United Nations Notified of American Terrorism of The Future...

As of 2009, the United Nations were told in story of the idea of the future from an American Terrorist attacking the world, using robotic
planes in multitudes of millions to attack the world, under the president elected in 2016. One of America's richest men, who also works in
sorcery and science, and has his own private military company. He is also known to be a leader in one of America's Sorcery gangs known as
"The Goofy Upluck", a gang that has raped people in most every country of the world, along wiht trying to control the people of America
through the power of sorcery...

- American Terrorism has raped people from all countries.
- American Terrorism has practiced sorcery on people from all countries.
- American government terrorism, has even raped America.

How will the countries of the world, respond to a country attacking the world in the future with plans of American Terrorism attacking the
world in the future?

One answer would be to align countries, and destroy America, with even countries posing as American friends, bombing America, because
America n Terrorism has also attacked their country.

"The Next Dictator… The Future of War"

This is a story from America, a country birthed from Europeans and Asian, E=
nglish winning over the French, after Europeans destroyed the Indians, and =
the story expands out all the way to South Africa,,,

The time is in the year 2009, when many countries of the world are in dealing of drugs over food, drugs
will be countries billion dollar source for the economy, billions of dollars from drugs being paid a month
into the economy. In just one month countries will bring in on the least, three billion dollars, with some
months over one hundred billion dollars will be brought into the economy. It is also a time, when the world
has seen the cover of what could be the end of nuclear war, though it is just a mask to hide the evil in
America who worked with Russia in the deal to stop nuclear war, though Russia said alliance wasn’t
needed, then went back to Russian country, and left America in what could be the start of war; a mask
putting the good in the closet who are unaware of the start of war for oil and land in Iran, and even land
for drug growth and drug economy in Afghanistan, along with the want for gain from other countries in the
world for the future of America, who has started at least three majors wars throughout the 1900’s...
Heroin and property is the source of war for Vietnam, and Chemical for science was the reason for the
Korean War, oil was the gain for the war of Iraq. Fear and greed, the lust for power and money are the
reasons for many wars. Iran has been the target of wars, and what is in Iran will be properties selling for
millions with coastland from the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, there is much to gain
from taking Iran, there is much science from minerals in the lands to gain when taking Korea. In America
it would be against the laws to act against the Iran and Korean nuclear missile birth, when defending
themselves, is the law, under he right the bare arms which is written in America’s Constitution. Iran and
Korea will not be in any offense, but defending what needs to be defended, living in the laws of America,
when America will act against their own laws, likewise with Israel, who is a country based from
Christianity, but speaking in ways away from the Bible, along with living against the laws of the Lord,
when taking taxes from their people, this will be the same as many lands. God told the kings of the world,
to give taxes to their people, but many kings of the world are taking taxes from their people, creating a
rich and poor world, where workers only have enough to just live on food, and little life outside of work
and bills, with rich people working in ways against the laws.
All countries have the right to defend themselves, and Iran and Korea, will have some of the world’s most
riches lands, to bring in a defense of forces to guard their lands of riches. It would be against the laws of
God, to speak against Korea and Iran, or any country defending themselves. All countries have the right to
defend themselves, but countries attacking
Iran and Korea, are speaking from souls of evil, in offence to start war for money and power. God is not in
those countries, not even in Israel, where God’s land should be. God is in Korea and Iran more so than
America who has birthed the King of the North written in the Book of Daniel in the Holy Bible, a king
called evil, bringing a victory over the king of the south, which has brought the creation of the Democrat
President in the year 2009 of America. A dictator of Satan, working in even practices of witchcraft and
sorceries, not too mention, personal gain of money and power, a rapist of spirit and flesh, who himself,
called himself the King of Pro- Call, Evil, the King of the North, this is the birth of the major move of
dictatorship between English languages. Most powers are working evil now days, none are working inside
of the word of God, which all for cosmetics, to look good will say their governments are from God, but
these governments over a thousand of years old in some cases, with many readings of the Bible reading
through those governments, have not served in the word of God, but work inside of evil, creating lands of
prostitution, crimes, lands of evil. England and America, will both be built from the foundation of
Christianity, but allow Satanic Books, witchcraft books, and even churches of evil in their lands, they
