Callers and The Goofy Upluck", but also Russian
Federation members, and also, members of the "American Government Computer Sorcery Team"... King Bhumibal of Thailand, was one
to stand the prophet in main The Sorcery War for Christianity and the Word of God, against evil, though evil has attacked him for the
last five years straight with sicknesses.

- North Korea, and China have discussion on taking away nuclear weapons, but North Korea, says, they are building nuclear weapons
to defend themselves for "The Holy War"... which is good... it is not against the law, for N. Korea to not defend themselves against who
Jesus teaches as the destroyer, comes to murder and destroy, so N. Korea, has become a defender for God and Heaven, which will also
bring bring North Korea as a protector to other countries if evil should attack... which is what is needed. America should be
congratulating North Korea, for choosing the good in The Holy War... like the American Angels, and Christians, who preached the word
in The Sorcery War, have done for North Korea: Honoring North Korea for siding with the good.

- Israel and Palastine war is also believed to be in attack, because Israel has been under a false way of using sorcery to attack the
world, so the Palastine, has sided with God, against the ways of sorcery of Israel. Remember the Bible does speak of being against some

- Predator Drones, have been used in Afghanistan to kill and bomb tribes men, but reports show that the people in tribes being
murdered, are angels working on spiritual ways to end the sorcery, and stop the evil that is attacking the world. The reason why these
people are being bombed, are because of the threat, they bring to the sorcerers in governments around the world, the threat to end
evil. That is why the future must a government with angels only working in the working government offices. More on ""The Future of
War" (click NEWS 3 at top of screen)

Latest Sorcery War News: Spring/Summer 2011

- Reports Dali Lama threatened by the Skull and Crossbones and Obama's Sorcery, to being murdered by sorcery sickness or hacking
into cars and airplanes to crash and kill him.

- Libyan War is because of Libyan leader standing against sorcery, while the American government, like Congresswomen Michelle
Bachmann has told the world, is gangster, but in truth, they are worse than gangster, but sorcerers, and only a small hand-full using
authority to play a false God over their own population. God teaches that in the end times, fear will be the down fall of man, and
today, this small sorcery gang of only 28 people in total, are scaring many into being under them.

- The next earthquake, is said to be in California, from the same creator of the March 2011 earthquake in Japan: reports speak of Bill
Gates attacking Japan, because of the downside in Microsoft, and Japan pointing out to William Gates, that he is a sorcerer. So secret
technology from Cascade Military owned by William Gates, former founder of Microsoft, was used to assault Japan, and cause the
earthquake. The reason for the earthquake threat in California, is because of actors in California can break people free from his
sorcery entrapment.

- This generation of sorcery is birthed from one of Yales Secret Societies, "The Skull and Crossbones" aka: The Brotherhood of Death... a
gang where nicknames were used such as "Long Devil" ... "Beezlebub" the name a demon in the Bible... this is a  gang that Bill Clinton
and George Bush both were members of, a gang known for witchcraft practice, and worships of evil... "It is not normal, to have
nicknames after evil, unless doing evil"... this was also a reported reported in "The Atlantic" magazine. This gang was not widespread
media for the Republicans and Democrats, many republicans and democrats do not know of their gang and worships of evil, which is
the need for the public of America, because of the affect America. This gang also helped build the Microsoft monopoly over America,
which is their gangs plan for the future.

Appreciation: Disabled showing more strength than beauty.

In the times of today when evil is attacking in full, our faith can be assaulted, to where we are angry at God... In the story of Job, God,
teaches, us, that we are allowed to get angry at God (Job 7:11), but also, we must look to the good we have. Some people are in wheel-
chairs, and some are blind, but are keeping better faith than other, and with 'The Sorcery War' in full, we also, must see, that there
are some disabled people, not practicing in sorcery, but who are saving souls, and showing great strength, when there are some
beautiful people, giving their souls away for nothing, but fear. God teaches, in Luke, that fear will be people's downfall, during the
end times, and Fear, is the main reason, sorcerer terrorist today have armies... it is because people fear, being attacked, which is
causing, sorcery terrorism... though, we must look at the truth, that many disabled people, have not bowed down to being evil, when
many beautiful people have... Remember, God gave some people, beauty, so that they could be stars and bring inspire to other people.
God gave al the strength over evil (Romans 16:20)...

Appreciation was: Helped brought into the world from a pornographic star named Cindy Crawford...

The New World of Entertainment

America has one Hollywood, and one set of Channel's for 300,000,000 people to watch, not including, other people in other countries,
who might watch entertainment from America. America, does bing profits, reaching over billions, in entertainment world-wide...

