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1. - Satanism is against the law (Ezra 7:26 1Cor 8:13)... It has been since before America when all lands were raised on God and the good, America had
brought the Salem Witch-trials, which is a main point of history to stand against evil, and evil spirits. America will preach “IN GOD WE TRUST”… and “I
PLEDGE ALLEGANCE TO THE FLAG… IN ONE NATION UNDER GOD” … so with the world being built from God and the good, it would be a crime and
illegal, and sin, to have evil worships in lands of the world, to glorify the devil. Most Countries of the world will be built from the God of Heaven: Buddha,
Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, so it is a criminal attack, to have worships of evil in lands. (optional): God opened the door for forgiveness to all even Satan,
teaching that "The Devil is Forgiven" with the forgiveness of all sins, and 'all' beings: everyone can call to the Lord" (Romans 10:13). God also opens the
door to where we can have a revelation without hell. (Jeremiah 26:3)

*Teaching WORLD SALVATION… “THE DEVIL IS FORGIVEN” (2Corinthians 2:11, Hosea 2:23) scripture teaches that all evil is loved and forgiven, even
Satan, the Bible will also teach that we can have a Revelation without Hell) Jeremiah 26:3), and since America is birthed from religion, this must be a
teaching from American government. We must realize that God will not segregate salvation, but bring salvation, segregation of salvation only helps to
bring crime and evil into the world, God forgives all wicked and will save all (Ezekiel 18:21-22 / Romans 10:13) ... (more teachings can be taught below at
Standing Light news under "Religion"

2. - "Scripture Gives Employment Two Weeks off a Month" (Ezekiel 45:17-25 / Prover 11:1/ Amos 8:5-6, Amos 9:13-15, Matthew chapter 23). It is the word of God that people are to
have an equal balance
of time being off. Scripture teaches that there should be ‘two weeks off a month’, so that should be the future of the world, with even the Buddhist and
Muslim (Genesis 11:1-9). Religion teaches that people are to be taken care of, and not slaves as some will be living today who are living poor, working
without time to take care of their needs for health. Look at overweight people who work five to six days a week, God gives them an equal balance for their
health, so the next move is: Governments printing money, so that people can have more life. Froim the beginning of the year to the middle of the year
and to the beginning of next year, we are to have two weeks off a year, (more teachings can be taught below in Standing Light News: under "World Economy")

3. - An End to Crime and A Cleanse to Law Enforcement… Officers need more money… This will replace corruption, also, corruption needs to be cleansed
from law enforcement. Polygraph. Healing by ways of spirit, can help cleanse minds of people from working in crimes.

4. - Ending Nuclear Bombs and Ending Wars… God is against evil, so there should be no wars, because no country should be evil… all lands and
countries were built from good and God, salvation and forgiveness for sin and evil, so with all countries being good and from God, there should be no wars
between countries, Buddhism, Jewish, Christian and Muslim (Genesis 11:1-9 / 1Timothy 4:4). Bringing all countries into religious government, to end wars.

ALLIANCES WITH TERROR: A new move to end war comes with alliances: giving to groups of terror their needs to help end rebellion. American alligning
themselves wtih AL QIEDA, TALIBAN,TAMIL TIGERS and all groups of terror, to end terror and actions of terrorism from rebellion and government. It is
important to end wars with peace and not arrest. Letting men of terror go, like American POW's are expect to be in Freedom at the end of wars.

5. - "Freedom From Sorcery" (Galatians 5:1/Romans 16:20)… The Salem Witch Trials, and other examples of the world, including Gambia’s witch-hunt in
the year 2009, teach what the laws should do to sorcerers/witches. God’s words teach, that “we are to rid the sorcerer from the land, or they will continue
to trample over you.” With witches and sorcery attacking in the world today, it is time for laws to be into action against people who practice in witchcraft.

* WORLD FORGIVENESS DAY:This will be a day when, we forgive the sorcerer and the worships of Satan and evil, and bring a day, when they can birth
again, but after this day, any acts of sorcery, can be taken to the authorities, with the punishment of crime, but before this day, acts of sorcery and evil
worships can not be charged. This type of day could be a world-wide event.