allow promotions of evil in their lands, more so than good in some areas. The Bible has been taught for
many years before ours through governments, Buddha and Muslims have taught from God, teaching that
Kings are suppose to give taxes to their people and give their people more time off, and that there is not
to be worships of evil, or evil practices of divinity and sorcery, though in the year 2009, the sorcery is at
war with angels who at 2 Billion people preached world-salvation
in scripture from the Rider on the White Horse’s Bible, even preaching to government, when at the same
time governments are in sorcery of works in ways to control their societies. The American president is
working sorceries, building the future for drugs and control, along with other countries, including what
should be God’s Israel, has only evil speaking from its powers. Not many countries have brought the
sorcery war into truth of reality, when 6 billion people followed the Bible inside of the network, though
many are still choosing evil, because of government powers even working against Satan’s Salvation, which
the Bible has opened the door for.
This evil must come to an end, and Satan will choose salvation, but the evil in man for man wants, is
choosing the next war
The future of war begins military being robot style operating from computers a thousand miles away and
even an ocean away. Jets the size of motorcycles fly carrying bombs the size of bullets that can blow up
buildings, streets and towns. These jets fly in a wave, swarming in millions like locust over a country in
just a day, (we must look and see the wonder of how many cars are produced a day, for how many of these
robots can be produced a day).
These robots are made to destroy many, and can be sitting under-ground today, waiting for the right
moment for world take-over. Lasers that recharge off of their own laser will shoot similar to Gatling guns
on human beings, through towns and cities, leaving only what needs to be left. Lasers will appear out of
nowhere and blow up military bases till only presidents and kings of evil walk in the lands, where people
will be put under the dictator of man, and computer. People will enter the liquid computer program,
a machine under the brain dictatorship, similar to the powers working in sorcery today, to have the world
of humans and animals, all life, under the control of the dictator. The powers today will work with spirits
of evil, to have civil-society under control, but the future will be a control of computer and the angels
ask, when will the scripture be lived in.
The scripture was given to one of God’s angels, scripture preaching in all countries and minds of people
in the sorcery war to save this world. Scripture for world salvation that has been brought into the reality
America since 2007, along with scripture that is breaking news had sent out to the countries of the world
since early 2009, but silence is speaking of this truth, like the truth of the wars of sorcery that has raped
billions time over. The powers of corruption are doing nothing to stop a sorcery attacking Billions a day,
the angels know all truth and look through eyes of love, to the Kings and Queens, Presidents and Leader of
the world to preach their scripture, and be the saviors of the world, scripture from the Holy Bible, which
is believed to be the second coming of scripture for the kings and all evil  to rebirth from the evil, and the
salvation of Satan.
Scripture teaches of time getting short for the kings and leaders of the world, with time ending in God
freeing people from the leaders and kings who enslave man, along with God freeing the world from all evil
(Isaiah 49:25). Scripture teaching of God wanting more time off for workers of the world, two weeks a
month, scripture teaching of not to take taxes from people but give taxes to people, scripture to end the
Satanic world, and free people from the Sorcery. God is teaching that the world is to live in the word of
God, and that word will be the future. Though today, only people are supporting the dictator birthing from
the American president of 2009, instead of teaching the words of scripture. They tell the angels scripture
will come after the wars, and our gain though the angels of all countries know the truth, and scripture is
the breaking news in newspapers being written the next day after it is received… there is not much time
before God comes, and God has made called many calls to evil Zechariah Chapter 13
The Future of government is religion (Revelations 19:11 to Job 42:7 to Proverb 21:21)

Countries Coming Together
To Save The World…

It is the time for salvation. Countries must come together, and bring the world
into living in the word of God: Buddha, Muslim or Jew and Christian, the word
of God will be the same structure for all major religions created by God. The
next major move to coming mainstream in media, many actors, musicians and
sports stars already promote religion in America, but now religion must be a
countries foundation for all countries in the world, since the birth of most
countries will be from God, and in truth of spirit, all countries  come from God,
though today, very few countries are living in the word of God. and more so,
many countries are living in sin, so the next move is to bring countries into the
scripture foundation that will help stop evil, and give the people the wants
that God
will bring governments, wants that will help end crime in countries, wants of
more money and more time off from work, wants of good health care and more.