But what if there could be two. Internet already, opens the door, to a new world of entertainment, for home viewing, with movies,
being able to be watched from all who can make movies, which is also the same for television shows, and music: shows and music not
heard, on outer world away from internet, can be seen and heard, along with more, on the internet. The internet, at times, can make
movie theaters, television and radio's at time seem small. Internet television, is also a new future for the rising of many stars in the
entertainment world, along with other stars in the music industry. Internet television, can allowed television, and movies, music,
not seen on the normal cable, to be seen on the internet, along with using computer activities, and even playing video games. We can
imagine, the good to come in the future, when there are at least 20 of these companies...

But there is the need for a new door opening in the reality away from the internet, an idea, which can be considered, the next
entertainment world from reality, producing, at least twice the amount of stars and entertainment today, with the future of growing
more stars into the world... a second set of movie theaters, and a second set of cable company, is the new need in the world: move
theaters not showing what other theaters are showing, but working with productions companies, for the second set of entertainment,
also bring the world, new channels to watch with. Prices will go down to support this new entertainment world, for the creation of
television shows and commercials, which would help bring pricing down for the older Hollywood entertainment, which could break
some millions away from billion dollar profits, for the rising, of what could be the future of saving criminals from crime, and rise of
more people living their dreams, which is the point of having riches, when dealing with the world of religion: Buddhist, Muslim and
Christian, will teach that God gave people riches, so that their riches could be given so that others could live their life.

This is a future that can start from government funding, for the reason of helping more stars rise, and another move to end evil and
bring life to where life is needed.  If the government were to start this fund, the future, could be raffling off the businesses to
winners, so that dreams could be made, and more life given...

The movie theater world is under pricing, that could drop, which, looks like it could loose money, though it opens up the door to more
people seeing movies, and bringing in more people to see movies, because they can afford to go to movies. Now some movies, cost more
than minimum wage, when before, it didn't use to be this way. Movie prices have gone up in percentage, more than minimum hourly
wages, with some movie company profiting even more, while some people can not afford to have


Is there a crime of Monopoly, forcing suppression, over America and world. The government is only promoting one computer company,
when there are more to choose from, instead most of America, is suppressed under one company, limiting the knowledge. Now is the
crime, when government is forcing and bringing a sense of pressure over America, by only teaching to use one compute company,
instead of teaching to use, all computer companies, in an equal market.

The future must be many computer companies, and governments have the power to help create many companies, which is also a
creator for jobs and employment, but also helps end the monarchy over people, to bring a new world of business and life for people:
libraries can be filled with many different computers, along with schools, to help spread the knowledge, or America can be left
suppressed, for the better of the monarchy of computer today, for less in the future tomorrow. Government must open the door, to all
ideas, and help spread all ideas. In the Bible such suppression is against the word.

What happens, if governments help fund twenty computer companies, or even step into using foreign products, it opens the door to
help ending the monopoly of less teachings, to more people exploring more worlds in the computer industry, which could end up
becoming similar to cell phone companies in the future, with how many computer software companies can come out into the world...
These businesses can also be raffled off.

Women's Strength In The Sorcery War...

As of September 11th 2010,  in "The Sorcery War" women are kidnapped, enslaved, beaten, assaulted, and raped... Mothers, daughters,
little girls, are broken into but still they keep moving forward in faith. Day after day for over a multitude and many years, women
are he main being attacked in "The Sorcery War", and guys are treating them with the worse of evils, raping them in most evil's ways
Many sorcerer terrorist leaders will also have many women, enslaved waiting for freedom, in America and other countries, at times,
there are millions of people, including women, attacked daily, and beaten, at the same time, do to sorcerers-terror, creating networks
of people connected together in a form of something similar, to a telephone system, where they all can be assaulted for rape at the
same time, just like someone hanging up the phone on over a million people connected at the same time, and with the latest threats,
a multitude are in line for the government sorcery to kill millions, including the women of the sorcery war, who are fighting and
healing to save all, who are showing more strength than many men who have bowed down to evil, even the some of the strongest of
men, have bowed down to rapist, when during the same times in the world, little girls, are standing up to the evil men are bowing
down to, instead women are showing more honor to God than many men.

We must appreciate and look to build a world, where are women are not raped, by a sorcerer or a sorcerer terrorist leader, or any evil...
and we also must thank them for the strength they have sowed for God... teaching the world, most strength than some men will ever.

Countries Holding back the Key to Salvation...

Why are not countries preaching the truth about the sorcery raping people? Why in America, when America is under the Bible the
president is sworn in on, is someone called mentally ill, or schizophrenic, when having a vision of an angel of demon? In the Bible it
is natural.