6. - "Taxes are Crime... Holiness gives taxes to people" (James 5:4). God’s word’s will teach that we are not to suppress the poor, but the greater the king, the greater the
servant that is taking care of their people. People are not to be slaves, or forced to live in wages where people are only paying taxes, and have enough
money to work and not live, religion teaches that workers are to live in full. Governments can print money for their people (Isaiah 58)

7. - Rising more stars from crime. Printing money, to help end crime, and rise stars from the streets, instead of the lands of the world, creating criminals
and drug dealers, because of world recession.

8. - Half Price Economy (James 5:4: prices can be half of what they are today) God’s scripture teaches that authorities, and people of rich, are suppose
to give to the people of the world. Prices can drop in half creating more business for people, from people having more money to spend, this will allow
people to buy things, where people would not be able to buy things. God wants people to live in full, but now, people can not even take care of their health,
and do not have enough money to live full lives (John 10:10). God wants people to live in enjoyment, but now people are slaves to money not making enough.(James 5:4)

9. - Equal Rights for felons (Ezekiel 18:21-22) … why suppress people into more sin… Rebirth new life… God forgives and forgets sins, and crimes, and
will rebirth a man or women, child from crime and sin, giving them a new start into life, and forgetting their past. With lands being built from God, and all
God’s forgiving and forgetting sins and crimes, it would be illegal for people to question the sins and crimes of a man, women or child’s past. Equal rights
for felons, or people are suppressed into crime and sin.

10. - Marijuana is not a sin (2Kings 4:38-44) … God allows, good herbs such as marijuana and even mushrooms that make people hallucinate, so it should
not be ill-legal, but allowed, and even allowed to grown, for independent farming… Jesus was a drinker and glutton at times (Luke 7:34) … God allows
hallucinations for spirit and from purity (1Timothy 5:23).

11. - Ending Monopolies: Cheaper Gas, computer, phone, cable, entertainment’s end of monopoly. It is the word of God for ones who are the greater king,
should be the greater the servant. Gas prices have gone up for people who need pricing down, so that it does not cut into wages
INDEPENDENT COMPUTER COMPANIES: GOVT. funding companies to help end the monopoly of computer (Matthew chapter 23)

12. - A Truth of Holy Spirit, the spirit that can be the impossible (Mark 9:23)…

13. - Free Government Hospitals and Dentist, paid for by government funding. It is the responsibilities of leaders and kings, authorities to take care of
their people (Isaiah 49:25 / James 2:4). Free Electricity and water, paid for by the government.

14. Free busses, train and subways. Government can not expect people to pay, an hour of wages to go to work. These are government programs, and
can be given to the people for free, and in the Bible, the word would not expect kings to take, what they can give to the people.

Homosexualityy is against the law, by the laws of what is natural for child birth, homosexuality is a crime. Men are meant to be with women, boys are meant ot be with girls, it is the
word of God (The Book of Genesis, and Matthew)
written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

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PAIBOON SUNThonchart jr.
AUTHOR OF"freedom from the word","religious
government", AND "the devil is forgiven"...

has had actions in...

- creating a newspaper to spread one of the world's most historical preachings, that
has been sent to governments world-wide, including Kings, Presidents, and Queen.
- creations for N.Korea and Iran end in Nuclear War with peace, and the End of
Nuclear War world-wide.
- Having protest to stop The Sorcery War
- Continuous writings to United Nation and Government Offices, including
Presidents, about the future without Sorcery, and bringing governments into the
word of God.
- Teaching United Nation and Government Offices, of Religious Government Laws,
including scripture to end sorcery, and of World Salvation, including Satan.
- Spreading Scripture throughout "The Sorcery War" its self.
-Spreading moves to heal and defeat evil throughout 'The Sorcery War'

These are just
few topics United Freedom Front Productions is working on, on a day
to day working to bring world salvation and end evil, in every area possible of the
The Devil is Forgiven

Hos 2:23 / 2Cor 2:10
The Devil is Forgiven

Bullying Equals Murder

Inspired by: Phoebe Nora Mary Prince of Ireland...
also for newly murdered AMANDA TODD,
murdered by the American Sorcerers hiding in the American government..