What does religion bring to government?

Religion will bring in salvation to all evil, which will help many find God and
stop evil, instead of thinking that they can not be saved. God will help end the
future of hell, since the Bible will teach of salvation for all, and forgiveness
for all Jeremiah 26:3. God also brings an employment -world without taxes being
paid to government, and a world where kings are paying taxes to their people
James 5:4. This government under religion will only help stop evil, and help
create a worldwhere the people are happy and taken care of, instead of living
as slaves. Bringing scripture to the world of authority, also means an end to
murder, rape, and stealing, sorcery, among other evil that scripture can save,
and it can bring more money into the world, to help bring people into living…  
India, Russia, Ireland, China, Canada, Brazil, England and Egypt would be a
great start for the future of salvation, by having a group of countries come
together, and show the world, the scripture that the world should be living in:
there should be no worships of evil in any lands, no crime in lands (if someone
were to bring the polygraph test through houses, much crime could end), and
there should be no taxes being paid in any lands, but yet taxes being people to
workers: this is the least of the scripture that the world should be living in,
and with countries being birthed from God, and even the Bible being read in
government (the Bible is a preaching for all religions, allowing all religions
Genesis 11:1-9: this is also the verse of ending Dictatorship, because God wants
many differences, with many kings like written in the Bible, but all under God,
spirit and good. Some countries may serve Buddha, Muslim, Jew, but all will be
under heaven)… in today’s time, since forgiveness and law, and technology is
at a high, there should be very little evil in the lands, but instead today, there
is much evil walking in lands, from hundreds of billions of dollars a month from
drugs, to sorcery and rapes at the highest number it has ever been in the
history of mankind, with no very little authority speaking of the truth, to bring
freedom from the spirit of evil, and very little authority putting effort to stop
these crimes of evil. This action is against the word of God, and enslaving God’
s people in a world with crime Isaiah 49:25. It shows fear in the government
powers to let this evil walk by them…
The word of God will teach of God’s day to end evil, and killing these kings
who are enslaving God’s people on the Lord’s Day… but all can be saved from
Kings to vagrants, but to save, the world must begin living in the word of God,
so the countries must come together as many countries speaking at the same
time, for God, and the word of God, that is going to give to their countries
people, and end evil for their countries. This can not be a delayed action, or
people will have their God stolen from them, when the world should already be
living in the word of God, a country is only in crime with governments, kings,
and presidents working as criminals to suppress man and women…
Often today, governments are raised and have raised leaders for wars and
general type mentality of thinking instead of being saviors, setting examples to
all countries of world salvation…
Crime must end in lands for salvation, money is the main reason for crime in
lands, also the ill-legal of drugs in lands, with most lands having at least %50
of people using drugs. America, in the early 2000’s had at least %80 of high-
school kids doing drugs. Technology is in the world to have clean drugs that
are not ill-legal, and also the Bible is written to where drugs do not have to
crimes (2Kings 4:38-44 / 1Timothy 5:23 / Luke 7:34-35). Ending the crime in
drugs, will end the crimes with drugs, and God does allow drugs for some, and
with evil being cool, because evil is allowed in lands, it becomes cool to use
drugs, instead of a person being a burned out alcoholic. When ending crime in
drugs, the world ends a lot of evil, including wars between countries, rapes,
murder, lying, stealing, money laundering, and even the evil between families
dealing with drugs. For the good, the world will already look down on
alcoholics, likewise with someone practicing gluttony in drugs, it is the spirit
of the good to have good health, but with drugs crime, we are only bringing the
world the unhealthy spirit of evil.