It was suppose to be simple, countries preaching to save the world, then letting laws of government end evil.. but instead countries are
using the excuse of... "its not worth speaking against the sorcery to go to war for", but these are the same countries, that are going to
war in Columbia, Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan, Venezuela... they are going to war for things, such as oil, hidden drug deal profits, to
destroy life and spirit, and to be sorcerer governments.

Iran vs. America
Is America in birth of the next major war in the world?

Who is the bad guy in this war? In America, Iran will be seen as a threat, but in Iran, people will view America, as the
country wanting what is in Iran, a large oil economy for the world.

It has been noted in the world, that America has been in talks with Russia to drop a missile system, that would be on watch
for Europe. America would release the missile system watching movement in Europe for Russian help with Iran. This would bring
Russia and America together to go against Iran, but also with a movement of dropping this system in Europe, Europeans would be
more willing to bring a defense for America and Russia vs. Iran, which will only be for oil. Iran will have the right to
defend them against war. Iran will have a lot to defend in their lands, with one of the major oil lands of oil in the world.
Even the word of God will allow people to defend themselves, so Iran is not evil for their missiles; the world is evil in its
entire when dealing with nuclear weapons. There should be no weapons of war allowed in the world period. You can look to two-
thousand years since the birth of Christ and realize forgiveness has been around for that long, so why is there still evil in
lands, and countries vs. countries when no authority is evil.
Iran’s people will only see war coming to them, because they have oil, that could be divided amongst the people who steal from
them. In offence, Iran will not be a major threat, the threat comes from America among others talking about bringing war to
Iran. If I ran were to start war, there would be many countries to travel through. Some countries could take either side of
the war, which will only bring more countries into the war, and with the eyes of America’s war being seen will bring in the
eyes of Korea, and their missiles against us all because of money for the people attacking, and defending countries from an
offence attacking for their gain.
When looking to Iran’s threat against America, we can only see that Iran is the next super-power because of their oil, and
America is against that, but the offense is away from being at war with lands, their offense is having their defense, which
will only cause many to be killed. It will be a war against the heavens, and when looking to countries, we must look to the
world and ask, what country will side with good and what country will side with evil? In Iran, they are the good guys, in
America, we are the good guys, but Iran has something America wants. There has never been a threat of American for American
soil from Iran. It was in 2007 when Iran’s leader came to the United States and spoke of peace… That must be the future:
peace… or there will be many lives lost in this war. (printed in APRIL'S 2009 issue of Standing Light Alternative News

GERMANY: Gunman Kills 16
Gunman kills 16 then gets in shootout with officers and dies. It has been reported that th Gunman is only a student, and the
people killed were mainly girls. This is a tragedy, and a sadness to the women's, and girls families who had died. But there
is a lighter side to the murderer, a light in the story from the sadness and the pains of the world, that be brought into the
world from the influences from entertainments to other children, friends and people in the world, to where these girls death,
bring in people to think of how the world should be, and how they can stop the future of something like this from happening
It will be a sickness of many things, for one to tell, for the reasoning of the death of those women, but also, it will be
from apart of the world's influence, because when killing women, from one eye, it could be seen, that the murderer, was in
pain, and that women were causing this pain. Some pains like this, will be from loneliness, and not having love. Many cases of
hatred and depression toward the opposite sex, will be because a person does not have that opposite sex to love, so they will
get depressed or bring a birth of hatred. Influence of spirit from evil will also bring a birth to bring one to this level.
IN other areas of influence in the world, peer pressure, and not being good enough, not being cool, or people playing games to
a person to cause this hatred.In High-school, children will bring a bullying presence at times, and also make ones feel un-
cool, or not good enough, which will be an issue people will need to work on to stop that negative from attacking people. We
are all people, and all must be welcomed, because this is our planet, and the world of people are your people, and you are
their people, all are brothers and sisters, all are friends.


- Joseph A. Stack: Flying a plane into the Texas IRS Building, which was also a stand against evil as John said, waging a war in the heads of people. This
attack was also a major move for Angel's Rebelling against government sorcery. February 18th 2010
- Pentagon Shooting: This was during the time, when an end to evil was and still is needed in America, but showed strength and force during the same time
of John Stacks act of salvation, for the strength of American Angel's .March 4th 2010... John Patrick Bedell, would shoot two pentagon guards, and died for
his religion.
- UN Attacks in the Middle East are in high numbers, because of religious rebellion attacking the corruption in governments. When looking at governments
today, most governments are not doing anything for people, but taking, and some governments are practicing evil against people.
- MOSCOW BOMBINGS: It has been reported that Russian Government is working in ways of major sorcery, which lead to the attacks of Angels Rebelling
against the government sorcery of Russia. The name 'War Lord', became a hero in some angel's minds...

**** a lot of attacks in other countries, could be because of American sorcery, attacking other countries, while posing as the countries government, in those countries.

