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        "Religious Government"
                          “All religions were created by God (Genesis 11:1-9).
                      All religions teach the same laws for government to be in.”
                                      written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

All governments must live in religious law... All religions teach the same laws.

1. Ending Satanism (Ezra 7:26, 1Corinthians 8:13). Bringing laws to end Satanism. Healing can come to evil.
People become accomplices to the evil that Satanism promotes, to the crimes Satanist do by allowing Satanism.
They will try to use the excuse of 'Freedom Of Religion' to allow Satanism, but it is not religion when they teach to do
crime, that is a terrorist group. Everyone know Satan is a representation of evil. We can not be accomplice to evil by
allowing Satanism. Freedom of speech is not allowed when teaching evil and crime, that is not freedom of speech to
teach evil and crime, it is working in ways of terror. We must bring a 'world forgiveness day' where any acts of
Satanism is forgiven before the date the law is passed to end Satanism, but after the date the law is passed, you could
be arrested by practicing Satanism.

2. Ending sorcery (Galatians 5:1, Ezekiel 13:17-23). Bringing laws to end sorcery. We must bring a 'world
forgiveness day' where any act of sorcery before the date the law to end sorcery is passed is forgiven, but any act of
sorcery after the date the law is passed you could get arrested for practicing in sorcery. This law does not go against
working in ways of spiritual powers for the good, this law allows good spiritual powers of healing, fun and miracles.

3. Ending wars. All religions and countries are from God, so there should be no wars between countries (Genesis 11:

4. Teaching world salvation. The Devil is forgiven, all evil is forgiven (2Corinthians 2:10, Hosea 2:23).
Teaching all evil is forgiven, so that evil can change to being good and go live in full life's (John 10:10).

5. Ending taxes (James 5:4). There does not need to be taxes, when the government can just print money out for
the needs of earth and people.

6. Free electricity and free water, paid for by government funding (Matthew 23:11, Luke 22:26, Luke 7:34-35,
Isaiah 49:15). People are suppose to have their needs met (James 5:4).

7. More time off for workers (Ezekiel 45:17-25, Proverb 11:1, Amos 8:5-6, Amos 9:13-15, Matthew chapter 23,
Luke 22:26, Matthew 23:11, Matthew 20:26, Isaiah 45:19).

8. More money for workers. Writing an extra check for workers for working, but not from taxes, but from the
government printing money out for people. If you work you get your check from work, and an extra check from the
government every month you work (James 5:4, John 10:10).

9. Healing can come to the homosexuals (1Corinthians 6:9-10). It is not good to be against the homosexual, but
it is good to bring them healing, so that they can change from what is not right with the way earth was made.

10. Free medical, dental, and veterinary, paid for by government funding (Matthew 23:11, Isaiah 49:15, Luke
22:26, Luke 11:10). People are suppose to have their needs met, that is the religious word. We can not have people
not getting the medical they need because they can not afford it.

11. Free bus, train, and subway, paid for by government funding (Matthew 23:11, Luke 22:26, Matthew 22:26).

12. Drugs are not sin, and are not crime (2King 4:38-41, 1Timothy 5:23, Luke 7:34-35, Matthew 11:19).
Having drugs not a crime, can end a lot of crime. Remember, Jesus's first miracle was turning water into wine at a
wedding party (John chapter 2). Alcohol is an example of a drug. Some countries have it where drugs are not
crime, which reduces the rate of crime.

13. Equal rights for felons (Hebrew 1:3). We cannot have the criminal background checks for job employment, it
can suppress people into more crime, because they cannot get work. We are suppressing people into crime.

14. Teaching the truth of the Holy Spirit, the spirit has the power to do the impossible (Mark 9:23,
Matthew 19:56).