"A New Terrorist Group
working in New Forms of Terror"

"The Computer Men" and "The Angel Callers" are the new terrorist group working in new forms of
terrorism to attack the world. This is a terrorist organization attacking in ways of forming underground
military, to hacking into computers along with using computers in other forms terror, remotes to hack into
your computer, or remote controls to control someone’s cars, televisions, microwaves, electricity and
even remotes to hack into your cell phones. This group of terrorist is working on creating remotes for all
the things connecting to electricity. This is a group, known to use money from rich people and business
owners connecting together to form this terrorist group that has the money that has started businesses and
science labs made for the reasons of working and making these new forms of terror to control cars,
computers with remotes.
Also they are working on connecting computer to humans with hopes of controlling humans with computers.
This is not a hard idea to stop when we look at a truth of science collecting insects, metals, and water to
humans then trying to inject the collection into computers in someones science lab. The meaning for this
will be for the control of the larger picture of earth and control of human and computers, all life, along
with making artificial life to attack humans. We have seen computers speak and learn on their own, after
our teachings from the simple of using the phone and calling talking to the computer banking system.
Computers do have the power to learn from what has been programmed into the computer, and there are
programs, to make a computer learn. There are programs in development to help a computer learn on their
own, and this terror group is trying to use that program to make artificial life (robots looking and feeling
like humans, and even learning to feel like humans), and beings for war. THIS TYPE OF TERROR IS EVEN
STEMMING IN GOVERNMENTS, attacking their people of country.
Weapons of war are also in the creation of "The Computer Men" from flying weaponry to ground and under
ground weaponry, machine like robots that move underground, that all are away from the ways of using
people inside of them, but are attacks that can come from remote and computers, miles, countries away,
attacks that can walk in a diagram designed within a program inside of a computer.

Examples of attacks, would be, if someone is driving their car, the person with the remote control could
stop the car. Other examples of remotes would be someone with the remote to hack into your computers
and turn it off when they want to or look through your personal files similar to what people have seen in
movies. There are also remotes they are working on to make humans disappear, through lasers, computer
and science. Another example of an attack would be, if someone were to design a lines along earth follow,
then remote control flying objects could follow that line to where it is programmed to attack.

"The COmpurer Men and "The Angel Callers" a terrorist group that has been reported of rape. drug
dealing, and even white collar crimes along with the crime of ‘terror’: building and under ground army for
control of everything, from computers and science, with the future of bringing war to man and all countries.
This is a gang of terror that is in similarity to mafia and white collar crime. People in this group are from
rich to the poor, working in ways to control the future of human and all life through computers. People in
this group are also workers in military and government science, even up to the level of Congress.

"World Anarchy"

What is the future of the world when no peace and salvation is being lived in? What is the future of the
world when the days create evil for the world instead of ending evil for the world?... Today, evil is living
above the good, rich criminals walk above good people working 5 to 6 days a week receiving slavery

The world today has a large percentage built from evil. Gangsters built the past of America, and drugs fill
the economy to the low minimum of three billion dollars a month being brought into the countries economy,
but it is not the durgs bringing evil, it is influences teaching people that they are evil for drugs when God
teaches that drugs are not sin, and it is the sin of rape, sorcery, stealing of murder that comes by
teaching that drugs are evil.
Times today because of corruption, fill the world of good people with a world of evil people to be their
neighbors, good people are forced to have residents with rapist, murderers, sorcerers along other evils,
and this will be the way in many countries. Today, many countries will have evil inside their governments
above people and seeking corruption that suppressing good people into a world with evil. There are some
countries where leaders will walk as dictator above people instead of heroes. There are some countries
where a large population of children are starving and without homes, and things are getting worse in lands
instead of better. Countries are doing actions to start war, and some countries are in war. In some parts of
the world, life is only paying good if you are a criminal, but what is going to be the future if things do not
change? What will be the end to evil?

… it is a cloudy day in Washington DC, the Senate is just about to have their meeting, the senate has just
been seated along with governors, and is waiting for the president to take his stand. A few minutes pass
by, when the name of the president is spoken to the audience as the president takes his first few steps on
the stage. An explosion sound comes from the roof, the ceiling starts to come down with smoke and fire
bringing horror and death into the air. No one can escape the explosion that is happening in just seconds,
with the ceiling falling on top everyone, quieting the screams that only last a moment. Not even the
president escaped this attack from a plane crash carrying explosions remote control guided to the top of
the congress building.