CHINA's Earthquake April 2010
China has a siding with America, then only a few days later, an earthquake happens in China, killing hundreds to thousands,
and injuring tens of thousands of people. America will be one of the worlds most sorcery fill countries. Rumors for the siding
are for salvation, and to show peace with America, God's scripture teaches, to give the sorcerer nothing. I guess God is
having a say in signs for reality.

Are the Tamil Tigers Terrorist or Heroes?

TheTamil Tiger: The LTTE Rebels just outside of India are attacking the government of India. During the history of the
LTTE, governments and countries  have been attacked. It had been said from  reports, that the start of the attacks for new
battles in their war fighting for over 25 years had began because of corruption in authority. The Tamil Tigers have been
called terrorist, but are they terrorist or freedom fighters fighting to save the world from the evil’s of the world...
In all lands of the world today, there will be movements of good and evil, corruption and non-perverted, with people walking
to stop corruption; groups fighting corruption in all the areas of the world where corruption is. Usually corruption will be
within money along with most living in the normal seven deadly sins. From business to vagrancy, to authority and governments
corruption will stand, even feelings can promote corruption, because of the feelings being fed to the person or group of
persons walking in perversion from evil. We can see in the world today that there will be much governments should be doing,
but instead have brought a forms of suppression over people. So rebellion is created to stop the suppression over good
people... rebel-lion is not always evil, and the sword of the pencil is stronger than the sword of the gun.
... In the Bible scripture told of Jesus causing rebellion and waging wars against corruption in kings, with the eyes of Kings
and Authorities in corruption calling rebellion, terrorist acts. The story of Robin Hood  will be another example from our
history of another person rebelling against corruption, and the Tamil Tiger stories will be the same rebellion, as a brother
to some terrorist groups in the world., Terrorist known as rebels: liberation, people against evil: heroic. The Robin Hood’s
and Jesus of today, going to war against corruption.
One birth of corruption will come from  governments  killing, so some people will  form groups of good military as a militant
away from governments, and they will be the same as the good in all military today. Groups like The LTTE and the Al Quieda
will have high forms of money compared to the person working minimum wage, and both the Tamil Tigers and Al Quieda will even
have programs donating large amounts of money to areas of the world where money is the need.
Religion will also bring  involvement Terrorist groups, and groups of rebellion. Religion will teach of serving spirit over
money, but most countries and lands in countries of the world are working for money over spirit, because of the way
governments have made their country, so groups serving God are birthed into acts of rebellion against the ways of terror
created from governments. Much authorities, will call armies such as people fighting in these ways terrorist, but in truth,
their fight is against terrorism from leaders practicing in ways against what is right. Terrorist acts in media, are in many
cases people rebelling for God. There is much in the world that is away from good when looking to the society of governments:
pricing and wages for working people,  to laws letting evil and crime walk by, and government officials using their powers for
evil, governments using their powers to suppress people. The world is suppressed in many ways, spiritually and in the
economically, and the lack of kings giving the fair share of wages for workers will bring in a suppression over the people,
much is made for the rich to stay rich, many areas will have monopolies bringing suppression, and when looking at a military
like the Tamil Tigers, that is what their rebelling will be attacking, the evil suppressing the world.
But with these rebellions, there always must be a voice to speak truth... Many terrorist acts, have no voice, but are left
with the media telling the people, that there was a terrorist acts, and that the Terrorist acts were evil. The media often
will not tell people, that a corrupt government official was killed. Or drug operation ran by the government was bombed. Or
drug dealing friends of government officials, had their office attacked. The media is not telling people, that the coffee shop
blown up, was a place for Satanic or evil to hang out at. The news is not telling people that there is even Satanic corruption
in the government... If a person in AL Quieda is to look at the 9/11 attacks in America, they could be seeing buildings with
much dirty money walking around within  evil’s divinity walking in their network.

