May-June 2014

There are a lot of Satanist in America.

-        America has Satanic Websites, Satanic Chatrooms, Satanic Music, Satanic Churches, Satanic clubs
and group.
-        In 2006 “666” Three 6 Mafia wins the Academy Award (Oscar) for best song.
-        There are millions of Satanic rock and rap albums sold.
-        There are over a million Satanic Bibles sold.
-        Businesses use wicked, sin, 666 and devil in their names.

The United States of American government is allowing this. The United States of American government is
allowing Satanism to grow, this promotes sin, evil, and crime, and is accomplice to sin, evil, and crime. We
need everyone to write governors, senators, mayors, police, and congress to bring laws to end Satanism.

Business where sorcerers work, and attack

- Taco Bell - Burger King- Cumberland Farms - McDonald’s- Kentucky Fried Chicken – Kmart  - Community
Transits  - 7/11 and more…

The sorcerer will try to say they are the United States government assaulting or that they work for the
government, but the United States government background for religion, for the governors  and senators is
foundation from Holy Bible.

- Sorcerers are becoming actors, musicians, doctors, lawyers, and more...

The United States of American government is allowing sorcery, when other countries have laws to end

This was sent to United States Of American
governors and senators November 2013
Thanksgiving weekend

“The Sorcery War” written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Gambia, Iran and more already has laws to stop sorcery…

Q: What is sorcery?
A: One answer in easy terms, is someone connecting to someone’s spirit, where possession , kidnap ,
rape, and murder is taking place. This is done through sorcery connecting the people together for the evil of
kidnap, rape, and murder. People have even connected sorcery to technology: tv, cars, computers, planes,

A man had just worked another day in his normal labor. Eating out had delayed him an hour and a half, but
he still got home just in time to watch his favorite show...twenty-three minutes into his show it was
interrupted by this breaking news bulletin...

… “The world is in war, sorcery is attacking the good in the world. Minds of the world have entered the
spiritual evil, leading people astray into ways of false ways of living, connecting minds to minds, living in
ways that many will call networking. In religious terms, the networking way is inside of what ministers could
call: sorcery. The sorcery is a spirit in the world, that evil has birthed into the world, connecting minds and
bodies working with sorcery connecting to the minds and bodies of other people. This is for the purposes
of rape and the kidnap, possession and murder of people through the connections the sorcery has made.
Sorcery is where people use powers of evil, to attack the good. The sorcery will connect the people inside
of its network, connecting the thoughts and bodies with sorcery. Sorcerers will break into the imaginations
of people and connect to their thoughts in forms of possession and kidnap by these connections of
sorcery. An example of an attack will be the sorcerer will be in their house, and connect to you sitting inside
of your house, and become one with the sorcery for the purpose of rapes, which are happening on serial
levels for sorcerers. These types of connections are happening world-wide, with people connecting to the
minds and bodies of people, and many good people are lead to believe that this is the right way. People
will call this world, a network of minds, with people networking in the world connecting to minds, and
working in the evil of the practices as possession and kidnap, rape, and murder from sorcery connections.
People will share thoughts together, because they are lead to believe that this is the right way, but religious
word will teach people that these ways are false. The Bible will teach of the world being lead astray from
this sorcery in The Book of Revelations chapter 18 verse 23. These ways of minds connecting in the form
of network, steal freedom, peace and love, it is the invading of spirits that goes against what is good. This
way suppresses the mind, a suppression coming from people being lead to believe that the sorcery is the
correct way to use spirit and mind. There is no freedom with people being allowed to enter the minds of
other people, it is a way of hypocrisy, because no one want their mind invaded, and it is against the word of
God in all religions. Religion will teach that God wants miracles in reality, not in the ways of sorcery.
This sorcery has created serial rapist of people. The sorcerer will be the worse sinners of the world today
and many will have several rapes with their powers. The sorcerer will have many kidnappings of minds
through these connections, and also children will be attacked, because the normal law is in form giving
passing to the sorcerer, instead of attacking the sorcery.

Ideas to stop this sorcery? World Forgiveness Day: Where any sorcery attacks after a certain date, a
person/sorcerer can be detained by the law.

