"Religious Government"
                                      “All religions were created by God (Genesis 11:1-9).
                                  All religions teach the same laws for government to be in.”
                                                  written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

All governments must live in religious law…

1. Ending Satanism (Ezra 7:26, 1Corinthians 8:13). Bringing laws to end Satanism. Healing can come to
2. Ending sorcery (Galatians 5:1, Ezekiel 13:17-23). Bringing laws to end sorcery.
3. Ending wars. All religions and countries are from God, so there should be no wars between countries.
(Genesis 11:1-9).
4. Free medical, dental, and veterinary, paid for by government funding (Matthew 23:11, Isaiah 49:15,
Luke 22:26, Luke 11:10). People are suppose to have their needs met, that is the religious word: just print
money out from the government to pay for medical, dental and veterinary.
5. Teaching world salvation. The Devil is forgiven, all evil is forgiven (2Corinthians 2:10, Hosea 2:23).
6. Free electricity and free water, paid for by government funding (Matthew 23:11, Luke 22:26, Luke 7:34-
35, Isaiah 49:15). People are suppose to have their needs met (James 5:4), just print money out from the
government to pay for water and electricity.
7. Scripture gives employment fifteen days off a month (Ezekiel 45:17-25, Proverb 11:1, Amos 8:5-6, Amos
9:13-15, Matthew chapter 23, Luke 22:26, Matthew 23:11, Matthew 20:26, Isaiah 45:19). A system can be
made where a person can work 8 10 hour days inside of a 14 day schedule, then have 6 days off, so a
person will still get their 80 hours of work for two weeks, and the worker has the right to set up their
schedule the way they want it, as long as they are getting their 80 hours per two weeks. So maybe a
person will work 5 days then get two days off then work 3 days and get 4 days off. The law allows the
employee to set up their schedule.
8. Drugs are not sin, and are not crime (2King 4:38-41, 1Timothy 5:23, Luke 7:34-35, Matthew 11:19).
Having drugs not a crime, can end a lot of crime. Remember, Jesus's first miracle was turning water into
wine at a wedding party.
9. Healing can come to the homosexuals (1Corinthians 6:9-1.0).
10. Ending taxes (James 5:4, Isaiah chapter 58, Matthew chapter 23, Matthew 23:11). Holiness gives taxes
to the employee/workers (James 5:4, Matthew 20:26, Luke 22:26, Matthew 23:11).
11. Free bus, train, and subway, paid for by government funding (Matthew 23:11, Luke 22:26, Matthew 22:
12. More money for workers. Writing an extra check for workers for working, but not from taxes, but from
the government printing money out for people. If you work you get your check from work, and an extra
check from the government every month you work. (John 10:10)
13. Teaching the truth of the Holy Spirit, the spirit has the power to do the impossible (Mark 9:23, Matthew

Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

    “Today, I worked a half hour for a bag of chips. Then I worked 45 minutes for a twelve
pack of soda. Then I worked an hour for four cans of food. An hour of work went to buying a salad.
Another hour paid for my gas to drive to and from work for one day. Another hour went to buying
eggs and bacon. One hour went to buying seven candy bars. Another hour went to buying two
frozen dinners, and a frozen burrito… Forty Five minutes went to buying bread and lunch meat.
Another hour went to buying a frozen pizza, and that was my eight hour day. Tomorrow, I will work
for more food and money for gas. Then the next day I will work for more food and rent, then the
day after that I work to pay off my rent, likewise with the day after that, with also gas money, will be
for each day I work. For almost three weeks, I will work for rent money , and electricity, water and
phone, with also food money being worked in through most every week I work,” said the man living
on minimum wage…
    ... “If I drive my truck to work, one hour of my day goes for gas.”
    “If I take my family to the movies, I will have to work one full day at work, and if we go to dinner.
I will have to work two days of my weekly check.” ... These will be quotes from the world of working today.
People will not have much money for life’s enjoyment within the employment of today. Even fast food will
cost almost an hour of one days work for just one meal. Gasoline, for two gallons, will cost about an hour
of one days work, though for some it will cost even more do to people who drive in the normal rush hour
traffic of towns and cities. The American profit is not being seen by the poor working class people of
America, some working class people do not have enough money for fun and freedom away from their
employment, but with the future and the present of today, when the government can just print money for
the people, what becomes the future for the worker, who is just working to get by with their time going to
    We must look at the pains in the working world, from people supporting families, to people trying
to support their lives, while living on very little wages. Along with the working days for one week
that could last up to six days, with very little time for living outside of work, for the working world, their
life is devoted to work instead of living; living becomes to work instead of
life and family.
    Many working families do not have relationships, because people are too busy working, to have a
family times with their children, son or daughter or wife and husband. Health becomes negatively affected,
do to not having enough time to workout and take care of themselves, because six days of the week, their
life is devoted toward living for work, when God’s words call for an equal balance in Proverb 11:1
and Matthew chapter 23, but there is not a balance toward life, only a balance to work. A true equal
balance for work, like written in most religions, would be 182 days off a year (Proverb 11:1).
    America and most countries built in the world, are built from “in God we trust”… “one nation
under God”…  God’s words will teach, that the greater the servant the greater the king (Jeremiah 23:11),
God’s words, from Jewish, to Christian, to Muslim,along with all religions of the good, will teach of giving to
the poor, and taking care of people when you can.
    It is the workers, that are making the world go around, and at some times, under suppression, but
because of the building up in society, workers can have in plenty, for their full aspect of life, to
even where the businesses make good profits, because more money is being given to the world…
    GOVERNMENTS CAN PRINT MONEY FOR PEOPLE WHO WORK, money on top of their hourly/salary
wages, money printed from the government, which will also help  bring businesses more money. People
will be able to buy more product, meaning businesses will sale more, because the people will have more
money. The importance of this idea, is to keep the workers happy, because the workers need to feel like
they can live, and must be away from the pains of feeling enslaved.
    A social security check can be printed for people who work, but not printed from taxes, because there
does not need to be taxes with the government being able to print money. The Holy Bible teaches we are
not suppose to have taxes (James 5:4 / Matthew 23:11). This could lead into billions of happier people.
God worked six days a week so that humans can have an equal balance of work and time for
living their life (Proverb 11:1), we are suppose to be living life in full (John 10:10)... This could lead into
billions of happier people... So the employee can live life in full.