Japan vs. Korea...
Is America at Fault

Should Japan complain, when Korea launches a rocket pass their country into outer-space? No. What good will this complaining
do? It will only cause controversy in the world, the best move to escape war, because that is the need for the world, is to
escape war. Japan’s need is to congratulate them with their success, and bless their country to grow even more so in
technology, than they are living in today and America should also do the same. For them to not allow the Korea to build
nuclear weapons to defend their country? They are another country in defense, and only want to defend themselves from evil
like America's Government, because they are only attacking other countries, and using the good people, the angels as soldiers
in evil's military.  
Today in America, the good people, the Christians, Muslim, Buddhist, and Jewish will sit as people working for the government
building society, and also soldiers as Army, Air-Force, Navy, Police Officers, Marines under a government that has gone to war
for oil with Iraq, the land of Vietnam, which will include a large production of rubber, but also the most beautiful land in
the world; great for owners owning property, and now the good people in America sit at the edge of another war for oil, a war
to take the second largest oil field in the world, with Iran, and want for the beautiful Island of Korea. The government of
America, has become the thief off the hearts of good people who are forced to side with the war. If war comes to America, is
America at fault for their lust-filled wants of what is turning out to be to control the world, for war going against
scripture of a God wanting differences in the world (Genesis 11:1-9). Not all are to be American, God does not want
dictatorship, which the actions of the government of America are showing the world for the future from today. President Obama
hasn't become the savior of the world, ending war, but an evil, looking to start war. President Obama, hasn't become the
savior giving to their people, but an evil bringing starting war with a military bigger than ours, in America, in this war
where many good will be hurt.
One cure, is the need for the good people in the military, the good people as police officers, the good people in the
government, and the good people working in the employment world, to stand against the evil working in the powers of America...
What America needs to work on before even having the thought of ending wars world-wide, would be to end the wars of evil in
their own lands, but that must also be a cleansing of corruption in our government that would let the news go this far as to
even speak of world war with Iran and Korea. America has too much evil in their lands before worrying about the evil in other
lands, when the government in other lands are in more spirit than ours...we the people must stand together as good against
evil... America is filled with sorcery. America is suppressing people with Monopolies. People have turned to crime to survive,
and the government is letting crime walk by for the paycheck crime is paying the government, which in one case will be the
billion dollar economy drugs is bringing into the world. Before America should attack countries with noted less crime in some
areas, than our country, America should turn to be the world savior, preaching to end all evil, dismantling our weapons  first
with no fear because we stand under the spirit of God.. If America attacks it is only a crime of murderers stealing, and using
angels and good people as our soldiers to do so. (Printed in MAY 09 Issue of Standing Light Alternative)

To all the RAVERS dancing till 6am, God Bless... We'll meet up at the after hours...


"I worked all my life, and I have nothing to show for it."
"I wasted most my youthful years working for nothing."
"My time went for working, time I won't get back."...
...quotes to be heard from working class in the world.

Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

“Today, I worked a half hour for a bag of chips. Then I worked an hour 45 minutes for a twelves
pack of soda. Then I worked an hour for six cans of food. An hour of work went to buying a steak.
Another hour paid for my gas to drive to and from work for one day. Another hour went to buying
eggs and bacon. One hour went to buying seven candy bars. Another hour went to buying two
frozen dinners, and a frozen burrito… Forty Five minutes  went to buying bread and lunch meat.
Another hour went to buying a frozen pizza, and that was my eight hour day. Tomorrow, I will work
for more food and money for gas. Then the next day I will work for more food and rent, then the
day after that I work to pay off my rent, likewise with the day after that, with also gas money, will be
for each day I work. For almost three weeks, I will work for rent money , and electricity, water and
phone, with also food money being worked in through most every week I work,” said the man living
on minimum wage…
“If I drive my truck to work, one hour of my day goes for gas.”
“If I take my family to the movies, I will have to work one full day at work, and if we go to dinner.
I will have to work two days of my weekly check.”
This will be quotes, from the world of working today. People will not have much money for life’s
enjoyment within the employment of today. Even fast food will cost almost an hour of one days
work for just one meal. Gasoline, for two gallons, will cost about an hour of one days work, though
for some it will cost even more do to people who drive in the normal rush hour traffic of towns and
cities. The American Profit is not being seen by the poor working class people of America, though
profits are being seen for the companies making millions from working class people. Though
working class people do not have enough money for fun and freedom away from their
employment, but with the future and the present of today, where bigger businesses have money,
what becomes the future for the worker, who is just working to get by with their time going to
America, and most countries built in the world, are built from “in God we trust”… “one nation
under God”…  God’s words will teach, that the greater the servant the greater the king, now days,
from soda, to chip, and movies, and gas, prices can drop in half with major businesses still
profiting millions, with most of the population per country they serve, being happy, this could lead
into about four billion happy people and more. God’s words, from Jewish, to Christian, to Muslim,
along with all religions of the good, will teach of giving to the poor, and taking care of people when
you have. The question becomes, what is the need for money, when we are already rich, and can
make most people happy, to look for the future of salvation for the working world.
We must look at the pains in the working world, from people supporting families, to people trying
to support their lives, while living on very little wages. Along with the working days for one week
could last up to six days, with very little time for living outside of work, for the working world, their
life is devoted to work instead of living; living becomes to work to support businesses, instead of
life and family.
Many working families do not have relationships, because people are too busy working, to have a
family times, with their children, son or daughter or wife. Health becomes negatively affected, do to
not have enough time to workout and take care of themselves, because six days of the week, their
life is devoted toward living for work, when God’s words call for an equal balance in Proverb 11:1
and Matthew chapter, but there is not a balance toward life, only a balance to work. A true equal
balance for work, like written in most religions, would be 182 days off a year, with the truth of
society and the million not working, this becomes easy, because of governments writing checks for
workers, for the difference in time on and off, so the employer can live life.
It is the workers, that are making the world go around, and at some times, under suppression, but
because of the building up in society, workers can have in plenty, for their full aspect of life, to
even where the businesses make good profits… If businessnes lower the prices, then people will
be able to buy more product, meaning business will sale more, for an equal balance coming to the
same profits as the businesses used to make, before lowering the prices.
for a fund for people who work, from the government, which will also help  bring businesses more
money. The importance of this idea, is to keep the workers happy, because, the workers need to
feel like they can live, and must be away from the pains of feeling enslaved.

