The Devil is Forgiven

        Bullying Equals Murder

      Child’s suicides are in abundance, in areas of the world. Mothers, and Fathers, have lost their son or daughter forever. Their child will not
have Christmas or live the full life parents have dreamed about or the child has dreamed about.  Some parents will never see their child have
first love, or see their son or daughter marry because their child has killed themselves. Sisters and brothers will lose a best friend forever, due to
suicide. Parents will not have their son or daughter to hold any more. Imagine having your son of daughter kill themselves…
      What is the cause of Child suicide?  Sadness can come from one losing their first love, and being alone, and also fighting with parents and
friends can help create suicide and lead a child to killing themselves, etc. Sorcery and demon attacks to the mind to bring one thoughts and
feelings to want suicide, is a major attack for suicide.
      Being bullied has caused people to kill themselves. “Peer-Bullying” is a major attempt of murder charge for creating suicide within the lives
of families, and bullying is an attempt of murder…
      When looking into the word murder, murder can come from when someone steals a moment of happiness in our life, and brings in the
blackness of unhappiness where the time of happiness could’ve been lived, but was stolen, and lost inside of time of living in evil, time we will
not get back, but is murdered from us because of the evil inside of that time.
      Bullying does cause tormenting pain for children when they are bullied to the point of suicide. It is a monster of evil that the assaulter is
bringing to a person who is bullying someone into killing themselves, and sorcerers and demons will use the bullying from another person to
bring thoughts and feelings for suicide to the person who was bullied. Bullying is a serious assault, that can lead to damaging ones future, with
a portion of permanent damage that changes one’s life road in permanent. Bullying is a serious assault and crime that must be stopped in the
      It is important for governments of the world to take time and bring into the media the laws against assault and bullying, and that the
fullest extent of laws be brought into the charges of bullying, especially when a child has killed themselves. We must look at the evil, that a
person is when they are bullying, it is an evil-mean attack when a person is bullying, and we must see that only the fullness in sentence come
from this is evil that must not be in the world… Good people grew up not being mean, or bullying people, so when a person is bullying people it is
the opposite of the feelings they are used to, and we can only see a pure-evil in work. When thinking about what a bully is doing, and when
suicide comes into action, the truth of the bullying-evil, was murder.
      The world must stand together and bring a period of preaching to end the evil of bullying, and the world must know the laws come in full
extent when a person is bullying, because of how evil just being a bully is.
      Also people who bully must be taught feelings of sadness that the other person is going through, and feel bad for people who are bullied. It is
an evil force to make someone bully, but like all evil, spirit can rebirth, and spirit is cure for all evil. We must think of all the cures we can to
cure this evil to its ending, so the future of life, will not have to suffer loss from pains from the past, or suicide.

                                                                God said, "to create hate is murder and sin." (1John 3:15)

                                                        Sorcery and demon possession can cause people to commit suicide...

                  "The Devil is Forgiven"
                                                          written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

      A man is standing on stage with paper holding in his hand for his speech, his memory goes to the people who has helped him
get to this point, where much evil can end world-wide, then the time comes for his speech to begin, he looks to the crowd, then
down at his paper, and says...