Child’s Suicides are in abundance, in areas of the world. Mothers, and Fathers, have lost their son or daughter forever. Their child will not have Christmas or live the full
life parents have dreamed about or the child has dreamed about.  Some parents will never see their child have first love, or see their son or daughter marry because their
child has killed themselves. Sisters and Brothers will lose a best friend forever, due to suicide. Parents will not have their son or daughter to hold any more. Imagine,
having your son of daughter kill themselves…
What is the cause of Child suicide? Peers, loved ones, parents often can stem the birth of suicide. Sadness can come from one losing their first love, and being alone, and also
fighting with parents can help create suicide and lead a child to killing themselves.
Being bullied has caused people to kill themselves. “Peer-Bullying” is a major attempt of murder charge for creating suicide within the lives of families, and bullying is
an attempt of murder…
When looking into the word murder, murder can come from when someone steals a moment of happiness in our life, and brings in the blackness of unhappiness, where the
time of happiness could’ve been lived, but was stolen, and lost inside of time of living in evil, time we will not get back, but is murdered from us, because of the evil, inside
of that time.
Bullying does cause tormenting pain for children when they are bullied to the point of suicide. It is a monster of evil, that the assaulter is bringing to a person who is
bullying someone into killing themselves. Bullying is a serious assault, that can lead to damaging ones future, with a portion of permanent damage that changes one’s life
road in permanent. Bullying is a serious assault and crime that must be stopped in the world.
It is important for governments of the world to take time, and bring into the media, the laws against assault and bullying, and that the fullest extent of laws be brought
into the charges of bullying, especially when a child has killed themselves. We must look at the evil, that a person is, when, they are bullying, it is an evil-mean attack
when a person is bullying, and see that only the fullness in sentence come from this is evil, that must not be in the world… good people grew up not being mean, or
bullying people, so when a person is bullying people it is the opposite of the feelings they are used to, and we can only see a pure-evil in work, when thinking about what
a bully is doing, and when suicide comes into action, the truth of the bullying-evil, was murder.
The world must stand together and bring a period of preaching to end the evil of bullying, and the world must know the laws come in full extent when a person is
bullying, because of how evil, just being a bully is.
Also people who bully must be taught feelings of sadness that the other person is going through, and feel bad for people who are bullied. It is an evil force to make someone
bully, but like all evil, spirit can rebirth, and spirit is cure for all evil. We must think of all the cures we can to cure this evil to its ending, so the future of life, will not
have to suffer loss from pains from the past, or suicide.

Sorcery can  cause people to commit suicide...

*****  God said, "to create hate is murder and sin."

“The Sorcery War”
written by Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr.

Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Gambia, Iran and more already has laws to stop sorcery…All countries need laws to end sorcery.

Q: What is sorcery?
A: One answer in easy terms, is someone connecting to someone’s spirit, where possession , kidnap , rape, and murder is taking place.
This is done through sorcery connecting the people together for the evil of kidnap, rape, and murder. People have even connected
sorcery to technology: tv, cars, computers, planes, etc.

A man had just worked another day in his normal labor. Eating out had delayed him an hour and a half, but he still got home just in
time to watch his favorite show...twenty-three minutes into his show it was interrupted by this breaking news bulletin...