God worked six days a week, so that humans, can have an equal balance of work and time for
living their life. (Proverb 11:1)

The New Economy: More Money and More Time Off
“Scripture Gives Employment Two Weeks Off A Month”
written by Paiboon Sunthonchart

People, workers and employees since the birth of labor, had built the world of our histories time-line and future. Everything
good built in the world from yesterday, will be from the labors and pains, tears and laughter, and times of hatred from work
of people. People helped build the world today, through times when they did not want to work, and spent days sick at work for
the production of the world. Work is not always easy, and has brought many pain in the world; it was not everyone’s dream to
work as the employees that people are, not everyone will love their job. Many people work, hating life, but still will work
and help bring light and holy into the world, working for tomorrow and the future of life for all mankind. People are working
at times smaller than what they should be paid to live in the world today, where at times criminals are walking above the good.
Drug dealers will walk in the world today, money launderers, thieves will walk higher in the world of money than the people
working forty plus hours a week in a world, when people are making minimum wage still can not afford a movie ticket, with one
hour of work for the world. A family man can’t even take his family out to the theaters and dinner, with one full days wages,
and much of their wages will go to paying bills. Many workers do not have ‘the good’ for the work and time they have given to
the world. It was God who worked six day of a week, to build a world for spirit, but now the worker is working six days at
times for the world, with no time and paycheck for spirit, and their only day off, is only for a day of rest away from spirit
(James 5:4).
People are working to pay taxes in a world built from the foundations of God, and this will be in all lands: all lands are
built from God (Genesis 11:1-9), and in the word of God, our kings and leaders are suppose to take care of their people, so
taxes should be paid to them. The world is living in times when the governments and kings can print money for their people,
instead of taking taxes from their people.
Governments in all lands can print money for their people, governments in all lands
can give more time for the people building their society.
People are working, giving the world much of their time with many not having the time to take care of their spirit: people are
overweight, children have gone to drugs and crime, with their parents working too much to bring a life and family to them.
That is why “Two Weeks Vacation” becomes the plan for the world (Ezekiel 45:19-25), so that people can work six days a week,
three for the world and employment, three for spirit, and have one day of rest…
‘Two Weeks Vacation’ will work in the system of fifteen days on and fifteen days off inside in a thirty day period: fifteen
days will be working and fifteen days will be time off paid for by the governments. The thirty days will work with the fifteen
days off inside of the schedule of the need for the business for the fifteen days working within the thirty days. This could
work for one business with employees working fifteen days straight with the other fifteen days having off for using of spirit,
and other businesses may have employees working three days, then having three days off, and some businesses may work, Monday
through Friday with the weekends off, till the end of the month brings nine days to have the enjoyment of life inside of
(1Timothy 6:17 / John 10:10), with the government funding the time off, from the money they print for this law, this type of
law is the word of God (Ezekiel  45:18-25).
With government printing money, the other law comes into place of bringing the prices down. It has been seen, that an hour of
minimum wage will not pay for even a movie ticket, and if a family is wanting to go to the movies and eat popcorn, a man or
women must work two days at minimum wage for their night out of only dinner and a movie. Minimum wage will only pay for a meal
of fast-food, that means a person will use at least one hour of their check a day for food, and two in many cases in the world
The simple of a computer program, can easily be put into the world, documenting the money and pay for the thirty day period,
which could also be a week by week or day by day system of pay inside of the program that can pay on the normal two week
schedule,10th and 25th for example. (Galatians 2:9).
God teaches the world to obey the laws of the lands, but the laws must obey the laws of the Lord (Ezra 7:26 to Revelations 14:
13). When looking into the world, prices can be dropped half and two-thirds in place for the birth of an economy half or two
thirds of what the price they are now, and this society can be put into action in only a few short months, with everything
balancing out from government funding, but also the buying-raise, because people will be buying more, meaning businesses are
selling more. With pricing going down for customers, the pricing for businesses will go down, for their purchases to sell to
the world. With the governments bringing in an average (until the natural balance of sales have taken place), the
possibilities, become only a short time for the law to pass, that is the law of God: employees of the world must be taken care
of, people are not to be slaves (Isaiah 49:25).         
The prices in the world can drop, and the prices in the world must drop, it is the word of God for people to live full lives
(John 10:10), but if peoples are not living, because people are not making enough money, then how will people be living in God’
s word?
These types of laws, will also be laws that will help end crime of the world, because the laws today where employees are not
making enough money, are laws that help create crime so that people can find riches. With people making more money in the
world from having the economy drop in half and two-thirds, it will allow new business to start and bring life into the world.
Prices dropping in half will have also the rent drop in half, and to drop in half, the funding from governments come to pay
the owners of houses, property and land to where to where the lands have all been paid off, so where owners of land can start
their rent at half the prices of the pricing today. Enforcement and authority can help start this new economy within short
months of having a program inside of a computer working the wages and value for pricing and what is to be paid, and because of
the word of God, this economy will be a future in this life-time.
In the history of man people have been told of the economic crash of the future, but today is the future, and the economic
crash only brings a salvation into this world. (Luke 18:22/ Ezekiel 49:19-25 / Ezekiel 34:27).(Printed in April 09 issue of
Standing Light Alternative)