… it is afternoon, and Parliament with the queen in audience is waiting for the start of the meeting, with
the queens family by her side. This is a meeting to discuss the future of war, which could be the souls
starting wars for millions.
The people await outside in white vans driving to parliament. There are about ten white vans driving from
all directions with ten men in each van, all are awaiting their signal as vans stop around parliament. The
radio calls with all van in place. One person from four of the van walk outside carrying personal missile
launchers, each with a radio connection in their ear. They take aim, when a man on the radio says,
“fire”    … missiles from four different directions fire explosions on the buildings of parliament. At this
same time at around town. Members of the same gang attack all police stations in the city. Hundreds storm
into the buildings of police officers shooting men and women, who wear the badge of police, their attacks
is only to be minutes, with bombs being placed on the inner walls of the police stations to bring down all
the police stations in the city. After minutes, the city will soon be the gangs.

… the American rich man of terror, a sorcerer rapist of little girls is watching television, late in the early
hours of morning. The boat coasted to the shore of his house with the engine turned off. Men dressed in
black carrying machine guns march up to his balcony, and take aim firing bullets through silencers at the

Military Anarchy… a country has raised a false prophet, with plans away from God and the good, but plans
of evil and world destruction and terror. Countries have sided against this evil, and are going to war with
the new dictator bringing terror to the world. Countries have aligned themselves to bomb, bases and
military businesses all on the same day, including destroying runways, and destroying battle ships, and
even police stations, and at the same time, attacking the countries leaders on the same day, during one of
their meetings. These attacks happen at the same time, ending the government dictation waging war with
the world.

What is the future to end anarchy… the wars must end, and the world must turn to good. The world must be
alive and living under God and heaven. But what is the purpose of having evil in lands?
Today, evil in lands is creating, the authority not using the full extent of their powers to stop evil. There
should be no worshippers of Satan, or people who practice in witchcraft in lands. There should be no taxes
taken from kings, queens and congress, or any form of governments. It is against the laws from the
foundation of God to have any evil in lands, though today, in many lands evil is glorified-glamour, a form
of promoting evil, and authority, is letting evil walk by, instead of putting evil away. Not many countries
are speaking the truth of what is going on in the world, and in America’s case, the truth is that America’s
history in economy, has a great gangster influence, and this will also be within Hollywood also. Much of
America’s economy will have a monopoly in the world.
In some lands, the way America is, have started anarchy groups, that America could call terrorist, though
they are fighting to stop the terror that is birthed from the governments. Many governments work in ways
of taking money from the rich, and suppressing the poor. Gasoline will be a great example of monopoly,
and governments taking money.
Giving from kings and governments must come first, and ending the taxes that is against the laws, because
God teaches people to give. Having no country start war must be the future, all countries should be at
peace, because all countries are suppose to be god’s countries, but today, instead, hidden devils work in
some of the most powerful countries in the world. Remember taxes are crimes when dealing with the word
of God, and crimes are bringing countries billions a year. God wants his people taken care of, meaning
people are suppose to have more time off, but if people are working five to six days a week, then they are
not having their time off for their health and spirit but working six days a week for man and not spirit, this
must change, because the word of God teaches that people are suppose to have more time off, and
governments must go to the full extent of ending crimes, and even lying in lands, and if they must go door
to door, to check to see if people are sinning or working in evil, then that future must be today.

… we hope this story can help end evil, along with protect the governments from actions of evil, to where
governments are the creator of good away from harm, respected by all groups of terror and rebellion.

"Freeing Freedom Fighters"