Some states in America will work with lie detectors for crimes, working with lie detectors and witnesses,
working in ways of Saudi Arabia’s laws to stop sorcery, will be the next good move to end this sorcery, to
bring laws to stop this sorcery that is working in three strikes a day. We must remember the past of the
American Salem witch trials, when the law would end witches/sorcery. God will also be a way out to
escape this sorcery. God will teach that living in the word which will give people a guard from the power of
the sorcerer.
This world isn't all the secret from society, in the medicine world of mental care, there are many cases
where demons and sorcerers attack, bringing in truth of this sorcery. People must also know that this
sorcery is written in books in bookstore, and is written in Satan’s scripture, and is written about in the Holy
Bible. More after “Scripture to help end sorcery”.

Scripture to help end sorcery... 1.1Thessalonians 4:11: Do not invade minds. Mind your own business and
keep the privacy of people. Do not use telepathic sorcery listen to thoughts. 2. Isaiah 19:9-10: Do not have
networks of sorcery. 3. Ezekiel 13:17-23: Do not use sorcery calls or sorcery looks, or other entrapping
sorcery connections. 4. 1Corinthians 8:1-13: Practicing in the world of sorcery is sin. 5. Mark 10:7-8: We are
suppose to be one not with other people’s sorcery. 6. John 17:21-22: God wants all one with the HOLY
SPIRIT, not sorcery. 7. Amos 3:3: You do not have to be connected to someone through sorcery powers. 8.
Isaiah 47:9: Sorcery can end the lives and salvation of your family. 9. Proverb 24:14-16: Raiding into spirits
and minds leads to disaster. 10. Leviticus 19:31: Do not rely on the mind-networkers/sorcerers. 11. Job 42:
7: Pray to God over man or sorcery. 12. Hosea 7:7: Make your calls (prayers) to God, not sorcery or man. 13.
Revelations 18:23: The world of sorcery can lead many astray. 14. Ecclesiastes 7:21: Do not listen to
negative/evil. 15. John 21:22: It is God's business where a soul must go. All must go to God. 16. Matthew
21:12-13: Do not practice in healing through sorcery, it allows God's children to be broken into.17.
Jeremiah 31:34: All must go to God, over the ways of healing and teaching through sorcery. 18. Titus 3:5:
All have the power through spirit to rejuvenate themselves. 19. Galatians 5:15: Do not devour from the spirit
and minds of people, or God could devour you. 20. 2Timothy 2:16: Do connect in the minds for Godless
chatter. 21. James 2:4-6: Do not judge the thoughts of people. It is a sin to be in the minds of people. 22.
1John 2:16: Do not practice in sorcery lustful connections. No sorcery dating. 23. Zephania 1:12: Do not
look to connect to minds and spirits of people. 24. Isaiah 47:11-15: Do not heal through the sorcery way,
this could lead the healer to calamity... only God's word is the way. 25. Mark chapter 16/Matthew 19:26: We
have the power to heal and cast out sorcery and demons, and do miracles in reality. 26. Isaiah 8:19: Call to
God over the networker-sorcerer. 27. 1Corinthians chapter 8: You are sinning to listen to thoughts. 28.
Matthew 15:11 God allows people to think what they want and not be impure. 29. Hebrew 13:6/Romans 16:
20/Luke 10:19/Galatians 5:1: The people living in the word of God have freedom and the power over Satan
and sorcery. 30. 2Corinthians 2:10/Ezekiel 18:21-22/Hosea 2:23: Sorcerers and all evil is forgiven, with
God loving the unloved one, and the unloved ones people.

A main goal is to bring people out of living in this sorcery. Religions teaches that the word of God can
rescue people and give people the power over all evil including Satan (Romans 16:20), but also laws can
come for this form of sorcery. The Bible teaches that if God were to come today, all people living in this
sorcery way would be taken from the world, including their family members (Isaiah47:9-15/Nahum3:3-4)...
For this sorcery, beast attacking, it is best to bring governing laws into living in the world. We cannot
suppress the truth, but bring this truth into light, to further bring strength into the world for the good.      
In the world of spirit, and when facing demons and sorcery, God will be the cure for all (John 12:40). In the
world of bringing truth of spirit, the time was in Salem Massachusetts during America’s first trials of
witches, that our history taught us what to do with witches, sorcerers: bringing laws to stop witches and
sorcerers... Most in America and world in ‘The Sorcery War’ in the year 2013, voted for laws to stop sorcery.
God teaches salvation, but in truth, laws must come and stand for their people. Saudi Arabia, New
Zealand, Gambia, Iran and more, already have laws to end sorcery.”