       ..."The world can be saved. God's love will give everyone a chance to be saved, and even give Satan the opportunity to have
salvation (Hosea 2:23 / 2Corinthians 2:10)... God's love will save everyone, because everyone can change to being good, all can
find salvation, even Satan (Joel 2:32 / Romans 10:13)... God has forgiven and forgotten all sins (Ezekiel 18:21-22), forgiving even
blaspheme of the Holy Spirit ! (Colossians 2:13-14 / 2Corinthians 2:10)...
      In the Bible God will teach of the salvation of Satan and that the world can prevent the future disaster of hell; that the
world can have “a Revelation Without Hell (Jeremiah 26:3)”, and this is taught from before the times of Christ.         
       After the birth of Christ, the scripture from Jesus’s teachings preach that 'Satan can be saved' and can change from his evil
and leave sin behind. Jesus was told to tell the world, that Satan can stand next to God resurrected as an angel of the light,
purified from his sins. (Matthew 16:23 / Luke 20:35-36 / Hebrew 1:3). This was a teaching for all the world: that all can be
angel's of the light, including Satan can be saved, all beings can be saved...
      The word of God shows that: 'Jesus loves Satan' through the salvation taught from Christ, and that ‘God loves Satan' and
Satan’s people (Hosea 2:23), which were originally God’s people created good from birth (1Timothy 4:4). The word of God will
teach, that just because you leave God for sin and Satan, does not mean you can not come back to God. God says, “all are
welcomed to come back to God. No one has to enter hell"...
      We must realize that no one truly wants to burn, and God truly does not want to burn anyone  (2Peter 3:9), and that Satan
would not want to go hell either with the chance of Satan having salvation. Evil will feed lies into mind, bringing thoughts to
people that God does not want to save people (Matthew 15:11 / Revelation 20:8), but God even shows love to the prostitutes and
the money collectors, and what many would call the money collector today, would be the criminal in dealings of money  
(Matthew 21:32). God tells all that he comes for the sinners, and will save the sinner, saying that they all are welcomed to
heaven, to be good and walk the straight line: all sinners are welcomed to be saved (Luke 15:1-31). But to enter heaven, one must
be good, and know that all can be good, the word good is not discriminated from anyone, but is given to everyone, because all
were created good (1Timothy 4:4), and even Satan can follow the word of God... All can rebirth from sin; there is purification
after sin (Acts 15:9-11/ 1John 3:3 / Hebrew 1:3)...
      ... Even if baptized from a minister, if you have sinned, then you have not truly been reborn of the spirit (1John 5:18). Jesus
as a boy went to church, but did not become baptized of Holy Spirit until his adult years. A person in sin today is not baptized or
born of the spirit, with God is telling us that all people in sin today can be reborn of the spirit, because God teaches that all can
rebirth... God wants all to be saved! And have a life in full, God wants all to live in full (John 10:10). God gave us his son Jesus so
that all could be saved and that we have can have a saved world of spirit (John 3:16), even giving rebirth to the devil. God calls
to hell (Isaiah 45:22), offering salvation to the damned ones of hell, and this includes Satan. God will not discriminate beings
from salvation, God will not single out a being from being saved:  discrimination from salvation is blaspheme, because God
teaches that all can be saved (Romans 10:13)! Segregation from salvation can only help create evil, because you keep a person
away from God by telling a person they can not be saved, or are not wanted by God. The world needs to know God's truth of all,
including Satan can be saved… God is saying "I will save you and everyone... change and be saved! Go live! And live in full"
(1John 2:12 to 1John 2:24 / John 10:10). "All evil is forgiven."  (Isaiah 44:22)
      God gave his son to bring salvation and forgiveness, and the HOLY SPIRIT to all, sacrificing his son to create a world that is
saved (John 3:16).We can prevent the disaster of the future: the hell from this days existence, we can prevent the wickedness
today and the future and God's wrath of the future (Revelations 20:10 to Jeremiah 26:3). But hell is also there for the sinners,
judgement is their for the sorcerers in divine evils, and even their evil families because of their sin, since they will not change
(Acts 8, Jude 15, Isaiah 47:9 / Nahum 3:3-4).
      God will save all, but Satan and evil must do their part to be saved... There has been signs of Satan saving himself... within
Satan's Scripture, Satan is preaching Christianity, and Satan does teach ‘that even he will bow down the father of Christ for his
salvation’ (Hosea 2:23). Satan preaches against the sorcery in his scripture, teaching that even the devil is against connecting
to minds. Satan preaches that Jesus and the Holy Spirit being the redeemer are the way to salvation, and this has been in
many scriptures for Satanism..
      Satan teaches the Christian word throughout his scripture, teaching freedom, and to keep the freedom for people, and how
the sorcery ways of calls and looks steal freedom from people, and Satan teaches to represent kindness, love and care, and that
even he wants a world of only good, for the God who he will bow down to for his salvation, the father of Jesus. Satan's words are
not Satanic but are Christian, preaching for his salvation... It has been told  that the true Satanic  is not an evil doer, but a
person following the Christian word, being a world savior, because even Satan wants salvation and his people must be good to
help save themselves, and when working to save yourself, you are working to save the world: you are a Christian of many
religions (Genesis 11:1-9)...
      Satan’s scripture will also teach, that Satan wants the world ridden from evil, bringing a threat of his wrath from God,
against Satanic's who are not being good... It has been said that the last days are here... Time is getting short for evil.

      All have the power over evil (Romans 16:20)..."         