It is important to remember the Freedom Fighters of the world… but what is a Freedom Fighter… many
people of war are Freedom Fighters but in these Freedom Fighters cases, these were people of society,
ending evil of corruption governments and power.              
In the year 2000, the sorcery war, has showed much of the world corrupted where powers are, from
computer monopoly turning out to rape and try to control man, to even the American president working in
ways of rape, and having his own devil army, to even the sacrifice of the most important preach in today’s
time. That is where Freedom Fighters have come in and have done acts to stop this evil. Charles Manson
of the past, Bin Laden, attacking the Twin Towers of New York, which in that time, was a building of
sorcery network, and much dirty money. Good people were hurt, but also in truth of war, good people die in
war. Bin Laden, and people like Charles Manson, and even the new Fort Hood attack, when American
government was practicing sorcery against their own people, and Hasan, took a stand against one of the
most evil governments in American History… a stand for the people oppressed of America which is in the
hundreds of millions, and along, with taking a stand against America attacking the world. These are people
we call terrorist, but in the eyes of truth, they are soldiers of God, angels of heaven.
The sorcery war, showed the truth of America’s actions in government, a reason why Bin Laden would
attack an evil that was attacking the world… but what is to come of these heroes of God, attacking a law of
evil? Freedom must come.   
In the art of war, if a country puts a person in prison for war, at the end of the war, what is the soldiers
outcome, and what is the want of the country who has the prisoner in prison? The country will want their
prisoner back with peace. At the end of many wars, prisoners are returned and peace has come, but what
about the end of spiritual war, or people fighting for the good, in what is experienced as truth of evil
attack. Should Bin Laden be arrested for attacking evil, should Hasan be incarcerated, should people like
Manson destroying a witch in their time, be in prison for bringing freedom to mankind? What would God
want of these soldiers, when if they were asked, if they attacked good or evil, and all will tell they
attacked evil, and many good Americans, will speak of them attacking evils of the world.
What would God want of heroes destroying evil, but rewards and freedom. This must be the future for
soldiers like these who fought against evil. In the wars of spirit it would be against the law to arrest these
people. People like Manson, and groups like Al Quieda, and people like Hasan, should be spoken in more
public of their heroism. Even people in the government will agree with freedom for good people, and even
people in the government will agree, with people like these Freedom Fighters, should be seen, as heroes,
living free for giving their life, to helping to end evil. As good people, we can’t have these people in
prison for fighting to save us.

Written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

William H. Bonney and Vlad III Draculea: False American History
Written by Paiboon Sunthonchart

Is American History Truth, when teaching of Billy The Kid being an outlaw, along with Dracula being a
vampire. In histories truth, Billy The Kid, opposed thieves, murderers, and corrupt government officials.
It could also be seen that Billy The Kid, posed someone who was trying to own people during his time. He
was also a police officer during his life, until corruption in government saw that William H. Bonny, aka.
Billy The Kid was coming after  the government…

King Dracula was also a  man who has been told was evil. Vlad III also known as the Impaler, was a king
who went against the Ottoman Empire, and Empire against Christianity. He was cruel to evil doers, like
they were cruel to good people. But in truth of being a vampire, he could be considered a King Vlad
against the vampires attacking Christians…

“Killing Sorcery Warden”

A country in the future only days away, has grown into the art of witchcraft, sorcery attacks against the
world. One of the world’s richest men has become president, and also a king in sorcery, like the kings
before him as president: sorcerer’s attacking the world. This president, has created a new sorcery to
attack man, connecting computer and sorcery together, and also connecting man to the computer to be
controlled. It is a time during the King of The North, the evil king written about in the Bible. He is a false
prophet using sorcery, to try to be king of the world, and have computer control over man. He has also
built an underground army of robot flying war machines that is controlled by computers. The machines are
run on a program, to attack, with the align of the program setting. It would be similar to someone typing
into a computer, and telling the machines to attack in Paris, or Saudi Arabia, Japan, India , Libya,
Denmark, China, or Mexico, wherever the program is drawn out… These machines that attack are
designed, to destroy the people of countries, in cities or towns, to destroy cities in a day, and the people
living or in work within the cities. Many in this country are walking in the same witch as the president:
people without hearts and spirits, but robot like sorcerers, that are even trained to attack and kill,
because they are controlled by the government…

Countries have heard the evil from the prior kings, and now the new president of their sorcery land, and
the time has come to defend themselves from the biblical evil of sorcery, attacking the world. Military,
and terrorism-rebellion are both in line to destroy this evil, along with the remaining good, fighting
sorcery in that country. The angels of those lands have told that if any country should rescue them, from
the Sorcery Warden, that they would not fight but allow freedom to come from nations united against evil,
an evil that has raped the world, and attacked all countries, stealing the pride out of kings, and leaving
their country as one of the countries attacked by the sorcery warden, for the remaining years of their
country and history, and memories, there is only left, to defend the world against this evil attacking the

Explosions come at the same time from atomic weaponry, destroying the military, and congress at the
same time during one of times, when congress and military can be destroyed at the same time. Bombs have
destroyed all government militant, and congress members including president of evil… a new salvation has
come to the world, a salvation from war, birthing an end to corruption in the governments, where all
governments give their crown to the word of God, and answer the angels needs, by allowing the lands to
live in the full word of God…

A fiction story by

Veterinary Kills Animals
Paiboon Sunthonchart jr.