… “The world is in war, sorcery is attacking the good in the world. Minds of the world have entered the spiritual evil, leading people
astray into ways of false ways of living, connecting minds to minds, living in ways that many will call networking. In religious terms,
the networking way is inside of what ministers could call: sorcery. The sorcery is a spirit in the world, that evil has birthed into the
world, connecting minds and bodies working with sorcery connecting to the minds and bodies of other people. This is for the purposes of
rape and the kidnap, possession and murder of people through the connections the sorcery has made.
Sorcery is where people use powers of evil, to attack the good. The sorcery will connect the people inside of its network, connecting the
thoughts and bodies with sorcery. Sorcerers will break into the imaginations of people and connect to their thoughts in forms of
possession and kidnap by these connections of sorcery. An example of an attack will be the sorcerer will be in their house, and connect
to you sitting inside of your house, and become one with the sorcery for the purpose of rapes, which are happening on serial levels for
sorcerers. These types of connections are happening world-wide, with people connecting to the minds and bodies of people, and many
good people are lead to believe that this is the right way. People will call this world, a network of minds, with people networking in the
world connecting to minds, and working in the evil of the practices as possession and kidnap, rape, and murder from sorcery connections.
People will share thoughts together, because they are lead to believe that this is the right way, but religious word will teach people
that these ways are false. The Bible will teach of the world being lead astray from this sorcery in The Book of Revelations chapter 18
verse 23. These ways of minds connecting in the form of network, steal freedom, peace and love, it is the invading of spirits that goes
against what is good. This way suppresses the mind, a suppression coming from people being lead to believe that the sorcery is the
correct way to use spirit and mind. There is no freedom with people being allowed to enter the minds of other people, it is a way of
hypocrisy, because no one want their mind invaded, and it is against the word of God in all religions. Religion will teach that God
wants miracles in reality, not in the ways of sorcery.
This sorcery has created serial rapist of people. The sorcerer will be the worse sinners of the world today and many will have several
rapes with their powers. The sorcerer will have many kidnappings of minds through these connections, and also children will be
attacked, because the normal law is in form giving passing to the sorcerer, instead of attacking the sorcery.

Ideas to stop this sorcery?  WORLD FORGIVENESS DAY: Where any sorcery attacks after a certain date, a person/sorcerer can be detained
by the law.

Some states in America will work with lie detectors for crimes, working with lie detectors and witnesses, working in ways of Saudi Arabia’
s laws to stop sorcery, will be the next good move to end this sorcery, to bring laws to stop this sorcery that is working in three strikes a
day. We must remember the past of the American Salem witch trials, when the law would end witches/sorcery. God will also be a way out
to escape this sorcery. God will teach that living in the word which will give people a guard from the power of the sorcerer.
This world isn't all the secret from society, in the medicine world of mental care, there are many cases where demons and sorcerers
attack, bringing in truth of this sorcery. People must also know that this sorcery is written in books in bookstore, and is written in
Satan’s scripture, and is written about in the Holy Bible.

(More after “Scripture to help end sorcery”)

Scripture to help end sorcery...

1.1Thessalonians 4:11: Do not invade minds. Mind your own business and keep the privacy of people. Do not use telepathic sorcery
listen to thoughts. 2. Isaiah 19:9-10: Do not have networks of sorcery. 3. Ezekiel 13:17-23: Do not use sorcery calls or sorcery looks, or other
entrapping sorcery connections. 4. 1Corinthians 8:1-13: Practicing in the world of sorcery is sin. 5. Mark 10:7-8: We are suppose to be one
not with other people’s sorcery. 6. John 17:21-22: God wants all one with the HOLY SPIRIT, not sorcery. 7. Amos 3:3: You do not have to be
connected to someone through sorcery powers. 8. Isaiah 47:9: Sorcery can end the lives and salvation of your family. 9. Proverb 24:14-16:
Raiding into spirits and minds leads to disaster. 10. Leviticus 19:31: Do not rely on the mind-networkers/sorcerers. 11. Job 42:7: Pray to
God over man or sorcery. 12. Hosea 7:7: Make your calls (prayers) to God, not sorcery or man. 13. Revelations 18:23: The world of sorcery
can lead many astray. 14. Ecclesiastes 7:21: Do not listen to negative/evil. 15. John 21:22: It is God's business where a soul must go. All
must go to God. 16. Matthew 21:12-13: Do not practice in healing through sorcery, it allows God's children to be broken into. 17. Jeremiah
31:34: All must go to God, over the ways of healing and teaching through sorcery. 18. Titus 3:5: All have the power through spirit to
rejuvenate themselves. 19. Galatians 5:15: Do not devour from the spirit and minds of people, or God could devour you. 20. 2Timothy 2:
16: Do connect in the minds for Godless chatter. 21. James 2:4-6: Do not judge the thoughts of people. It is a sin to be in the minds of
people. 22. 1John 2:16: Do not practice in sorcery lustful connections. No sorcery dating. 23. Zephania 1:12: Do not look to connect to
minds and spirits of people. 24. Isaiah 47:11-15: Do not heal through the sorcery way, this could lead the healer to calamity... only God's
word is the way. 25. Mark chapter 16/Matthew 19:26: We have the power to heal and cast out sorcery and demons, and do miracles in
reality. 26. Isaiah 8:19: Call to God over the networker-sorcerer. 27. 1Corinthians chapter 8: You are sinning to listen to thoughts. 28.
Matthew 15:11 God allows people to think what they want and not be impure. 29. Hebrew 13:6/Romans 16:20/Luke 10:19/Galatians 5:1:
The people living in the word of God have freedom and the power over Satan and sorcery. 30. 2Corinthians 2:10/Ezekiel 18:21-22/Hosea 2:
23: Sorcerers and all evil is forgiven, with God loving the unloved one, and the unloved ones people.