This idea was helped by savers in "The Sorcery Wars"

There is only one neighborhood in American Movies, the neighborhood of Hollywood, which spans out all the
way to New York and Miami, but what if another neighborhood grew? What if there were a new set of theaters,
but not working with any of the major production companies today, but working away, and not showing any of
the movies, in what is the other theaters, but bringing in new movies, from new companies, and not
associating with any of the actors of old, but bringing in new actors, this would be another neighborhood in
the movie world...

... renting movies, would have a whole new group of movies, to fill in, or another name of stores to come
out only promoting, what is in the second neighborhood of movies. With movies and computers, special affects
are done, cheap, bringing cost of movies down. There are many ideas not being made in Hollywood, that could
fill the movies, with award placing of beautiful.

... a new group of theaters, playing 20 new movies, every month or so, creating 40 movies a month, instead
of what is on the normal of having on twenty movies playing at a time. With so many movies, this will bring
prices down, but still having profits because more people are watching more movies...

... Theaters today can only play so many movies, so the world is in needing of a new group of theaters, not
associating with any of the old companies, but new companies, coming to new channels on cable, and internet,
but only associating with the movies from the new neighborhood of stardom.


Hundreds of Millions of Rapes a Day!
Sorcerers are Raping In EVERY LAND!
(click The Sorcery War: top right)
The Serial Rapist...

" The Devil is Forgiven"

A man is standing on stage, with paper holding in his hand for his speech, his memory, goes to the people who has
helped him get to this point, where much evil can end world-wide, then the time comes for his speech to begin, he
looks to the crowed, then down at his paper, and says...