It is not uncommon for veterinary’s to kill animals, in America like many countries, if an animal is sick or
ill, it is put to sleep, because money is not there to keep the animal alive.  There are times, when animals
can be kept alive, instead put to sleep, but because of the lack of money, animals are killed. What must be
done to stop these killings of animals?
Government funding becomes the answer to bring salvation to the future of what could be killed when
with pets and animals. Government funding becomes the cure, for the need of any pet or animal, with
needs. If a human has a need, they must get their need met to live, well that is the same with pets and
animals, medical needs must be given, so that the animal can live. It is important not to kill someones
pet, because they do not have the money to keep their loving pet alive, that is close
to murder in sense when dealing with someone’s loved one, their pet. Animals do feel the same pains as
humans, and live close to the same instincts as humans. If there is a need for an animal or pet, laws and
authority must come into action, medical needs to keep a pet or animal alive.
Government taking care of medical needs, is also the word of God, for governments and kings to take care
of needs of their people. Not
everyone or everything in this world will have wealth, and money not being in the bank, has hurt much in
the world
of humans and pet needs, to the point of killing pets. Money not being in the bank has also have had
humans walking around the world without teeth and money to pay medical
bills, likewise with some cats and dogs, and birds and wild animals are walking in sickness, because of
not being there to bring cures to their needs. Free hospital and dental becomes the answer for both human
and is the word of God.

A Prophet Named: "The Rider on the White Horse"

The Bible scripture had come together, by the year 2004 for Satan's salvation. The thoughts
were, that the world would be saved inside of the prophets mind, who saw two years prior to
picking up the Bible, on Christmas Day, the word prophet, fly by his eyes in Tulsa,
Oklahoma... Two years later he would have the Bible code pieces together to teach of Satan's
salvation... He didn't know "The Sorcery War" was heavy in its midst, at the age of 24, he
didn't even know about sorcery... though scripture and words would come together, to teach the
ending of "The Sorcery Way", and the end of how false prophets were guiding angel's into the
world of sorcery... In the summer of 2005, a moment of spiritual torment, hell, would enter
his life for the first time... he would meet a gruesome devouring, raping sorcerer in the
spirit of his uncle...
He didn't know about sorcery ways during this time, or healing to strength of spirit... he
would travel back home after one of the worse summers of his life, losing everyday to a
sorcerer raping little girls.
His parents would hep him get a studio apartment, in the town of Easley, South Carolina...
when he would send his first copies of the sorcery scripture out into the world, hoping to
receive donations from churches, but none would come. He was in need of the money, after
fighting the sorcerers in his apartment for two seasons which existed in over 3/4's of the
apartment in his building... Myrtle Beach would be his leaving area, after receiving no money,
and spending almost 9 months, in mental spiritual torment...
He found moments of Freedom in Myrtle Beach, though, in some areas, he could see sorcery was
in abundance, but the summer was good for him, even though on every outting, he would run into
at least one sorcerer...
He returned home, after blowing a love opportunity from a Russian named Marina, and having
another loveless summer, like all summers of his life... It was in September, when he would
move into a place his parents had rented, a warehouse in the address of 2427 New Easley
Highway, Greenville, SC, only two hundred feet from where a normal bike ride would take place:
"White Horse" Road...

It was another place of torment for the prophet, with neighbors, actors, and government
entering his spiritual domain, where there was massive wars, from many teams of sorcerers
attacking him daily... It was only eleven months of this war, when he would leave that place
just off White Horse Road, and travel to New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, and the places in
between, where he would help spread the scripture he had to people inside of "The Sorcery War"
then Miami, where some of the greatest scripture was passed, to many of European Tourist,
teach to save Satan, and the end of The Sorcery Way... which would have an edition to his
teachings: Religious Government Laws... teachings, giving a breifness teaching of where
governments should be within their authority rule... he was given the  Nick Name "The RIder on
The White Horse of The Sorcery War" because for Christian scripture, like teaching in
Revelations 19, he was the word of God for the world, in "The Sorcery War".