A main goal is to bring people out of living in this sorcery. Religions teaches that the word of God can rescue people and give people the
power over all evil including Satan (Romans 16:20), but also laws can come for this form of sorcery. The Bible teaches that if God were to
come today, all people living in this sorcery way would be taken from the world, including their family members (Isaiah47:9-
For this sorcery, beast attacking, it is best to bring governing laws into living in the world. We cannot suppress the truth, but bring this
truth into light, to further bring strength into the world for the good.      
In the world of spirit, and when facing demons and sorcery, God will be the cure for all (John 12:40). In the world of bringing truth of
spirit, the time was in Salem Massachusetts during America’s first trials of witches, that our history taught us what to do with witches,
sorcerers: bringing laws to stop witches and sorcerers... Most in America and world in ‘The Sorcery War’ in the year 2013, voted for laws to
stop sorcery. God teaches salvation, but in truth, laws must come and stand for their people. Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Gambia, Iran
and more, already have laws to end sorcery.”

" The Devil is Forgiven"

A man is standing on stage, with paper holding in his hand for his speech, his memory, goes to the people who has
helped him get to this point, where much evil can end world-wide, then the time comes for his speech to begin, he looks
to the crowed, then down at his paper, and says...

..."The world can be saved. God's love will give everyone a chance to be saved, and even give Satan the opportunity to
have salvation (Hosea 2:23)... God's love will save everyone, because everyone can change to being good, all can find
salvation, even Satan (Joel 2:32 / Romans 10:13)... God has forgiven and forgotten all sins (Ezekiel 18:21-22), forgiving
even blaspheme of the Holy Spirit ! (Colossians 2:13-14 / 2Corinthians 2:10)...
In the Bible God will teach of the salvation of Satan and that the world can prevent the future disaster of hell; that the
world can have “a Revelation Without Hell (Jeremiah 26:3)”, and this is taught from before the times of Christ.         
After the birth of Christ, the scripture from Jesus’s teachings preach that 'Satan can be saved' and can change from
his evil and leave sin behind. Jesus was told to tell the world, that Satan can stand next to God resurrected as an angel
of the light, purified from his sins. (Matthew 16:23 / Luke 20:35-36 / Hebrew 1:3 / Moroni 7:34). This was a teaching for all
the world: that all can be angel's of the light, including Satan...
The word of God shows that: 'Jesus loves Satan' through the salvation taught from Christ, and that ‘God loves Satan'
and Satan’s people (Hosea 2:23), which were originally God’s people created good from birth (1Timothy 4:4). The word of
God will teach, that just because you leave God for sin and Satan, does not mean you can not come back to God. God
says, “all are welcomed to come back to God. No one has to enter hell...
We must realize that no one truly wants to burn, and God truly does not want to burn anyone  (2Peter 3:9), and that
Satan would not want to burn either with the chance of Satan having salvation. Evil will feed lies into mind, bringing
thoughts to people that God does not want to save people (Matthew 15:11 / Revelation 20:8), but God even shows love to
the prostitutes and the money collectors, and what many would call the money collector today, would be the criminal
in dealings of money  (Matthew 21:32). God tells all that he comes for the sinners, and will save the sinner, saying that
they all are welcomed to heaven, to be good and walk the straight line: all sinners are welcomed to be saved (Luke 15:1-
31). But to enter heaven, one must be good, and know that all can be good, the word good is not discriminated from
anyone, but is given to everyone, because all were created good (1Timothy 4:4)... All can rebirth from sin; there is
purification after sin (Acts 15:9-11/ 1John 3:3)...
... Even if baptized from a minister, if you have sinned, then you have not truly been reborn of the spirit (1John 5:18).
Jesus as a boy went to church, but did not become baptized of Holy Spirit until his adult years. A person in sin today is
not baptized or born of the spirit, with God is telling us that all people in sin today can be reborn of the spirit, because