To The Satanic World…

The time is coming, and has been here since the birth of human for all humans to be saved, though many
of you have been taught that there is no love from God for your rebelling against the word of God. Many of
you have been taught that since you disowned God and left faith, then God has also disowned you, and
God will not be there for you with evil whispering in your ear (Matthew 15:11), “that God disowned you” or
“God does not want you”, but that is a lie that evil will use to break a human or animal down, create evil,
steal the hope out of life, steal a person away from God, and steal the life a person away from life and the
good, because evil does feed humans and animals thoughts (1John 4:1). Evil will even pose as God to
pull one away from the good, and also evil will pose as your thoughts.
We must understand that though we may leave God, God will not leave us (2Timothy 2:13). God is actually
waiting for people to return or turn to God from sin, with celebration for your return back to God (Luke 15:11-
31). The joy of heaven’s erupts with another victory for the sinner who rebelled, the evil doer to come and be
reborn of the good of spirit… Lost souls and sinners are welcome with joy from the heavens (Luke 15:1-7)
… If you have sinned, then you have not been reborn of the SPIRIT (1John 5:18).
We must not believe the lies of God not wanting us, loving us, or is against us, because that is only evil
trying to deceive us, manipulating people, leading the world astray (Revelations 12:9 / 20:8). God is there
for us, and for everyone, even allowing the worse sinners to be saved (1Timothy 1:15), and bringing them
to great lives such as Paul in ‘The Book Of Acts’ who helped  once kill God’s people. Paul helped murder
God’s people, and was a person against God, who later became a great prophet for God. God wants no
one to perish (2Peter 3:9), restoring the rebellious ones. God will even restore the ones who left God for
sin, God will bring restoration for them and life for them (Jeremiah 33:8 / Ezekiel 37:23). God will forgive
your sins, and if you are hearing God will not, it is only evil whispering that into your ears (Matthew 15:11 /
1John 4:1).
God will forgive all sins, and even forget them, and remember our transgressions no more, blotting out our
sins, and give you a new heart and new spirit (Isaiah 43:25 / Ezekiel 18:21-22,31), so that you can be
reborn to a life as full as you make it. God will even forgive your acts against God, and your acts against
Jesus (Luke 12:10), the son who came for the sinner (Mark 2:17), and who died for the whole world (John 3:
16). God will forgive the acts against even our own soul: selling your soul, the blaspheme of soul selling
(Luke 12:10), and God will forgive the blaspheme of blaspheme against the Holy Spirit (2Corinthians 2:10).
God will allow us to be purified from our past sins (Hebrew 1:3 / Isaiah 43:25), so that we can live in the
freedom that God brings. God wants us all to have freedom of the mind, away from evil’s torment and
demon attack (Galatians 5:1). Do not let the fear stop you from returning to where life is. You are good
(1Timothy 4:4), and you are wanted by God, there is meaning for you, but its up to you to live that meaning,
and work for what you want.
Do not be against a God that is trying to save you, and wants to give you life. We have no reason to be
against God, because God is only trying to bring us life, and God will bring us back to life, even after our
sins, evil will try to hold you down… We have no reason to be against a God who wants to save us, and
save all, and forgive all, so that all can have salvation (2Peter 3:9 / Romans 10:13).
Do not think that since you find God, there is no life for you, with no fun. God is for song and dance,
celebration and partying (Nahum 1:15 / Jeremiah 31:4). God is even for drinking of alcohol (1Timothy 5:23 /
Luke 7:34-25), and marijuana is not sin (2Kings 4:38-44). God is for enjoyment (1Timothy 6:17), but to
enjoy life, we must work for life, and appreciate life, especially the little things in life that many take for
granted. We all want joy and happiness, we all want peace and love, and that is the word of God: to love
(John 15:17). We can live our dreams (Jeremiah 29:11), we can find our soul-mate, our one flesh, our love
through faith, believing… Faith, believe in truth (John 14:12)… God does have love for you, saving you after
the worse sins, forgiving you. God has so much love for people, but many are not showing the same love