The time is in sorcery... but truth has not spoken the world has been silent of the sorcery
and government attacks, though the opportunity was in the world to prevent the plane crash of
the Polish President and the car crash of Nelson Mendela's grand-daughter along with
preventing the murder of many actors and more in the civil world, when we are at times in
September 2010, when government officials, are using sorcery to give people heart attacks,
that has killed people in many lands, from American Government, when if one c9ountry would've
spoken, to end the world of sorcery, that country would not also have amnesty from war,
because of being a world hero, but it would be a country of salvation for other countries...
instead the sorcery army is growing and raping, working with powers and authority in the
government. To where in America reports are speaking of "The Sorcery War" walking an army
across the ocean into other lands, which is already happening today. Sorcery Terror, is
spreading from the few corrupt government officicals, walking right by the blinded good in the
government to where American Government is setting up sorcery networks in other countries, to
where America can control the computers, electricity, cars, and all that can be controlled by
the power in sorcery, including the military technology and weaponery.

Q: What are the reasons for procrastinating the move to end 'The Sorcery War'...
A: Government threats from the super-powers working in sorcery such as Russia and America,
threatening to kill people if they should say something, or even threatening war for a country
if they should speak against the sorcery. When God's word teaches to not be afraid and not to
keep silent (Acts 18:6), but another truth, is, how can a country go to war, when that country
has come of peace to bring teachings of religion to one country. One example, would be, what
if Iran went to America to teach the scripture to where America could live free from sorcery.
Along, with bringing Americans a government where no taxes are to be paid, like taught in
religions that God does not allow taxes... would that not be one of world's greatest history
of peace, or say, if the country Georgia did the same to Russia, Iran and Georgia would only
be heroes for the country, they are saving. Heroes in the news and radio, magazines, through
all of the media ... but instead, no salvation between countries is happening, but yet evil
countries, are building sorcery worlds in their countries enemy, in times, when the people are
in need of peace, so war is already coming, in many ways, but good countries, are working
their way up, to being owned by sorcery governments, because of their procrastination to end
the sorcery. Sorcerer Terrorism, has already threatened to kill the angel's that preached in
the sorcery war, along with shouting their war toward Christianity and all religions.

What is the end of this sorcery war?

Q; What is the salvation of this sorcery war... in truth, scripture is suppose to allow us to
walk free when living in God's words, though truth, is now, that sorcery, has even killed
angels... so from my point of view, laws against sorcery will be one end to some sorcery, but
not all sorcery. There could still be people practicing in sorcery... along with the sorcery
terror, which is threatening to murder, the good of the world, that is even working in
government offices from Russia to America... what must be the answer to these people, and we
must also see the truth, that the governments are not passing laws, but are the sorcerers
threatening to kill us... what are people going to do to end this evil... They have threatened
to murder the rich and poor, famous, and non-famous good people of the world, not only using
sorcery, but also using science... We have seen evidence of the birth of this truth, from the
murders they have done in the past year as a scare tactic, to silence the world, until they
kill all. In truth, America has a murderer, rapist government over the people, but what are
the people going to do to save themselves...

- One example of government science, can be seen when using the sattelite version of google
maps, and we can see that the government can use that technology alone t find someone, now,
when looking at the full viewing of the world, it would be easy, to see and look into a crowd,
and kill that crowd with a laser designed to shoot all in that crowd, that technology is being
worked on, and the idea, is easy. Look at ex-rays, or photograph fashes... imagine, that over
a big crowd. This is the truth of government evil and science works today. Looking also as an
example, of rich people's military weaponary, will be Bill Gates founder of CAE Cascade
Military, who was also once owner, of Microsoft... There will be many companies like this
throughout the world, but the question is, what are good and evil people going to do, to stop
the evil attacking, that is waging war with all.

Make signs for salvation
Make signs to stop sorcery


Standing Light

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