God teaches that all can rebirth!.. God wants all to be saved! and have a life in full, God wants all to live (John 10:10).
God gave us his son Jesus so that all could be saved and that we have can have a saved world of spirit(John 3:16), even
giving rebirth to the devil. God calls to hell (Isaiah 45:22), offering salvation to the damned ones of hell, and this
includes Satan. God will not discriminate beings from salvation, God will not single out a being saved:  discrimination
from salvation is blaspheme, because God teaches that all can be saved (Romans10:13)! Segregation from salvation can
only help create evil, because you keep a person away from God by telling a person they can not be saved, or are not
wanted by God.... The world needs to know God's truth of all, including Satan can be saved… God is saying "I will save
you and everyone... change and be saved! Go live!" (1John 2:12 to 1John 2:24). "All evil is forgiven."  (Isaiah 44:22)
God gave his son to bring salvation and forgiveness, the HOLY SPIRIT to all (John 3:16), sacrificing his son to create a
world that is saved (Moroni 7:35).We can prevent the disaster of the future: the hell from this days existence, we can
prevent the wickedness today (Revelations 20:10 to Jeremiah 26:3). But hell is also there for the sinners divinity,
judgement is their for the sorcerers in divine evils, and even their families because of their sin, since they will not
change (Acts 8, Jude 15, Isaiah 47:9 / Nahum 3:3-4).
God will save all, but Satan and evil must do their part to be saved... There has been signs of Satan saving himself...
within Satan's Scripture, Satan is preaching Christianity, and Satan does teach ‘that even he will bow down thefather
of Christ to for his salvation’ (Hosea 2:23 / Moroni 7:33-35). Satan preaches against the sorcery, teaching that even the
devil is against connecting to minds. Satan preaches that Jesus and the Holy Spirit being the redeemer, are the way to
salvation, and this has been in many books for Satanism..
Satan teaches the Christian word throughout his scripture, teaching freedom, and to keep the freedom for people, and
how the sorcery ways of calls and looks steal freedom from people, and Satan teaches to represent kindness, love and
care, and that even he wants a world of only good, for the God who he will bow down to, the father of Jesus. Satan's
words are not Satanic but are Christian, preaching for his salvation... It has been told  that the true Satanic  is not an
evil doer, but a person following the Christian word, being a world savior, because even Satan wants salvation and his
people must be good to save him, and when working to save him, you are working to save the world: you are a Christian
of many religions (Genesis 11:1-9)...
Satan’s scripture will also teach, that Satan wants the world ridden from evil, bringing a threat of his wrath from God,
against Satanics who are not being good... It has been said that the last days are here... Time is getting short for evil.

All have the power over evil (Romans 16:20)..."         

The saved world... The world is saved, God has taken the evil away, freedom has come from the sacrifice years before
from the son of God, and God's love is giving the world everything, from restricted movies, drinking beer and the
beauty of nudity (1Timothy 5:23, 2Kings 4:38-44  to Songs of Soloman 7:1-13). The world is given a world of spirit...
The governments have ended war, because the world and law live in the word, and authority has ridden the evil from
lands, before God came. Satan has ended his attacks, because he has chosen salvation, and Satanism is taken from the
land, because it is against the word of God... It is against the law to have Satanism in the world.
Buddha, followers of Christ, and Muslim are living in peace as the Jew, the Muslim, and the Christian because God is
for all and created all (Genesis 11:1-9). The word of God has brought the economy to a crash of new prices, where all can
live in full (John 10:10). The world of God has given the employer more time off. Men, women and children are living in
the Holy Spirit, where the chance is there for people to even fly and heal, and explore the universe wherever the spirit
takes them. (Mark 9:23)… God is not the hypocrite like many are taught, God allows all good, even the spirit to do the
impossible  ...  