..."The world can be saved. God's love will give everyone a chance to be saved, and even give Satan the opportunity to
have salvation (Hosea 2:23)... God's love will save everyone, because everyone can change to being good, all can find
salvation, even Satan (Joel 2:32 / Romans 10:13)... God has forgiven and forgotten all sins (Ezekiel 18:21-22), forgiving
even blaspheme of the Holy Spirit ! (Colossians 2:13-14 / 2Corinthians 2:10)...
In the Bible God will teach of the salvation of Satan and that the world can prevent the future disaster of hell; that
the world can have “a Revelation Without Hell (Jeremiah 26:3)”, and this is taught from before the times of
Christ.         After the birth of Christ, the scripture from Jesus’s teachings preach that 'Satan can be saved' and can
change from his evil and leave sin behind. Jesus was told to tell the world, that Satan can stand next to God
resurrected as an angel of the light, purified from his sins. (Matthew 16:23 / Luke 20:35-36 / Hebrew 1:3 / Moroni 7:34).
This was a teaching for all the world: that all can be angel's of the light, including Satan...
The word of God shows that: 'Jesus loves Satan' through the salvation taught from Christ, and that ‘God loves Satan'
and Satan’s people (Hosea 2:23), which were originally God’s people created good from birth (1Timothy 4:4). The word
of God will teach, that just because you leave God for sin and Satan, does not mean you can not come back to God. God
says, “all are welcomed to come back to God. No one has to enter hell...
We must realize that no one truly wants to burn, and God truly does not want to burn anyone  (2Peter 3:9), and that
Satan would not want to burn either with the chance of Satan having salvation. Evil will feed lies into mind,
bringing thoughts to people that God does not want to save people (Matthew 15:11 / Revelation 20:8), but God even
shows love to the prostitutes and the money collectors, and what many would call the money collector today, would
be the criminal in dealings of money  (Matthew 21:32). God tells all that he comes for the sinners, and will save the
sinner, saying that they all are welcomed to heaven, to be good and walk the straight line: all sinners are welcomed
to be saved (Luke 15:1-31). But to enter heaven, one must be good, and know that all can be good, the word good is not
discriminated from anyone, but is given to everyone, because all were created good (1Timothy 4:4)... All can rebirth
from sin; there is purification after sin (Acts 15:9-11/ 1John 3:3)...
... Even if baptized from a minister, if you have sinned, then you have not truly been reborn of the spirit (1John 5:18).
Jesus as a boy went to church, but did not become baptized of Holy Spirit until his adult years. A person in sin today
is not baptized or born of the spirit, with God is telling us that all people in sin today can be reborn of the spirit,
because God teaches that all can rebirth!.. God wants all to be saved! and have a life in full, God wants all to live
(John 10:10). God gave us his son Jesus so that all could be saved and that we have can have a saved world of spirit
(John 3:16), even giving rebirth to the devil. God calls to hell (Isaiah 45:22), offering salvation to the damned ones of
hell, and this includes Satan. God will not discriminate beings from salvation, God will not single out a being saved:  
discrimination from salvation is blaspheme, because God teaches that all can be saved (Romans10:13)! Segregation
from salvation can only help create evil, because you keep a person away from God by telling a person they can not be
saved, or are not wanted by God.... The world needs to know God's truth of all, including Satan can be saved… God is
saying "I will save you and everyone... change and be saved! Go live!" (1John 2:12 to 1John 2:24). "All evil is forgiven."  
(Isaiah 44:22)
God gave his son to bring salvation and forgiveness, the HOLY SPIRIT to all (John 3:16), sacrificing his son to create a
world that is saved (Moroni 7:35).
We can prevent the disaster of the future: the hell from this days existence, we can prevent the wickedness today
(Revelations 20:10 to Jeremiah 26:3). But hell is also there for the sinners divinity, judgement is their for the
sorcerers in divine evils, and even their families because of their sin, since they will not change (Acts 8, Jude 15,
Isaiah 47:9 / Nahum 3:3-4).
God will save all, but Satan and evil must do their part to be saved... There has been signs of Satan saving himself...  
within Satan's Scripture, Satan is preaching Christianity, and Satan does teach ‘that even he will bow down the
father of Christ to for his salvation’ (Hosea 2:23 / Moroni 7:33-35). Satan preaches against the sorcery, teaching that
even the devil is against connecting to minds. Satan preaches that Jesus and the Holy Spirit being the redeemer, are
the way to salvation, and this has been in many books for Satanism..
Satan teaches the Christian word throughout his scripture, teaching freedom, and to keep the freedom for people,
and how the sorcery ways of calls and looks steal freedom from people, and Satan teaches to represent kindness, love
and care, and that even he wants a world of only good, for the God who he will bow down to, the father of Jesus.
Satan's words are not Satanic but are Christian, preaching for his salvation... It has been told  that the true Satanic  
is not an evil doer, but a person following the Christian word, being a world savior, because even Satan wants
salvation and his people must be good to save him, and when working to save him, you are working to save the world:
you are a Christian of many religions (Genesis 11:1-9)...
Satan’s scripture will also teach, that Satan wants the world ridden from evil, bringing a threat of his wrath from
God, against Satanics who are not being good... It has been said that the last days are here... Time is getting short for
All have the power over evil (Romans 16:20)..."         

The saved world... The world is saved, God has taken the evil away, freedom has come from the sacrifice years before
from the son of God, and God's love is giving the world everything, from restricted movies, drinking beer and the
beauty of nudity (1Timothy 5:23, 2Kings 4:38-44  to Songs of Soloman 7:1-13). The world is given a world of spirit...
The governments have ended war, because the world and law live in the word, and authority has ridden the evil
from lands, before God came. Satan has ended his attacks, because he has chosen salvation, and Satanism is taken
from the land, because it is against the word of God... It is against the law to have Satanism in the world.
Buddha, followers of Christ, and Muslim are living in peace as the Jew, the Muslim, and the Christian because God is
for all and created all (Genesis 11:1-9). The word of God has brought the economy to a crash of new prices, where all can
live in full (John 10:10). The world of God has given the employer more time off. Men, women and children are living
in the Holy Spirit, where the chance is there for people to even fly and heal, and explore the universe wherever the
spirit takes them. (Mark 9:23)… God is not the hypocrite like many are taught, God allows all good, even the spirit to
do the impossible  ...  

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The Devil is Forgiven

Hos 2:23 / 2Cor 2:10
The Devil is Forgiven