      The saved world... The world is saved, God has taken the evil away, freedom has come from the sacrifice years before from
the son of God, and God's love is giving the world everything, from restricted movies, drinking beer, and partying  (1Timothy 5:
23, 2Kings 4:38-44, Songs of Soloman 7:1-13, Eccelesiastes 3:4, John chapter 2). The world is given a world of spirit...
      The governments have ended war, because the world and law live in the word, and authority has ridden the evil from lands,
before God came. Satan has ended his attacks, because he has chosen salvation, and Satanism is taken from the land, because it
is against the word of God... It is against the law to have Satanism in the world.
       Buddha, followers of Christ, and Muslim are living in peace as the Jew, the Muslim, Buddhist and the Christian because God
is for all religions and created all (Genesis 11:1-9). The word of God has brought the economy to a crash where everyone is given
money, where all can live in full (John 10:10). The world of God has given the employee more time off. Men, women and children
are living in the Holy Spirit, where the chance is there for people to even fly and heal, and explore the universe wherever the
spirit takes them .       
      … God is not the hypocrite like many are taught, God allows all good, even the spirit to do the impossible (Mark 9:23) ...


      To The Satanic World…

      The time is coming, and has been here since the birth of human for all humans to be saved, though many of you have been taught that there is no love
from God for your rebelling against the word of God. Many of you have been taught that since you disowned God and left faith, then God has also disowned
you, and God will not be there for you with evil whispering in your ear (Matthew 15:11) “that God disowned you” or "God does not want you”, but that is a
lie that evil will use to break a human or animal down, create evil, steal the hope out of life, steal a person away from God, and steal the life a person away
from life and the good, because evil does feed humans and animals thoughts (1John 4:1). Evil will even pose as God to pull one away from the good, and
also evil will pose as your thoughts.
      We must understand that though we may leave God, God will not leave us (2Timothy 2:13). God is actually waiting for people to return or turn to God
from sin, with celebration for your return back to God (Luke 15:11-31). The joy of heaven’s erupts with another victory for the sinner who rebelled, the evil
doer to come and be reborn of the good of spirit… Lost souls and sinners are welcome with joy from the heavens (Luke 15:1-7)… If you have sinned, then you
have not been reborn of the SPIRIT (1John 5:18).
       We must not believe the lies of God not wanting us, loving us, or is against us, because that is only evil trying to deceive us, manipulating people,
leading the world astray (Revelations 12:9 / 20:8). God is there for us, and for everyone, even allowing the worse sinners to be saved (1Timothy 1:15), and
bringing them to great lives such as Paul in ‘The Book Of Acts’ who helped  once kill God’s people. Paul helped murder God’s people, and was a person
against God, who later became a great prophet for God. God wants no one to perish (2Peter 3:9), restoring the rebellious ones. God will even restore the ones
who left God for sin, God will bring restoration for them and life for them (Jeremiah 33:8 / Ezekiel 37:23). God will forgive your sins, and if you are hearing
God will not, it is only evil-sorcery whispering that into your ears (Matthew 15:11 / 1John 4:1).
      God will forgive all sins, and even forget them, and remember our transgressions no more, blotting out our sins, and give you a new heart and new
spirit (Isaiah 43:25 / Ezekiel 18:21-22,31), so that you can be reborn to a life as full as you make it. God will even forgive your acts against God, and your acts
against Jesus (Luke 12:10) the son who came for the sinner (Mark 2:17), and who died for the whole world (John 3:16). God will forgive the acts against even
our own soul: selling your soul, the blaspheme of soul selling (Luke 12:10), and God will forgive the blaspheme against the Holy Spirit (2Corinthians 2:10).
God will allow us to be purified from our past sins (Hebrew 1:3 / Isaiah 43:25), so that we can live in the freedom that God brings. God wants us all to have
freedom of the mind, away from evil’s torment and demon attack (Galatians 5:1). Do not let the fear stop you from returning to where life is. You are good
(1Timothy 4:4), and you are wanted by God, there is meaning for you, but its up to you to live that meaning, and work for what you want.
      Do not be against a God that is trying to save you, and wants to give you life. We have no reason to be against God, because God is only trying to bring
us life, and God will bring us back to life, even after our sins, evil will try to hold you down… We have no reason to be against a God who wants to save us,
and save all, and forgive all, so that all can have salvation (2Peter 3:9 / Romans 10:13).        
       Do not think that since you find God, there is no life for you, with no fun. God is for song and dance, celebration and partying (Nahum 1:15 / Jeremiah
31:4 / Eccelesiastes 3:4 / John chapter 2). God is even for drinking of alcohol (1Timothy 5:23 / Luke 7:34-25), and drugs is not sin (2Kings 4:38-44). God is for
enjoyment (1Timothy 6:17), but to enjoy life, we must work for life, and appreciate life, especially the little things in life that many take for granted. We all
want joy and happiness, we all want peace and love, and that is the word of God: to love (John 15:17). We can live our dreams (Jeremiah 29:11), we can find
our soul-mate, our one flesh, our love through faith, believing… Faith, believe in truth (John 14:12)… God does have love for you, saving you after the worse
sins, forgiving you. God has so much love for people, but many are not showing the same love back…