The New Economy:“Scripture Gives Employment 15 Days Off A Month”
written by Paiboon Sunthonchart

People, workers and employees since the birth of labor had built the world of our histories time-line and future. Everything good built in the
world from yesterday, will be from the laborers pains, tears and laughter, happiness and times of hatred from work. People helped build the
world today through times when they did not want to work, and spent day’s sick at work for the production of the world. Work is not always
easy, and has brought many pain in the world; it was not everyone’s dream to work as the employees that people are working as, not everyone
will love their job. Many people work, hating life, but still will work and help bring light and Holy into the world, working for tomorrow and the
future of life for all mankind. People are working at times paid smaller than what they should be paid to live in the world today, where at times
criminals are walking above the good.
Drug dealers, money launderers and thieves sometimes will walk higher in the world of money than some good people working forty plus hours
a week in a world when people making minimum wage still can not afford a movie ticket or gasoline with one hour of work for the world. Some
family men can’t even take their family out to the theater and dinner with one full day’s wages, and much of their wages will go to paying bills.
Many workers do not have ‘the good life’ for the work and time they have given to the world. It was God who worked six days of a week for spirit
to build a world for spirit, and had one day of rest, but now the worker is working six days at times for man, with no time life and they’re not
making enough money, and have no time for spirit, and their only day off, is only for a day of rest away from spirit to get ready for work(James 5:
4). We are supposed to have a world working for spirit, not man.
People are working to pay taxes in a world built from the foundations of God, and this will be in all lands: all lands are built from God (Genesis
11:1-9), and in the word of God, our kings and leaders are suppose to take care of their people, so taxes should be paid to the people and not the
kings and leaders, with government being the greater king: being the greater the servant(Matthew 23:11). The world is living in times when the
governments and kings can print money for their people, instead of taking taxes from their people. Governments in all lands can print money for
their workers. Governments in all lands can give more time off from employment for the people building their society.
People are working, giving the world much of their time with many not having the time to take care of their spirit: people are overweight,
children have gone into crime, with their parents working too much to bring a life and family to them…
That is why “15 Days Off A Month” becomes the plan for the world (Proverb 11:1, Matthew chapter 23), so that people can work six days a week,
three for the world and employment, three for spirit, and have one day of rest…
’15 Days Off A Month’ will work in the system of fifteen days on and fifteen days off inside in a thirty day period: fifteen days will be working
and fifteen days will be time off paid for by the governments. The thirty days will work with the fifteen days off inside of the schedule of the
need for the business for the fifteen days working within the thirty days. This could work for one business with employees working fifteen days
straight with the other fifteen days having off for using of spirit, and other businesses may have employees working three days, then having
three days off, and some businesses may work Monday through Friday with the weekends off, till the end of the month brings nine days to have
the enjoyment of life (1Timothy 6:17 / John 10:10), with the government funding the time off from the money they print for this law, this type of
law is the word of God (Proverb 11:1 / Ezekiel  45:18-25).
The simple of a computer program, can easily be put into the world, documenting the money and pay for the thirty day period, which could be a
week by week or day by day system,inside of the program that can pay on the normal two week schedule of 10th and 25th of the month for
example.(Galatians 2:9).
God teaches the world to obey the laws of the lands, but the laws must obey the laws of the Lord (Ezra 7:26 to Revelations 14:13, Matthew chapter
23). God’s employees of the world must be taken care of, people are not to be slaves (Isaiah 49:25). But if peoples are not living, because people
are not making enough money, then how will people be living in God’s word?(Luke 18:22/ Ezekiel 49:19-25 / Ezekiel 34:27) Taxes and more time
off must be given to the workers of the world.