                  Freedom  and  Salvation

1. The world is forgiven. (2Corinthians 2:10 / John 20:22-23)... Even Satan is loved... "THE DEVIL IS FORGIVEN"... All evil is forgiven. (Hosea 2:23 / 2Corinthians
2. The world can prevent the future disaster of hell and wrath. (Jermiah 26:3 / Isaiah 44:22 / Isaiah 45:22 / 2Peter 3:9 / Romans 10:13).
3. All evil can turn to God and be healed! (John 12:40 / Acts 15:11)
4. All sins and sorceries are forigven and forgotten! (2Corinthians 2:10 / Ezekiel 18:21-22 / John 20:22-23)
5. To park-take in the sorcery world is sin. (Ezekiel 13:17-23 / Isaiah 5:8-9 / / 1Corinthians 8:1-13)
6. Keep the peace and privacy of people.(1Thessalonians 4:11 / John 21:22)
7. Make your prayers to God over man. (Job 42:7 / Hosea 7:7)
8. God gives us freedom of thought, to think what we want and not be impure. (Matthew 15:11 / James 2:4-6)
9. Do not take from evil. (Matthew chapter 4 / Pslam 37:38)
10. There should be no wars between religions, because God created different cultures and religions to fit them that are good and beautiful
under God (Genesis 11:1-9), and all are good under God (1Timothy 4:4) .
11. Do not use evil to entrap people. (Ezekiel 13:17-23)
12. God gives freedom from all evil from living in his word. (John 8:36 / John 3:16 / Galatians 5:1)
13. All have the power over evil, all have the power over Satan.  (Romans 16:20 / Luke 10:19 / Hebrew 13:6 / Mark 16:15-18)
14. God loves the unloved one, and the unloved ones people: all evil can be saved. (Hosea 2:23 - Romans 10:13 / Luke 6:32 / Luke 16:1-31)
15. Make your calls to God over man. (Job 42:7 / Isaiah 8:19)... God’s is the way to salvation (Isaiah 47:11-15)
16. Do not listen to the negative or evil of the world, or be lead astray into listening to false. (Eccelesiastes 7:21 / Revelations 18:23)
17. A persons life is between them and God. Keep peace in the world. (Matthew 5:9 / John 21:22)
18. With the imagination and spirit, we have the power where anything is possible. (Mark 9:23 / Matthew 19:26 / Mark 16:15-18)
19. We are only to be one with our wives, husbands and God: not evil. (Mark 10:7-8 / John 17:21-22)
20. God wants everyone to be one with God (Romans 14:11 / John 17:21-22).
21. All are saved through God! (Romans 10:13)
22. All spirits sinning and doing wicked can be reborn of the spirit, all can be reborn angels (1John 5:18 / Luke 20:35-36)
23. We are not to rely on spiritist, networkers or sorcerer, but rely on our spirit with God. (Leviticus 19:31 / Isaiah 47:11-15 / Titus 3:5)
24. Do not frolic in the world of lustful sexual immortality. (1John 2:16 / Nahum 3:3-4 / 1Corinthians 7:16)
25. Do not practice in the world of evil spiritual magic or in sin and wickedness. (Jeremiah 42:11 / Jeremiah 37:14 / Isaiah 5:8-9)
26. God ends dictatorship and racism with his creation of beautiful differences, cultures, and languages in the world, showing the world that
God wants many, and for all to be loved, and live in equality, all are created good. (Genesis 11:1-9 / Titus 3:15/ Ezra 7:26 / 1Timothy 4:4) ...
God teaches to love your enemy and turn the other cheek, and to pray for their salvation. (Matthew 5:43-44)
27. God allows us to have enjoyment (1Timothy 6:17), but appreciate and give life back to the world. (Isaiah 5:8-9)
28. God allows people to drink beer and party (2Kings 4:38-44/ 1Timothy 5:23 / Eccelesiastes 3:4 / John chapter 2), enjoy freedom on our free-time(Luke 7:34-
29. God allows good restricted entertainment because restricted entertainment is written in the Bible, and God even allows nudity, because we look and
appreciate away from evil and lust. (Judges 6-8 / Songs of Soloman 7:1-13) God allows good prostitutes. (Genesis chapter 38)
30. Evil practices can bring down your wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and children, your family tree. (Nahum 3:3-4 / Isaiah 47:9 / Hosea 13:16 / Proverb 24:
14-16 / Isaiah 48:22)...
                                                             Change from evil, and be saved. Appreciate life and live in peace and love. Give to the world... Amen.